TechSoup Technology Help Desk Office Hours

TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons in Second Life have been great at bringing people together to network, share, and learn about technology and how it can enhance their nonprofit work.

TechSoup has answered the community’s technology questions via telephone, email, and on TechSoup’s forums. This has also begun to occur on TechSoup’s social media sites such as their Linked In and Facebook group.

In keeping with this tradition, we have decided to experiment with having TechSoup Technology Help Desk Office Hours inside Second Life.

Basically, this is Tech Support not just for Second Life related questions, but for any technology involving TechSoup members and the TechSoup community. This can include basic help with social media as well.

I have been holding these office hours regularly for a couple of weeks and it appears that between 4-6pm Pacific Time has been ideal so far. But, suggestions will be taken into consideration on when this should be happening.

So, feel free to stop by and ask questions about the technology that serves your organization’s needs today. I

f we don’t know the answer, we will make sure to get you to someone who does. You can help us get the word out to other organizations about the availability of this service.

Examples of questions you can ask us:

How do I find information about building a good Website for my organization?

Are there any good calendar solutions available for free out there?

How can I get in touch with someone that will help me figure out how to install MS Office that I bought from TechSoup?

To see a list of topics that you can discuss on TechSoup’s forums, click here.

TechSoup’s Office inside Second Life:

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Written by: Layal