Kiva in SL’s Grand Opening Party at the NPC a grand success.

The Grand Opening of Kiva in Second Life’s office was a grand success. Our final avatar count was 41, which included the people who dropped in through the ceiling. There were several reporters there, including the editor from Prim Perfect.

There was dancing and champagne, and talks by Skeeboo Tammass (Joe), Elron, and Julles Boucher (Julia) about Kiva and Kiva Friends and all that is going on in Second Life about Kiva.

Daniel, who did the Norwegian translation, won the $25 Kiva Gift Certificate. Fletcher Dovgal won the Door Prize $25 Kiva gift certificate.

The largest linden donation during the official party was made by Parhelion Palou, and Mandee Odriscoll was the ‘newest’ avatar who made a donation. Mandee actually joined SL this morning just to attend our party, she read about it on myspace. Both our winners will get (real life) 2008 Kiva calendars (made by Kiva Friends).

The party lasted an hour longer than planned, and the donations kept coming in. Our neighbours in the NPC Bridges for Women donated enough for an entire loan. Our final count was 22,488 Linden, making this our largest fund raising day ever. To translate to real life, we made enough for about 2 1/2 Kiva loans.

Another success of the day was our increase in volunteer help, a few people offered to help us out and join our grassroots organization. So its been a great day for Kiva in Second Life at the Non Profit Commons.

Written by: julles