Sim Design – Community Feedback From Anika Pastorelli

As you are aware, NPC as a community is in the process of reviewing its cross-sim community design and would like to solicit your feedback. (See for more information).

We currently have different themes and designs throughout our different islands, resulting in a need for better cross-sim visual transition and possibly integration. In addition, we need to consider enhancements for some of the sims due to a need/desire for brighter and/or more interesting 3D visual textures, better access, navigation, improved signage, interactive objects, lag reduction, and other factors. The main goal would be to enhance the community design for our own membership and visitors in such as way to further our community and individual nonprofit goals and objectives, ultimately improving the impact on our real-life causes. We have been fortunate to be receiving the recommendations and ideas of not only In Kenzo and other residents, but also the University of Auckland School of Architecture class led by JudyArx Scribe, which has made NPC its class project “Living Sketchbook”. Their NPC prototype and machinima — for those who have participated in world — have been wonderful and exciting! We have lots of great new ideas from them which we will post to the WIKI soon.

Since we would like to involve all the members we can on sim design as part of a collaborative community process, we would like to be sure to invite everyone to submit their ideas in some forum that meets their availability. We have already invited feedback as part of our initial Sim Design meetings, the WIKI and through the invitation to the in world NPC prototype/concepts that the University of Auckland class presented live recently.

Again, we hope to get as many of you to post your feedback and ideas so that we can be sure to let everyone have an opportunity to participate regardless of geographic location, work limitations, and time zones.

Many thanks and don’t hesitate to IM me inworld or contact Pengun, Glitter, or In Kenzo or others involved (Parhelion Palou, Zinnia Zauber and Mel Schaller)!

Written by: Beth J. Bates