Ferrari’s for Kids Fundraiser Party this Friday

On Friday May 25, from 11AM-12:30PM “Ferrari for Kids” will be throwing a fundraiser party with DJ Clarisse at their new HQ. Ferraris for Kids is a non-profit organisation with a simple mission : making real disabled kids dreams. In a recent french survey, they found out that 69% of the disabled kids list in their top five dream s riding in a Ferrari. Jean-Charles Percy, president of FFK, thought that it would be easy to make disabled kids dreams real in buying a Ferrari (360 Modena), visiting specialized centres for handicapped kids and taking the kids for a ride. Today, around 10.000€ have been raised to finance to program. 

Several more events are planned in the next weeks on race tracks, showrooms and other clubs. Theses events are called “Red Night Party”.

See their HQ at Spinolds Flats (teleport SLURL).

Written by: rikomatic