NPC Nonprofit Awareness Night=A Great Success

What do you get when you have 65 NPO’s, Live entertainment, dancing, and a whole bunch of people in the main square at NPC Aloft?
The answer….. an awesome Nonprofit Commons Awareness night!

SL singer Vienna James put on an amazing performance, helped promote our NPO’s and toured the sim after her performance.

In between songs, there were representitives from several Nonprofits from both Plush and Aloft, sharing information about their organizations. Some of the representitives included….Anika Pastorelli (GCN), KellyJ Shepard (Project Jason), Ronnie Rhode (Garden for the Missing) and Veri Oddfellow (Great Strides) along with several others.

Vistors to Aloft had the oppertunity before and after the show to take the magic carpet tour , the horse and buggy tour or just wander the sim to see what NPC is all about.Volunteers from many NPO’s were on hand to answer questions as well.
All and all I would say it was a successful event and hopefully there will be more like it in the future

Written by: MeRcEdEs

Just a little funny bit that was in today’s SF Chronicle

if you get the San Francisco Chron, check out Leah Garchik on page e8. If not, just look here:

from Public Eavesdropping

Public eavesdropping

“I have to hang up now. I’m in a business meeting for Second Life, and my avatar is speaking.”

— Young woman on cell phone at work, overheard at Brannan Street tech company by Connie Champagne

(In case you were wondering, I was that girl overheard by Connie (she was standing waiting for me after work), and CompuMentor’s offices are on Brannan)

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie