Nonprofits Will Face Budget Cuts

The main source of federal funding may face the major budget cuts and possible elimination. Thus, some service organizations in Lawrenceville which help people to be kept from hunger and homelessness are expected to face a harsh reality. The federal program, called the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, that assists the local organizations to help people in immediate need in a form of cash advance or just money, has faced the budget cuts in Washington.

According to the latest reports, the Norcross co-op got $172,000 in EFSP funds last year and the amount of over $500,000 was distributed to nonprofit service organizations county-wide. However, the bill of federal appropriations hasn’t been passed, therefore, the EFSP just doesn’t have available funds to support the grants in the fiscal year 2011.

Written by: SusanM

Google Helps Nonprofits

Google has recently launched particular package of discounted and free apps, tools and services which are aimed at the nonprofit community, while for-profit companies, including the providers of no credit check loans, will have to buy them.

Some apps are really offered by Google at no cost for nonprofits, while others are provided with reduced price. Besides, these groups are allowed to use Google Earth in order to tell their story with the help of mapping technologies performed by Google and to visualize their cause.

Meanwhile, the Google’s YouTube unit raises the upload limits and gives a ‘donate’ button to the nonprofits that can place it on their videos.

Written by: SusanM