Glitteractica Cookie talks about the Nonprofit Commons on interview

This past Sunday, Glitteractica Cookie got interviewed for the Second Life Cable Network ( as part of the Joysco Winter Festival. The festival included an in-world ice skating rink, living music performances, vendor presentations, and live interviews. The event was hoppin’, but fellow avatars from the Nonprofit Commons managed to teleport in to take part. Buffy Bye, Zazoom Zimminy, Jani Myriam, Coughran Mayo and myself were among the avatars that were a part of the Second Life studio audience as Glitter discussed the Nonprofit Commons and the work of nonprofits in Second Life. Glitter’s interview was broadcast live over and via voice in-world. audience

Be sure to check out the coverage of Glitter’s interview.

Glitter's interview

Written by: penguin kuhn