Nonprofits, Gaming & Virtual Worlds Brainstorm Bash

Nonprofits, Gaming & Virtual Worlds Brainstorm Bash

A brainstorm session for nonprofits, gamers and virtual world enthusiasts

A project of TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons in Second Life

Ever combined the Web, World of Warcraft, Real Life, Second Life, Google Earth, Nintendo, Facebook, Moore’s Law and the unfolding human experience into a single thought (which, perhaps, you then Twittered over your iPhone)? Do you dream of saving the world in 8-bit superhero style?

Our goal is to bridge the divide between nonprofit organizations, virtual worlds and game developers and enthusiasts. There are superheroes in each realm, and we plan on bringing them together for a world-class brainstorm bash. Building on the awesome community that Games for Change has created, we’ll be kicking off a long-term community and development project, shaped by the participants of this meetup. We hope to organize a collaborative working group that mashes up serious and social gaming with nonprofits and virtual world producers, and we’re exploring a collaborative game design challenge that would be great to have your input on before the Games for Change Festival in NYC.

Topics we intend to cover:

* Creating frameworks for collaborative game design
* Leveraging the platforms of nonprofits, gaming and virtual worlds to create collaborative community development projects
* Identifying resources, collaboration methods and tools
* Creating content across platforms
* Nonprofit applications of games and integration with virtual worlds

This event is free but tickets are limited so please RSVP soon.
This event will also be available in Second Life at for those who cannot join in person.

Come with your game-changing thoughts and ideas!

RSVP and share the Facebook page with your colleagues!

Join the NPCGames Google group and post your introductions – we want to know who you are!

Click here to join us virtually this Sunday from 12:00pm SLT (Pacific Time) / 3:00pm EST: Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Plush Amphitheater

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See you there, superheroes 🙂

Written by: Layal