A fun night at Common Grounds

Had a great time at the Common Grounds tonight, dancing and networking with other NPSL tenants. The theme was “Stripes”; and everyone showed up looking their stripingly best!

Zinnia brought up a great question: how can we best share our successes in SL with each other? Of course parties like Common Grounds are always good, but we need to think of more ways to include our peers in other countries and vastly different time zones. Some ideas thrown out there were more community events at various times to accommodate the different times zones, weekly meditation, yoga or tai chi gatherings. We can also use the written word to share our news – post it on the NPSL facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nonprofitcommons) or write about it on this blog. And how about a Linked In group? All great ideas! If you can think of anything else, bring it up during open mic at a Friday meeting.

We also learned about Ronnie Rhode’s fantastic article on the closing of Teen SL. You can read it here: http://thejournal.com/articles/2010/09/01/the-end-of-the-virtual-world.aspx. Congrats Ronnie…great article!

Next month’s Common Grounds theme is Halloween…hope to see you all there again!

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Written by: emellsmere

Come talk about the future of SL’s Teen Grid & Main Grid this Wednesday March 25!

You are cordially invited to RezEd.org‘s first Seasonal Meetup this Wednesday, March 25 from 12-1pm PST in Second Life! For those that don’t know, RezEd.org is a social network of educators using a variety of virtual worlds and MMOs for learning from a variety of perspectives and institutions.

For our first virtual meetup, we are going to discuss a very hot topic: “Educational Implications of Mixed-age Versus Age-segregated Virtual Worlds.” As you probably know, Linden Lab is planning big changes to the Teen Grid and “adult content” on the main grid that is going to have far-reaching implications for all of our work as educators, organizers and activists. We have three excellent speakers who can address this subject from youth, teacher and librarian perspectives. Plus we’ll have lots of time for Q&A, discussion and socializing.

Here’s the details:

RezEd.org’s Spring Virtual Meetup: “Educational Implications of Mixed-age Versus Age-segregated Virtual Worlds”

Second Life, Foundations Sim

Wednesday, March 25, 12-1pm PST / SLT

• Lucky Figtree: Teen Second Life Resident
• Peggy Sheehy: Teacher, Suffern Middle School
• Kelly Czarnecki: Librarian, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

It’s going to be a fun and thought-provoking event. Please invite your friends and colleagues interested in the changes going on in the Main Grid and Teen Grid of Second Life, how other virtual worlds and MMORPGs navigate mixed-age and age-segregated spaces, and the impacts upon education and youth development.

For more information see http://www.rezed.org/profiles/blogs/rezed-holds-1st-seasonal or contact Amira@globalkids.org. See you there!

Written by: Beth J. Bates

Global Kids is hiring!

I got the exciting news that the technology youth empowerment group Global Kids is hiring for several interesting positions. The eight new positions include: an “Online Leadership Program Associate (Video Specialist),” “Online Leadership Program Associate (Foundation Programs in Second Life Producer),” “Online Leadership Program Associate (Gaming and Social Networks Specialist),” “Online Leadership Program Associates (YouthVenture Program Manager and YouthVenture Program Associate), ” a program assistant and two program associates:

Global Kids’ Online Leadership Program, now in its seventh year, is about to experience significant growth in a number of areas with the hiring of eight additional staff members. PDFs for each position, along with a description and position status, can be viewed below. Information about applying can ONLY be found within the PDFs. Job-related questions may be asked in the comment box associated with this post.

Head to the Global Kids website for complete information.

Written by: rikomatic