Notes from March 30th meeting

Notes from March 30th meeting

• Frank Foley
• SaveGuimaras Wind
• Creech Antwerp
• Angela Ge
• Johnny Austin
• In Kenzo
• Annie Octavia
• Ozma Malibu
• Be Janus
• Docent Alturas
• Beth Kavka
• Xin Revolution
• Dana Childs
• RiverSong Garden
• Glitteractica Cookie

Website is up! If you want to blog on the site, contact Creech Antwerp and he will help you start blogging at: Comments are open for all users, so if you want to start commenting on blog entries, please do so!

Also, tag your own stuff and anything you stumble upon on the web that is related to nonprofits in SL at w/ NPSL tag.

If you don’t know what tagging is, here is an article on ten tips for effective tagging:

Our group’s video! Big Kudos go to Frank Foley for getting the first version of our video together in like 24 hours! You can see it here:
It is also on and Creech loaded it up on the site too! This video is being enjoyed at NTC by many.

Nonprofit Commons Update:

Save G is going to be our sim mgr. She will be the tenant liaison and will be the point of contact for our tenants. Thanks Save G!

New orgs who are interested in being a part of the commons should still email me at

Annie Octavia and Save G are mapping out the commons and helping to assign spaces to orgs. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

If you want a new poster for the NPC, please IM Johnny Austin or Frank Foley.

All avatar hands needed for bug testing. If you see bugs, please email them to Frank Foley ( [9:08] Frank Foley: and just be sure to send me coords so i can find the prob.

You: and ozma is our volunteer manager, and she will contact all volunteers about meetings and tasks that need doing.

[9:10] Frank Foley: if you are listed as a volunteer in the NPC group, i took all permissions way down in short term
[9:10] Frank Foley: but if you need permssions in the sim once we move in there, let me know
[9:10] Frank Foley: i just want to make sure no buildings get returned or screwed upl

Sim is being transferred over to us, Frank will let you all know update at today’s meeting.
anyone who sees anomalies on sim, email frank

Angela Ge is still working on transporting the data to the new wiki, and she will send us an update when she is ready to do so. From last mtg: [9:25] Angela Ge: just need clarification on design at a later stage, till then i will port over content which should take a max of 2 days at the most.. the wiki install is complete, am having issues with ssh/ftp-ing to the site to complete it.. [9:27] Angela Ge: 1st of april at the latest. Thanks, Ang!

[9:40] SaveGuimaras Wind: does the website have a link to the wiki page?
[9:40] Angela Ge smiles
[9:41] You: it will when ang launches it


[9:16] You: yes, i will send around a confirmed list of residents to you all
[9:16] You: maybe i will work with annie to put it in a google doc?

TechSoup Space: [9:52] Ozma Malibu: billboard is changed (Thanks!!)

9:52] Ozma Malibu: one issue: it is supposed to be a landmark giver – no clue how to do that yet
[9:52] Ozma Malibu: so it links to the website instead
[9:52] You: frank knows that
[9:52] You: email him
[9:53] You: he will tell u how]
[9:53] Ozma Malibu: I started changing the photo album as well, not finished yet but old
[9:56] In Kenzo: you can set your use there. i have tons of arhives not on the web
[9:57] In Kenzo: so if you're looking for somethign in particular that you can't find, let me know, i shoot religiously
[9:57] Beth Kavka: me toopics are gone, some new ones up but not captioned
[9:53] Ozma Malibu: ok, will email frank

[9:58] You: ervyopne tag your photos NPSL
[9:58] You: and leave them public

Update from InKenzo:

[10:04] In Kenzo: we have a new island! that's the first fun bit.
[10:04] You: docent, defintiely in the plan
[10:05] In Kenzo: good visionary artists, educational groups and dance/music projects coming together for a fun AMO Island, along with a health and nutrition FOOD island that will host Second Harvest inworld.
[10:05] In Kenzo: we have a few projects coming up on the teen grid, i've been meeting with barry @ Global Kids on how to pave the best path for nonprofits working with teens.
[10:06] Docent Alturas: Maybe invite public artists to display works.
[10:06] SaveGuimaras Wind: yes! public artists
[10:06] In Kenzo: definitely bring in artists here!
[10:06] SaveGuimaras Wind: yoohoo
[10:06] In Kenzo: i brought dancoyote to our island to install, along with alex grey (a RL artist)
[10:06] In Kenzo: to help us start our new island with images that inspire us.
[10:06] You: whoopie
[10:07] In Kenzo: i have an inworld better world scout friend who does installations on connectivity, and there's a handful of SL artists who have amazing works to install if you ping them.
[10:07] SaveGuimaras Wind: or what we can do is ask all the NPC tenants to come up with their public art side by side with artists

And we ended with a very fun tour of the NPC and a photoshoot!

See you all next Friday. We will be in sessions here at NTC, so Beth and I won’t be able to attend today’s meeting, but it will be led by Frank. So go there! We may try to pop in at the end (9am is ending time today)

Written by: Glitteractica_Cookie