Oleander Health Fair raises dollars and awareness


This past Wed. Nov. 7th, Oleander Island was host to the Womens’ Health Fair/Expo. This event sought to educate women on the health issues that concern them in their everyday lives, share ideas, and talk to professionals in the field. In addition, the health fair helped raise linden dollars for the organization, Drive By Agony/Life Learning programs, a non-profit organization that helps victims of crime.

The event featured a variety of speakers involved in health issues. In-between speakers, participants could check out the dance floor, refreshments from the bar and buffet table, and visit the variety of projects on display.

Highlights from the speakers included:

PCOSGurl Infinity of Project PCOS on the importance of education and awareness about PCOS, a hidden syndrome that many women have.

Coughran Mayo of Preferred Family Healthcare speaking on issues dealing with body and mind.

MB Chevalier of the University of Plymouth discussing concerns surrounding Sexual health education

Carmen Gray of Drive By Agony/Life learning programs speaking about the thousands of youth victims in America and why the organization made the decision to come to Second Life.

Jacmacaire Humby of Humanbe highlighting his organization’s peace project and a need to create more peace in the world.

This Penguin stopped by and said a few words about the Nonprofit Commons, and was very impressed by the event and speakers.

Written by: penguin kuhn