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I am back from SLCC and I am attempting to digest my 10 pages of notes into a readable and comprehensible format. I know that Rik Riel who is always ahead of the game has already written his report back from SLCC which you can read at his blog entry:

There are many images from the conference. Also, check the flickr tag SLCC07

We will be editing the audio and posting files for your listening pleasure here, but until then, please go to to see the slides.

Here are some initial thoughts on themes I heard:

  • The next level in virtual worlds: re-imaging, think conceptually about worlds, ask yourself what am I doing in SL that is different than what could be doing in RL? How is this able to be interacting with other web 2.0 technologies?
  • Multi-modality in communications, with mindmaps, facebook and SL, integrated what would it look like to integrate FB profiles with SL? The SL profiles do not allow for viral messaging and the profiles are not enough.
  • Connie Yowell said “in the next year we are going see 20 other virtual worlds, but SL has the community, the killer app.”
  • Let’s re-think online community to use virtual worlds to support public interest
  • Virtual worlds are synchronous, multi-modal tools and they afford imagination, being able to make what is in your mind concrete, direct transfer btw imagination and production
  • What does leadership look like in a virtual world, a deeply experiential sense of leadership in virtual worlds. Great implications on learning about leadership in the real world.

    I found myslef thinking about how leading the Nonprofit Commons has been a meta-learning excercize in itself. i am learning about what I already do (lead online communities) as I do it. I am learning and leading at the same time. It was great to share frustrations and lessons learned with Lori Bell of Information Island. I will report more in a few days, after I unplug for a while.

    Here is my slideshow from the panel:

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Nonprofits Celebrate New Home in Second Life: Nonprofit Commons Grand Opening

Event is tonight at 5:30pm, SLT/PDT! In case you can’t get into the Plush Nonprofit Commons, the overflow sim is at SLurl:


Contact: Susan Tenby,
Phone: (415) 633-9333
SL avatar: Glitteractica Cookie

San Francisco Meets the Metaverse: 32 Nonprofits and their supporters will host a grand opening celebration Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. PT/SLT, in their new locations at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life.

Generously donated by the world’s first virtual millionaire, Anshe Chung, this nonprofits-only space, managed by TechSoup, creates and houses a community of nonprofits in the online virtual world of Second Life. This community of practice is entirely volunteer-run and hosts organizations from across the globe. To date, they have created a community blog and a resource-rich wiki, and have held mixed-reality events, workshops, and regular weekly town hall meetings.

The Gala event will be a mixed-reality launch party, complete with networking, a panel of speakers (featuring Susan Tenby of TechSoup and Jeska Dzwigalski of Linden Lab in the live-event, and Anshe Chung in Second Life). Audio and video content will be streamed live between the two worlds.

This “sim,” or virtual acre of land, was designed as a pilot project to lower the barriers of access to Second Life, and to create a community of practice for nonprofits to explore and learn about the virtual world. The Nonprofit Commons provides free office space to qualifying groups to meet and collaborate, create a cooperative learning environment, and foster outreach, education, and fundraising, all in a virtual space

“We believe that Second Life provides a unique platform to collaborate, educate, inspire, and build awareness. In the Nonprofit Commons, our goal is to assist our community members achieve their dreams in this exciting new technology that we see as the future of the Web. We welcome all who wish to join us as partners or supporters,” said Glitteractica Cookie, avatar for Susan Tenby, Senior Manager of Community Development, TechSoup Network.

“Building vibrant communities starts with great events that bring organizations together for dialogue and exchange,” notes In Kenzo (Evonne Heyning), Creative Director at “For nonprofits joining the virtual world for the first time, the Nonprofit Commons offers a free place to connect with other leaders.”

Audience members in the Second Life portion of the event are expected to include nonprofit commons residents and their invited guests, media representatives and journalists, Linden Lab staff, and those interested in nonprofits and philanthropy.

The live-event in San Francisco will be a part of NetSquared’s Net Tuesday. The Gala event’s activities include:

5:30 p.m.: Meet and greet
6:00 p.m.: Speakers and event
7:00 p.m.: Tours of the Nonprofit Commons

The events in Second Life will be at the same time, working in conjunction with the events in the real world, live event. Nonprofit organizations in the Commons will also be hosting their own events in conjunction with this Grand Opening Gala. To find the Nonprofit Commons search the places tab in SL for nonprofit commons or, go to:…

Information and Inquiries: This event is free of charge, but space is limited, so please RSVP via email to Susan Tenby ( for in-world attendance to this event or IM Glitteractica Cookie in Second Life. Join the TechSoup group, in-world in Second Life to receive announcements about this event and future nonprofit events in Second Life.

Attire: Avatar fabulous, if possible dress as your avatar or your favorite avatar.

RSVP on the San Francisco NetSquared Meetup site ( for attendance to the live, real-world event.

Nonprofit Commons Gala Event

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TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons and Beth Kanter in New York Times today!

The New York Times covered our group and project in today’s NY Times. Here’s the blurb about our group:

More than 30 nonprofits have opened offices in a virtual business incubator in Second Life called the Nonprofit Commons that is operated by TechSoup, a group that helps other nonprofits with technology.

Not bad for a lil’ fledgling group like ourselves!

This was an article about the Mac Arthur event today. TechSoup’s group will be attending this event together this morning at 9am PST.

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Britt Bravo’s great article about the Nonprofit Commons!

Britt Bravo writes a blog called “Have Fun do good”

Here is a little bit of what she said about us:

Plus, Tech Soup (who I work for) is spearheading a Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, “a virtual community of practice for nonprofits to explore the opportunities and benefits of Second Life.” Some of the 31 tenants at the Nonprofit Commons include, International Rescue Committee, (UN World Food Programme), and CARE USA. The photo is of me in the CARE office in the Nonprofit Commons.

Read the entire blog entry here:Second Life Do Gooders

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie

Supernova panel yesterday– glitteractica speaks about Nonprofit Commons

So, yesterday I spoke at Supernova about the Nonprofit Commons and about Nonprofits in SL. The reception was warm. Questions that people asked:

    Can you make appointments in SL?

  • How can you be sure where people are located when they are just typing instead of talking?
  • are organizations really making this sustainable?

    Here are a couple blog entries about the Where’s The Innovation panel that I spoke on:
    David Weinberger’s Joho Blog

    Yeah baby, Where’s The Innovation

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Cool new free SL module allows you to post a SLurl to

What will those crazy hackers think of next? Bill Hax (his avatar name) has created a very cool gadget called Yummy.

Yummy will allow you tp post a SLurl to ( It is available at the SLexchange

This gadget allows you to post a slurl of your current sl location to You may optionally add a description and tags, and may mark the post either ‘not shared’ (default) or ‘shared.’ It must be attached to your avatar to function, and is invisible unless attached as a HUD. Like any script, Yummy will not work in “scripts disabled” sims.

Help summary:

To post a slurl to
/111 description, tag1, tag2, …

description (optional) can be any text EXCEPT a comma and tag1, tag2, etc. (optional) are single words to use as tags.
For example: ‘/111 Great store for clothing and hair!, clothing, hair, shopping’
The tag ‘slurl’ is automatically added to all posts.

To get help:
/111 help

To popup Yummy’s menu:
/111 menu

To launch your web page in your browser:
/111 www

To change new posts to ‘not shared’:
/111 private

To change new posts to ‘shared’:
/111 public

To change Yummy’s chat channel:
/111 chat channelNumber


Since LSL has limited support for non-text MIME types, errors that occur when posting a slurl to may not be reported. This is not something I can “fix” until Linden Labs chooses to provide this support. For this and other reasons, I’ve decided to provide Yummy for free.

That said, Yummy works just fine for me!


Updates will be available for free. There is no auto-update function built into Yummy to keep the script nice and simple. If you would like an update, send me feedback (/111 feedback) with a short message like “Any updates?” and I’ll let you know if/when an update is available.

If you’re interested in the source code, drop me a line. Future versions will probably be “Modify” – the current version is my first script and I don’t like to release code before I’m completely happy with it 🙂

Release notes:

Rev. 1.0:
initial release


I hope you enjoy using Yummy!
– Biil Hax

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie

A nice directory of worksafe SL destinations: SecondLife with a purpose, other than the seedy kind

I found this site has reviews of sims and events that are the kind that our group is interested in. They are a good place to visit if you encounter a little skepticism at your organization when you are trying to preach the joy and importance of SL.

They have a health and education category, but no nonprofit-specific one. Do you all think we could be their source for this category? I found this Charity Category and I wonder if there was some way that we could cross-pollinate our sites. Any ideas?

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Free avatar makeovers for cancer survivors

The Metaverse Messenger is proud to host Digital Do Overs: Survivor Edition

What is it?
In partnership with SL Relay For Life, the Metaverse Messenger Fashion Angels will be hosting 4 makeovers over the next several weeks of in-world cancer survivors. Makeovers will be chronicled in the M2 and featured in our weekly paper.

In addition raising funds for the its life-saving mission, RFL aims to educate it’s community on the many services and offerings of the American Cancer Society. Through these makeovers, our goal is to honor and pamper in-world cancer survivors and raise awareness for the ACS program Look Good, Feel Better, which educates women who have lost hair due to treatment how to apply makeup, wear wigs, and do things to become more comfortable with their appearance during their fight with this terrible disease.

Who do we need involved?
We are looking for four cancer survivors with current SL avatars that are in need of a makeover. Still got that “newbie” look? Then we need you!

How much time is involved?
If you are chose and agree to participate, expect to spend about 3 hours over the period of a week with your assigned Fashion Angel.

1. “Before” photo session
2. Interview to understand your desired style and look, and learn more about you, your story, and your involvement with the ACS
4. “After” photo session

If you are interested in nominating someone, please send *IN A FOLDER TITLED DDO NOMINATION* a snapshot and a quick notecard about the person nominated to Madison Donnelly by Monday, May 21st.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Yours in the fight,
Madison Donnelly
Fashion Editor
The Metaverse Messenger

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie