Highlights from the Jan. 30, 2009 NPC Meeting

Many thanks to Serene Jewell for compiling this wonderful summary of last Friday’s NPC meeting…

Sim Move and Update by In Kenzo and Glitteractica Cookie

All NPC sims are now next to each other and attached. Now we can walk from sim to sim rather than teleport. The move will hopefully encourage more traffic between the sims. Planning is underway for new navigation paths and a teleport system. In Kenzo is looking for volunteers to help with the job of building bridges, walkways, and handrails. (Penguin, Buffy, Coughran, Tech coleslaw, Zinnia Zauber, Ronnie Rhode, Zazoom Zimminy, Mel Schaller, Szavanna Anatra, Nany Kayo all volunteered to help.)

New NPC User Group by Tech Coleslaw

Tech is proposing a new user group for nonprofit technical support folks. (Rebus Mandelbrot volunteered to help organize and promote some initial meetings. Penguin and Glitteractica will promote meetings.)

Community Gateway Project by Penguin

This project involves creating a landing and orientation area for SL newcomers who have expressed an interest in nonprofits. This would be similar to the newcomer orientation areas at NCI Caledon Oxbridge and Virtual Ability Island. (Muse Carmona, Ozma Malibu, Szavanna Anatra, Serene Jewell, volunteered to help, In Kenzo has will clear land and has USC elements

Research Project by Muse Carmona

Muse Carmona is a graduate student studying online community here through Mar. 31. She will be observing members of NPC for 10 hours and will interview 3 people. She’ll be in her alt, Katherine Violet.

Meet Your NPC Neighbor by Gabrielle Knipper

Sierra Club has opened up a space on the Eco Commons. Gabrielle described the Sierra Club mission and current initiatives. Wants to set up a Second Life Sierra Club Chapter

Open Mic

Glitteractica announced a locals lunch in San Francisco Friday, Feb. 6.

Zinnia Zauber announced Thurs. Feb 5 Common Ground dance will be sponsored by Project Jason. Color for the night is eggplant purple. 7pm. Be there! Looking for future sponsors.

Glitteractica announced East Coast happy hour on Feb. 11. Email her for details

Ricken Flow announced Dreams Education and Health Community Fair being organized, Contact Golda Stein

Malin Dahlstrom announced 1363 unique avatars in a month to Aloft, 500 to Plush sim. Average visit is more than an hour.

Penguin encouraged everyone to use the wiki! Sign up for an account and she will approve you. http://npsl.wikispaces.com

Volunteers Needed:

Help In Kenzo build bridges and walkways between the sims.

Help Tech Coleslaw organize support group meetings for nonprofit technical staff

Help Penguin and others create an orientation area for SL newcomers

Help Muse Carmona with her research by volunteering to be interviewed

Help Zinnia Zauber or Ethelred to sponsor Thurs. night Common Ground dance

Full list of volunteer projects at http://npsl.wikispaces.com/volunteers


Full notes from all meetings are on the wiki at http://npsl.wikispaces.com

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Written by: Beth J. Bates