SL Celebration of Human Rights – Dec. 10

As you may have heard there is going to be a Festival in SL celebrating Human Rights starting 10 December. It´s 60 years since the UN launched the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We have started now to organize the festival. How big it will be depends on how many events, concerts & exhibitions YOU send us.

We hope that you all think this is important and will help us to make this Festival a successful one.

A travel HUD will take people to different locations in SL with exhibitions, concerts and events promoting human rights issues. There will also be a website.

It’s easy to participate:

1. We need a title and brief info about your planned exhibition/concert/event
2. A photo in the format 4×3 (e.g. 200×150)
3. The sim name and coordinates

SL Human Rights Festival Organizing Committee

Please send info to:
Any1 Gynoid (Music events)
Bibi Book, junivers Stockholm or Geni Figaro (other events and exhibitions)

Also contact us if you would like to help in the organizing. We meet every Thursday 2pm at Xanadu West.

We still need people taking care of PR, web and graphics. So far we have info here:

Written by: Beth J. Bates