Winners of Federal Virtual World Challenge & Machinima for Nonprofits at NPC Meeting Tomorrow (April 1)

This week we have a very special Nonprofit Commons meeting on Friday April 1 at 8:30am PST. We are fortunate enough to have two of the winners of the 2011 Federal Virtual World Challenge talking about their projects and the challenge, which was announced at the end of March. And we will also be joined by award-winning machinima producer Frank Dellario / SL : IllBixby Cerveau of Pixel Valley Studios , telling us about professional machinima production and nonprofits.

Agenda for Nonprofit Commons Meeting April 1, 2011

Frank Dellario8:30 Introductions

8:40 Professional Machinima for Nonprofits – Frank Dellario, Pixel Valley Studios

9:00 Report on 2011 Federal Virtual World Challenge

Archivist Llewellyn and Curiousity Scientist, Curiousity AI

Anders Gronstedt, Hurricane Shelter Simulation

9:20 Discussion about Best Tools and Resources for Machinima – Rik (time permitting)

9:30 Open Mic

That’s tomorrow, April 1, starting at 8:30am PST at the Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater (teleport link.) See you all there!

Written by: rikomatic