NPC Community Member Profiles

Khrys Kanto/Her StartupMy name is Khrys Kanto and I assist Zazoom Zimminy with volunteer coordination. Part of this includes introducing new members to the NPC community. To keep things simple, I’ve created a community profile sheet that can be downloaded here.

The profile is for new and existing members. For new members, it will serve as your introduction to the community. Existing members – please feel free to complete if you would like to update your current profile with new information. Completed profiles can be returned to me via the email listed on the form along with both your SL and RL photos.

Written by: khrys

Community Profile: Jacques Macaire/Jacmacaire Humby of HUMANBE

1. What is your rl/sl name? Can you point to RL photo?

My RL name is Jacques Macaire / and in SL jacmacaire Humby.. Our office #14 is the Non Profit Commons Island

2. What organization are your representing? What is your role?

Our Non Profit association is called HUMANBE. As a headlight which shows the way, HUMANBE, seeks to create a place of reflection, information and education about the Sustainable Development, of which the priority of the
actions are:

– informative in the field of the climate change, the control of energy, transport, as well as natural and industrial risks

– educational as regards Sustainable Development, in order to contribute to an evolution of the behaviors.

– and participatory knowledge development in proven in the evolution of the climatic changes.

But in front of the extent of work, and in order to federate the
assistance necessary, we created 2 entities:

intended to put the man at the center of our concerns and to make it change in its behaviors

intended for all those which wish to defend a more human vision of our world

3. Why is your organization doing work in Second Life? What do you hope to accomplish?

According to the research, roughly 80% of the Net surfers, like the 500 most important companies in the world, will have a second virtual life on the Web from here at 2011, and we would be wrong to deny the advantages related to this new fashion of navigation, which is at the bottom much more normal. We remain on average 11 minutes in a virtual place, against one to two minutes on a Web page.

HUMANBE wishes to give to human the possibility of applying and supporting the Sustainable Development in the true life, by trying it in SECOND LIFE, and by becoming a place of reflexion, information and education concerning the Sustainable Development. Thanks to SECOND LIFE, HUMANBE has the possibility, today, of treating the questions of the Sustainable
Development in a different way.

All the keys and the solutions are thus there, between the true life and the virtual worlds to pass in sustainable development mode and to make SECOND LIFE becomes this formidable tool for diffusion of the ideas.

4. What activities have you implemented so far? What has been the result?

It is not a long time that we are in Second Life, but thanks to the Anshe Chung Studios ( which generously donated the Non Profit Commons), TechSoup and a group of volunteer residents, we had the possibility of lowering the barrier of access to Second Life.and thanks to SECOND LIFE, we especially found the possibility of being able to explore new ideas, and finally the means of launching many project like an Eco Postive House which the objective is to produce a self-sufficing building in energy, a
Network of Humanbe Centers to carry out true places of escape, of calms, and peace, where we can relax, and discover all the richness of our human world, an Eco Label to sensitize the consumer as regards Sustainable Dévelopment, etc..

Many ideas and others projects are in preparation, and only wait for financial supports to be realized.. and it will be necessary to act quickly now to change the behaviors and to organize a world ecological governorship.

5. What advice would you offer to other nonprofifts?

If it is true that Humanbe lack assistance, and we still pain to find the funds necessary to advance, and by the same to set up certain essential projects for our activity.

In order to create positive synergies, we have the idea to simply give the possibility to other non profit to share actions together, by creating thematics maps or objects (like the Peace Monument) which gives a kind of virtual union in Second Life.

By an other way, we try also to bring our European feeling…

Written by: kanter