Faces of the TechSoup Community

TechSoup’s Youtube channel has now grown to several playlists, which features our members that we meet at the various conferences we attend. Here are TechSoup members HollabackDC talking about Flip video cameras that they bought from TechSoup Stock.

It also features stories of the real world impact of our Second Life community members who participate in the Nonprofit Commons. Here is an excellent video featuring the National Service Inclusion Project‘s Chad Gobert discussing the impact of their partnership with TechSoup.

We also have the fantastic collection of entries into our TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event. The 1st Place winner of a Flip Video Ultra U1120 Camera was a video called Kramden in 60 sec by the Kramden Institute

You can see more of the TechSoup Videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TechSoupVideo

Written by: Layal