Candlelight Vigil for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

The ALS Association’s SL Candlelight Vigil, held Sunday night in the Plush Amphitheater, was a success! I had approximately 35 visitors throughout the night, and raised 10,000L for ALS. Considering this was my 1st ever Second Life event, I am very pleased with the outcome. During the vigil I displayed a slide show of photos from The Association’s RL vigil held in Washington, DC. The slide show, along with all the virtual candles lit, gave the amphitheater a very peaceful, serene feeling. The highlight of my night was meeting a couple who is currently dealing with ALS. The husband was diagnosed a year ago and they joined SL so they can dance and ride motorcycles…all the types of things they can’t do in RL anymore because of ALS. I am grateful to NPC and SL in general for giving The ALS Association the opportunity to reach out to more people living with ALS. I look forward to working with them on future SL events which will help raise awareness and funds for ALS so we may continue our efforts to develop better treatments while searching for a cure. Thanks to all those who helped me plan the event and/or designed items for auction.

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Written by: emellsmere