Mitch Kapor speaks on young people of color in science and technology tomorrow

The Electric Sheep Company send out news that Lotus Notes creator and Linden Lab board chair Mitch Kapor will be talking about his work to encourage young people of color to study science and technology this Thursday, May 24 at 8pm PST. Mitch is on the board of the Level Playing Field Institute, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to creating more opportunities on campus and the workplace for people of color.

The Thursday program will include:

  • Streaming video of Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale speaking about SL and Level Playing Field Institute
  • Streaming video about the students of Level Playing Field Institute’s education programs
  • An in-world Q&A with Mitch Kapor on his approach to philanthropy

That’s at Sheep Island Auditorium (teleport SLURL) and Crayon Theater (teleport SLURL) .

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Written by: rikomatic