KivaFriends Tour – Visit to the Ectopia Sim

KivaFriends in SL is starting to tour Second Life. These tours are social events open to everyone, they are very informal, we will just be visiting sims together to explore and learn about what’s going on in Second Life. When we can, we’ll have the sims owners join us and give us personal tours.

The first tour will be January 12th, 10:30am – 12pm SL (Pacific time). Details about the event are
here but please note the place is not correct. We will be meeting at the NPC commons and then going to Ectopia Island. Join us at any time. We’ll be riding the trains and gondolas and learning about goods and services which promote a socially and environmentally sustainable world. We’ll also be banging on drums and walking around and laughing a lot.

(ASIDE, as a word of caution – be very careful when you enter your event at because it goes to eventful but edits don’t).

Come by the Kiva office in the NPC (#23) for more information.

Written by: julles