Greetings from Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager

Just a quick hello and an announcement that starting today I will be serving as your Community Manager at the Nonprofit Commons. I am very excited to be serving you, whether you are a longtime veteran Second Lifer or a newbie just rezzed yesterday.

I’ll be helping organize the regular NPC meetings, assisting new tenants in getting established, linking up groups with mentors, maintaining our blog and other social media sites, and keeping an eye on the general state of virtual worlds and the nonprofit sector. I’m just one guy though, so I am counting on all of your support as I get started.

For those that don’t know me, I’ve been involved in virtual worlds and nonprofit work since 2007. Many of you might know about my work with Global Kids for the past three years, during which I produced various virtual world educational projects. And I’ve been covering the state of the public sector in virtual worlds on my blog, which I hope that you will check out.

I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and getting to know folks that are new to me over the next weeks. Please be in touch me inworld to Rik Riel or email me at

Written by: rikomatic