Support Burma in Second Life: Red T-Shirt and Vigil on Commonwealth Island


Attended the Nonprofit Commons and there was a T-Shirt giver and I got my virtual T-Shirt.  There’s also a vigil being held today organized by the Peacemaker Institute on Commonwealth Island.  Here’s the information on the notecard:

Please join us in solidarity for the monks in Burma who are beng killed and imprisoned…a meditation/vigil  will be held throughout the day on Friday the 28th  on Commonwealth island:

They are arresting and imprisoning monks- so far over 700 have been arrested.
They have raided dozens of monasteries
While the regime is stating only 9 have been killed the number is far closer to 200
They have snipers on tops of buildings to pick of the leaders
They are trying to suppress the violence.
We MUST protest!

1 – Protest – Look below for details of worldwide protests. Contact US Campaign for Burma to sign up to hold a march, vigil or any sort of event in your area- there is also a protest being held on Burning Life sim today.

2 – Spread the word – Invite your friends to this group, email all your family and friends, write to local newspapers

3 – Write to your elected official – they will respond if enough people contact them.

4 – Wear red clothes on Friday.

5 – Email the companies that still operate in Burma, their email addresses are listed here

6 – Sign up for the petition!

Written by: kanter