International SL meetup today at 9AM PST on the crisis in Darfur

In Kenzo sends me news that there will be an international meetup on Better World Island  (teleport SLURL) to talk about the ongoing crisis in Darfur and what folks can do about it.  That’s at 9AM PST / 12PM EST, 6PM CET today.

Here’s the complete message from In Kenzo and Gregoire, another activist from Paris.  Also listed on (in French only).

Camp Darfur meetup on Better World Island in Second Life and in cities around the world
MONDAY       9:00AM Pacific      12:00PM Eastern       6:00PM in Paris

Join us to discuss current events, awareness efforts, aid and activism surrounding the ongoing crisis in Darfur. Oxfam
announced this week that they are pulling out of camps; aid workers
continue to be compromised while agreements are difficult to reach.
Bring your thoughts, ideas, resources!  Live events will be hosted in
Paris and Los Angeles for face to face meetups.

~in kenzo~ 
Evonne @ AMO

News from Gregoire in Paris:

The idea for the Camp Darfur meeting is to be ready to welcome visitors (avatars) from different languages.
will propose a visit of Camp Darfur and some information about the
current situation in Sudan and the high stakes of the meeting of
Visitors will find all the ressources available, and they will also
find people who can answer their questions and who can tell them how
they can help in solving this crisis with different  ways: writing
letters to governments, signing petition, giving money, organizing
meetings IRL and/or in SL, spreading on their blog etc.

I still have the interested and "SL skilled" people for French, English and German.
have to provide them the best "SL material" for monday like some cards,
t-shirts, whristlets and why not a kind of "Save Darfur kit" they could
bring in their places on SL.
I’m noob in SL, so I need to see about these "SL practical stuffs" with
Evonne (and Sue?), and I also need to see with them about having a
screen with movies (I think about iAct).

There will also be some physical spots where people could gather.

At least one in Paris, Dijon, Strasbourg and in the South of France.
The idea is to the people who will be in SL to map their physical location and welcome other people.
So, people who can’t connect to SL can join the meeting and experiment Camp Darfur.
People from all other the world can join the same way. I can make a google map for helping in this way.

French and German SL professionals and/or addicted love this idea: they
have asked for details and they will start to spread and buzz today or

On my todo list I have also to join my contacts at the UNHCR
HQ for inviting them, specially Frauke Joosten who is in charge of the
internet relations and of the

Here is where we are now… your ideas and feedback are more than welcome!

Merci d’avoir initié tout ça et bonne suite de séjour en France 🙂
In-world mon nom est Ubuntu Gregoire


PS: I’ve posted these updates in French on

and on the winecamp site
, and I will post this in English in the onet Darfur crisis group and in a few approriate places.

Written by: rikomatic