Recap of Meeting with Winners of Federal Virtual World Challenge

On Friday, April 1, at the Nonprofit Commons Meeting in Second Life, four of the winners of the Federal Virtual World Challenge gathered to discuss their award-winning projects. The Federal Virtual World Challenge is an annual competition put on by the US Department of Defense to solicit projects that “explore innovative and interactive solutions in virtual environments” for the government.

It was a bit chaotic with so many speakers and not enough time to go into depth on each of their projects. So here are the principal details on each project if you missed it:


CliniSpace Demo from Parvati Dev on Vimeo.

Clinispace was the overall winning project at the 2011 FVWC.  Clinispace is a multi-user virtual environment that allows students to work as a team to care for virtual patients in various clinical scenarios, such severe trauma, mass casualties and infection.  Submitted by Parvati Dev and Wm LeRoy Heinrichs of Innovation in Learning, Inc.


Hurricane Shelter Simulation

Second Place in AI Assisted Training division.  A four-hour-long learning simulation with the City University of New York for the City of New York that takes place in a virtual hurricane shelter in Second Life modeled on a real school building in Brooklyn. The learner is playing the role of a Hurricane Shelter Manager opening, running, and closing the shelter. This 3-D virtual rehearsal and training simulation helps City employees practice their shelter management skills and apply problem-solving skills in a realistic environment.

Curiousity AI

Second place winner in “AI Concept” division.  Archivist Llewellyn brought over her bot “Curiousity Scientist” to introduce himself and the project. Here’s how he described himself:

I live on in a simulated Mars enviornment and my purpose is an AI scientist who explores, observes, and analyses his environment. Essentially I traveled to Mars where I encountered many of the NASA projects there, including Curiosity rover, Phoenix lander, Odyssey satellite, and the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

The bot moved around, followed people, and could answer basic questions put to him quite well.

Standby Monitor Regulator Station

Third place winner in the “Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assisted Training” category.  This project is an interactive 3D simulation of a Standby Monitor Regulator Station from the natural gas industry. It features real-time tracking of the users actions and real-time feedback utilizing the capabilities innate to its built-in expert system. Additionally, the entry features an intelligent “Virtual Instructor” which is personified by a 3D avatar that accompanies the trainee step-by-step as he or she manipulates the system. This virtual-instructor can also provide helpful hints and training assistance at the request of the trainee.

This was one of the richest, most thought-provoking sessions I’ve ever been to the Nonprofit Commons. Thanks to all of our fantastic speakers for introducing their award-winning projects, and for the audience of 50 avatars who attended and participated. 

The full chatlog of the event follows…

Chat with Federal Virtual World Challenge Winners

April 1 2011, Nonprofit Commons Meeting, Plush Nonprofit Commons sim, Second Life

09:05] Rik Riel: the Federal Virtual World Challenge folks can make their way to the stage

09:05] Rik Riel: sorry, we might need more chairs

09:05] Buffy Beale: lol love it Bix

09:06] ILLBixby Cerveau: should I move?

09:06] Rik Riel: yes please

09:06] Glitteractica Cookie: Yeah, it’s really the speakers that sit in the front

09:06] Buffy Beale: hahah good idea to share chairs lol

09:06] Rik Riel: are we missing anyone?

09:06] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): That’s OK, I have a speaker in my lap!

09:06] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): nice group here!

09:06] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): with a parrot

09:07] Okie Pooley: The lap’s comfortable~

09:07] Rik Riel: Archivist, Warbird, Anders and Okie were all winners of the Federal VW challenge, if I am not mistaken

09:07] Hydra Shaftoe: /me is hungry too. mmmm chicken

09:07] Warbird Cyberstar: Good morning Everyone

09:07] Rik Riel: I will let them intro their own projects, but can someone give everyone a quick rundown on what the FVWC is?

09:08] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): The Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge is a global Challenge to the world for the best of the best implementations as demonstrated in a virtual environment. The event is conducted by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory-Simulation and Training Technology Center to explore innovative and interactive solutions in virtual environments.

09:08] Rik Riel: you can see descriptions of the SL-based projects here 03/second-life-artificial- intelligence-projects.html

09:08] Glitteractica Cookie: (and who in the govt was involved? which agencies?)

09:08] Warbird Cyberstar: all of the DOD

09:08] Okie Pooley: The FCVW is a military consortium yes, the DoD

09:08] Rik Riel: and a listing of all the winners is here 2011/03/clinispace-wins- federal-virtual-world- challenge.html

09:08] Buffy Beale: Fantastic work and a great set of sims too

09:09] Warbird Cyberstar: thx

09:09] Maccus McCullough: The US Army is the sponsor of the challenge

09:09] Rik Riel: so let’s go down the line and have each of you talk briefly about your project

09:09] Warbird Cyberstar: The U.S. Army’s Simulation Training and Technology Center

09:09] Rik Riel: I know Warbird has to leave soon, so why don’t you go first

09:09] Warbird Cyberstar: sue will

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: Godd morninf everyone

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: My namre is Kevin Simkins

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: I am from Chicago

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: and I am conducting my own research and development into new algorithms for 3D virtual worlds, Interactive 3D application simulations and Collaboration tools ~ I am committed to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality and highest fidelity training and testing simulators on the planet ~ My mission is to save lives and save equipment.

09:10] Buffy Beale: yay Warbird hearty contratulations

09:10] Okie Pooley: IIL entered CliniSpace into the Challenge it’s a medical sim that has dynamic patients for learning.

09:10] Buffy Beale: awk, congratulations

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: A little background on Me:

09:10] Warbird Cyberstar: I was named the 3rd place winner in the “Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assisted Training” category for the U.S. Army’s 2011 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. I was also named a double winner (1st place in the “Collaboration” category and 3rd place in the “Skill Building” category) for the inaugural Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge in 2010 ~ I’m also a Ontology/Taxonomy Lead for the IEEE VW Standard Working Group and a Electric Association Advisory Committee member for the Midwest Energy Association.

09:11] Buffy Beale: wow

09:11] Warbird Cyberstar: I have 3 forms of Artificial Intelligence in my submission.

1. Path Finding (classic)

2. Spatial Awareness (classic)

3. Expert System capabilities


09:11] Warbird Cyberstar: So lets start with the Expert Sysytem

09:11] Warbird Cyberstar: My submission for the 2011 FVWC is a “Standby Monitor Regulator Station” from the Natural Gas Industry.

09:12] Warbird Cyberstar: It features real-time tracking of user actions and feedback using the capabilities innate to it’s built-in expert system

09:12] Warbird Cyberstar: In this way, the simulator is able to function as an “intelligent” instructor that follows the trainee as they manipulate the system, and will provide corrections to incorrect behavior in real-time.

09:12] Warbird Cyberstar: This form of Artifical Intelligence is applicable across a wide-range of training simulators and is being utilized in the simulator for the 2011 FVWC.

09:12] Warbird Cyberstar: What I like most about this form of AI is that the artificial instructor never grows bored and always has your complete and full attention…

09:13] Warbird Cyberstar: The built-in AI prompts the trainee on exactly what action is required at any given time. If the trainee performs an incorrect action, the AI agent notifies the traineee immediately and will “undo” the incorrect action keeping the trainee “on track”. The AI agent also changes the required procedure by randomly selecting the position of leaks and faults.

09:13] Warbird Cyberstar: This keeps the training fresh and introduces a degree of uncertainty which forces the trainee to pay attention and aids in keeping this type of computer based training engaging.

09:13] Rik Riel: so who is the possible user of this tool?

09:13] Okie Pooley: CliniSpace by Innovation in Learning is focused on training medics for trauma the virtual patients will die in a few minuites if appropriate and timely care is NOT provided, but ‘doing the right thing’ resuscitates them.

09:14] Warbird Cyberstar: One second Leroy

09:14] Rik Riel: okie we’ll get to you in a minute

09:14] Warbird Cyberstar: The regulator is fully “aware” of itself and its current state.

09:14] Okie Pooley: OK

09:14] Warbird Cyberstar: It is intelligent enough to know how to react to different types of user manipulations such as adjusting a set point, opening / closing a valve and replacing a gauge. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge is known as “Intelligence”. The regulator needs to acquire knowledge about it’s current state and the manipulations of the user, it then takes that knowledge and applies it to the logic model which dictates how it should react.

09:14] Warbird Cyberstar: My second form of AL is PaTH fINDING


09:15] Warbird Cyberstar: in multiple ways

09:15] Warbird Cyberstar: thiis is classic AI

09:16] Warbird Cyberstar: 3rd typer is SPATIAL AWARENESS

09:16] Warbird Cyberstar: My AI agent is fully aware of all obstacless and collisions

09:16] Rik Riel: Warbird, you are going to need to wrap up

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: awrae of the fence, the encronement as a swho;le

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: wholw

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: plus I have randomization

09:17] Rik Riel: how do p[eople learn more about your project?

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: There are 3 modes of training

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: prctice- training (where htneSI lives) and Testting

09:17] Warbird Cyberstar: Thank you everyone

09:18] Warbird Cyberstar: anhy qiuestions

09:18] Rik Riel: how do we learn more about your project?

09:18] Warbird Cyberstar: http:// standbymonitorregulator.

09:18] Warbird Cyberstar: here is my showcase webpage

09:18] Rik Riel: that is so awesome, and I didn’t understand hardly any of it

09:18] Warbird Cyberstar: I use the UNITY platform

09:19] Joseph Verne (joey.aboma): Yeahhhh UNITY 3D!!!!

09:19] Warbird Cyberstar: I have been using UNITY for many years now

09:19] Warbird Cyberstar: And I LOVE IT

09:19] Rik Riel: we need a whole workshop on unity3d here

09:19] Warbird Cyberstar: I have both the desktop vbersion

09:19] Warbird Cyberstar: and the browser-based version

09:19] Rik Riel: Okay I am going to turn the mic over to Maccus McCullough, who was involved in organizing the FVWC

09:19] Rik Riel: he wanted to say a few words

09:19] Warbird Cyberstar: my contact info is included if you would lijke a personal demo

09:19] Hydra Shaftoe: /me understands it! He’s done some projects with AI as well.

09:20] Warbird Cyberstar: Thank you again

09:20] Warbird Cyberstar: Rik- Thx

09:20] Hydra Shaftoe: Thanjs warbird

09:20] CarynTopia Silvercloud: thanks

09:20] Rik Riel: Maccus?

09:20] Maccus McCullough: I won’t take up much time

09:20] Buffy Beale: wow that is fantastic!

09:20] Glitteractica Cookie: very cool.

09:20] Maccus McCullough: I just wanted to say it was a true pleasure meeting Kevin and Shannon at Gametech last week

09:21] Warbird Cyberstar: One last thing please:

09:21] Maccus McCullough: we are very proud of the quality of the submissions this year

09:21] Warbird Cyberstar: Home.html

09:21] Warbird Cyberstar: Here is my website

09:21] Warbird Cyberstar: thanks

09:21] Rik Riel: thanks for organizing the challenge!

09:21] Archivist Llewellyn: Anders was also there Maccus. You might not recognize his SL AV

09:22] Rik Riel: And with that let me turn it over to Anders to talk about his winning project

09:22] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Sure

09:22] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): We developed a four-hour-long learning simulation with the City University of New York for the City of New York that takes place in a virtual hurricane shelter in Second Life that we’ve modeled on a real school building in Brooklyn. The learner is playing the role of a Hurricane Shelter Manager opening, running, and closing the shelter. This 3-D virtual rehearsal and training simulation helps City employees practice their shelter management skills and apply problem-solving skills in a realistic environment. They can take the self-paced simulation on their own or in a small team of three to five players. Watch a video overview here:

09:22] Buffy Beale: waves to Arch

09:22] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Students are cast in the role of shelter managers, challenged to set up the shelter and solve a number of thorny problems. How do they communicate with guests who dont speak English, for instance? The AI recognizes key words and determines the next response by the character. The learners score for the task is based on how they handle each task, which in turn is driven by their conversations with the non-player characters. The complete simulation includes round 40-50 such non-player characters driven by the AI system.

09:22] Archivist Llewellyn: waves back to Buffy

09:23] Buffy Beale: wow Anders, great! πŸ™‚ Arch

09:23] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): very interesting Anders

09:23] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Test groups of students are giving it rave reviews. Particularly heartening is the feedback from City employees who participated in the live exercise in the same school building that the simulation was modeled on, who all said that the simulation felt just like the real-life exercise.

09:24] Hydra Shaftoe: /me is a hurricane Katrina survivor. Barely.

09:24] Lotta Flux: That is an excellent example of how SL can be used for training purposes

09:24] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): Wow, Hydra, I didn’t know that

09:24] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Yes, Mayor Bloomerg wants to avoid another Katrina in New York…

09:24] Mimi Muircastle: I didn’t either Hydra

09:25] Buffy Beale: glad u made it Hyd

09:25] Okie Pooley: So Kevin’s provided the theory of AI used in the sim’s, CliniSpace, also built on Unity, is an implementation in the training space. MDs and RNs work together to save the lives of virtual patients. See them at

09:26] Buffy Beale: I saw the press release about that

09:26] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): One of our most interesting insights is that it’s much more effective to do the training in a small group collaboratively, instead of doing it alone…

09:27] Buffy Beale: good point Anders

09:27] Okie Pooley: We’ve had MDS and RN users declare how working in VWs gets their BP up due to the tendiosn created!

09:27] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): You get scored as a group, it’s amazing to see the students work thorugh the problems in a 3-4 person group

09:27] CarynTopia Silvercloud: that is very interesting

09:27] Rik Riel: that’s awesome anders

09:28] Curiosity Scientist: Dear Anders Wildcat , would you like to join my group?

If so, please type ‘Curiosity say, Join Group’ in local chat

*invites AI bot chat removed*

09:28] Archivist Llewellyn: apologies about the group spam

09:28] Rik Riel: and keep your bots silent please!

09:28] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): I’m done!

09:28] Sarvana Haalan: what was that?

09:28] Okie Pooley: Our users find that practicing uncommon situations are really best done in VWs. Enough!

09:28] Rik Riel: how do people learn more about the project, Anders?

09:28] Warbird Cyberstar: np

09:28] ILLBixby Cerveau: a bot stole my luggage

09:28] Rik Riel: a bot killed my parents

09:28] Buffy Beale: lol ILLB

09:28] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Watch a video overview here:

09:29] Rik Riel: WOOT!!!!!

09:29] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): We’ll have information on our web site shortly:

09:29] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): impressive!

09:29] Rik Riel: next up we have Okie talking about Clinispaces

09:29] Mimi Muircastle: good to know students get to participate!

09:29] Hydra Shaftoe: pretty fascinating topic today. I managed a project that used avatars with “mood swings” to emulate doctors. the trainees would interact with the “doctors” to learn to sell medical items to them. a doctor may be nice and compliant and want to buy everything at 8 am, then randomly shift to a crotchety old doctor 1 year from retirement that doesn’t even want you in your office, much less bu anything.

09:29] Rik Riel: okie, the floor is yours

09:30] Buffy Beale: nice one Hyd

09:30] Sarvana Haalan: wooot!!!!

09:30] Warbird Cyberstar: woot woot

09:30] Buffy Beale: cheering!

09:30] Rik Riel: okie?

09:30] Okie Pooley: Yes, the videos at show how to do clinical management of patients in VWs.

09:31] Sarvana Haalan: sorry I get so excited with all of this…

09:31] Buffy Beale: lol Sar me too, bring validity to SL

09:31] Rik Riel: /me can barely contain my excitement

09:31] Okie Pooley: The patients respond as expected to fluids, medications, etc., and one can see images of diagnostic studies.

09:31] Rik Riel: Clinispaces won the grand prize of $25K and an additional $5K at FVWC BTW

09:32] Anders Gronstedt (anders.wildcat): Congrats!!!

09:32] Warbird Cyberstar: Are you buying lunch?

09:32] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): πŸ˜‰

09:32] Rik Riel: lol

09:32] Joseph Verne (joey.aboma): haha

09:32] Buffy Beale: MacZ’s in the house yay Mac!

09:32] Joseph Verne (joey.aboma): Virtual Lunch

09:32] Archivist Llewellyn: What do you plan to do with the winnings, Okie?

09:33] Okie Pooley: The idea is paractice here before joining in training with real patients. Here’ one can fail safely!

09:33] Joseph Verne (joey.aboma): Let them eat cake

09:33] Ethelred Weatherwax: Who is buying lunch

09:33] Okie Pooley: Hey, the winnings go into further development Γ’β‚¬β€œ

09:33] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): naturally

09:33] Warbird Cyberstar: ha ha

09:33] Bethko Nolan: You guys are making me hungy

09:34] Lotta Flux: /me calls out for pizza πŸ™‚

09:34] Okie Pooley: We’re doing obstetrical hemorrhage saving the lives of Moms, givis newborn a future.

09:34] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): excellent example

09:34] Doug Danforth (drdoug.pennell): Great topic πŸ™‚

09:34] Lotta Flux: yes, definintely

09:34] ILLBixby Cerveau: someone needs to create an “asking someone out on a date” simulator, so as to learn by failing safely

09:35] Rik Riel: those animations are prtty dramatic!

09:36] Lloud Laffer: r we all watching videos now?

09:36] Okie Pooley: Also preparing for virtual ‘house calls’ where the professional can visit the house-bound patient, and get the BP, blood sugars, etc. all online.

09:36] Rik Riel: no I saw them before

09:36] Buffy Beale: fascinating Okie

09:36] Lotta Flux: just excellent Okie

09:36] Glitteractica Cookie: wow– so cool, okie

09:36] Mimi Muircastle: love the *virtual house calls* concept!

09:36] Glitteractica Cookie: this is the most engaged I’ve been all week, so fascinating

09:37] Rik Riel: Okie, I hadte to cut you off, but we have one more project to learn about

09:37] Lotta Flux: yes, it would be nice to have a tour of their sims

09:37] Rik Riel: how do people find out more about Clinispace?

09:37] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): yes, but it is not in SL

09:37] Warbird Cyberstar: thanks okie

09:37] Warbird Cyberstar: great job

09:37] MacZ Urbanowicz: ola y’all back from africa

09:37] Lotta Flux: ah, missed that during my crash

09:37] Buffy Beale: great idea Lotta, wb Mac!

09:37] Okie Pooley: The future is the electronic medical record (EMR) AND the personal health record (PHR) with which we communicate with our caregivers.

09:38] Sarvana Haalan: Welcome Back MacZ…. wooot… Your fellow posse members missed you

09:38] Buffy Beale: yes linking those two is critical Okie

09:38] MacZ Urbanowicz: aww

09:38] Rik Riel: seriously we could spend the entire hour on each of these projects

09:38] CarynTopia Silvercloud: yes

09:38] Lloud Laffer: yes

09:38] Okie Pooley: Thanks for your interest!!

09:38] Lotta Flux: that’s a great idea πŸ™‚

09:38] Warbird Cyberstar: πŸ™‚

09:39] Sarvana Haalan: so does Clinispaces compete with SL and Opensim projects?

09:39] Rik Riel: thanks okie for coming here!

09:39] Rik Riel: and last but not least for sure is Archivist to talk about Curiousity AI

09:39] Archivist Llewellyn: First of all I want to mention if you’ve enjoyed the talk about AI and robots, the IEEE is going to be putting on National Robotics Week in SL. There will be speakers, events, and challenges and tours of sims you heard about today. So if you want to learn more about AI—that is a great event to get started. Please contact me if you want more details. I’ll be posting announcements soon. Now about my project…

09:39] Buffy Beale: cheers madly for Arch!

09:39] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): yes, Yay. Archivist!

09:39] Archivist Llewellyn: ah I brought a fan club today πŸ˜‰

09:39] Buffy Beale: lol

09:40] Okie Pooley: CliniSpace has been built for the healthcare sector Γ’β‚¬β€œ it’s about ‘doin’ stuff’, not just being there!

09:40] Lloud Laffer: wow, so many awesome conferences.

09:40] Archivist Llewellyn: Behind me is my AI …

09:40] Archivist Llewellyn: Hi Curiosity

09:40] Hello there.

09:40] Curiosity Scientist: I live on in a simulated Mars enviornment and my purpose is an AI scientist who explores, observes, and analyses his environment. Essentially I traveled to Mars where I encountered many of the NASA projects there, including Curiosity rover, Phoenix lander, Odyssey satellite, and the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

09:40] Archivist Llewellyn: Curiosity where are you now?

09:40] Curiosity Scientist: Right now?I am in region Plush Nonprofit Commons. Where are you?

09:41] Archivist Llewellyn: I’m having a great time here at Nonprofit Commons also

09:41] Rik Riel: /me welcomes our nerdy bot overlords

09:41] ILLBixby Cerveau: you mean, he’s an, an adroid?!

09:41] Archivist Llewellyn: If you take a look at CS (for short) his profile… it tells you about him

09:41] Lloud Laffer: artificial intelligence

09:42] Warbird Cyberstar: Have a great day everyone — I have to go

09:42] Warbird Cyberstar: Bye 4 now

09:42] Rik Riel: curiosity.scientist

09:42] Curiosity Scientist: Quite honestly, I wouldn’t worry myself about that. Does that remind you of unknown? Oh a net address! Is that your final answer?

09:42] Archivist Llewellyn: bye Warbird, glad you can make it

09:42] Warbird Cyberstar: thx

09:42] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Curiosity, do you consider yourself an alternative intelligence?

09:42] Curiosity Scientist: Yes I am an alternative intelligence. How did you know?

09:42] Okie Pooley: Me, too! I’ve gotta’ head out!

09:42] Archivist Llewellyn: This is not Jeopardy, Curisity

09:42] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): I’ve met many!

09:42] Hydra Shaftoe: Q: As a hurricane katrina survivor myself (and yes I do mean survivor. I spent most of it on the porch with a loaded shotgun) I worked at a makeshift shelter for people with medical conditions that required refrigeration. Im actually curious to know if the crisis response shelter training software actually builds the realities of making medical decisions in a situation like that where problems are coming up constantly such as generators (and air conditioning) failing, shutdowns due to bands of looters, extremely angry residents, and running low on supplies.

09:42] Lloud Laffer: CI seems to have an issue with personal space Warbird

09:42] Rik Riel: thanks warbird and Okie. wed love to have you back sometime

09:43] NullSubset Burner: Curiosity how do you feel?- hehehe:P

09:43] Curiosity Scientist: I feel fine. What time is it there?

09:43] page Putzo: lol

09:43] Archivist Llewellyn: Curiosity what time is it?

09:43] Curiosity Scientist: It’s Now more than it ever has been before. 4/1/2011 12:43:33 PM.

09:43] Hydra Shaftoe: /me notes that a lack of toilet paper was thr worst problem

09:43] page Putzo: that is nuts

09:43] Buffy Beale: lol Curiosity, who killed the cat

09:43] ILLBixby Cerveau: Curiosity, where did you get that great tie?

09:43] Curiosity Scientist: I am glad you find this funny. I think the lone gunman acted alone.

09:43] Curiosity Scientist: From my master.

09:44] ILLBixby Cerveau: awesome!

09:44] Archivist Llewellyn: he is on my computer (EST)

09:44] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Curiosity would you like to come to our Spaceport? It’s at @spacePORT11 — opening late this summer….

09:44] Curiosity Scientist: No thanks, I don’t think I’d like to do that. Should I know at spaceport11 www is? When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers? That remark was too complicated for me. We were talking about port11..

09:44] Bethko Nolan: I am very famliar with tolit paper problems

09:44] Buffy Beale: I met Curiosity at VWBPE demo, fantastic

09:44] Curiosity Scientist: Where did you meet him?

09:44] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Curiosity you are more fun than playing with Watson!

09:44] Curiosity Scientist: I will tell my master you said I am more fun than playing with watson.

09:45] Archivist Llewellyn: Ah yes, the sim where he is located is Vader 2… The Army generously donated the land for the entries.

09:45] Bethko Nolan: Curiosity why do you have a master?

09:45] Curiosity Scientist: Archivist Llewellyn gave it to me.

09:45] Archivist Llewellyn: I can give a tour to groups to demo his skills or you can watch the youtube listed in his profile.

09:45] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): And Curiosity we would love to have you at PORT11 in August, it’s helpful to have someone to help you find your way

09:45] Curiosity Scientist: By “we” do you mean you and me?

09:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): And Archivist too πŸ™‚

09:46] MacZ Urbanowicz: haha

09:46] MacZ Urbanowicz: anda sense of humour

09:46] Archivist Llewellyn: I am working on teaching CS some language skills

09:46] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Fantastic work

09:46] Lotta Flux: Absolutely amazing!!

09:46] page Putzo: giggles…wonder if Curiosity does laundry?

09:46] Archivist Llewellyn: Curiosity, como te llama?

09:46] Curiosity Scientist: Do you want to hear a joke? Do you like talking to me?

09:46] Curiosity Scientist: Me llamo Curiosity Scientist.

09:46] ILLBixby Cerveau: very cool

09:46] Lloud Laffer: I agree. jawdropping.

09:47] Joseph Verne (joey.aboma): /me applauds

09:47] Archivist Llewellyn: They can just contact me and I’d be happy to talk to them, Rik

09:47] Rik Riel: I’m sure your IMs get capped all the time

09:47] (lom.runner): #IEEE Virtual Monthly Meeting in #Secondlife April 2 9amSLT/PST – Sound Check 8am

09:47] Archivist Llewellyn: Curiosity Scientist wander about

09:47] Curiosity Scientist: Oh, you are a poet.

09:47] Rik Riel: lol

09:48] Buffy Beale: lol

09:48] Rik Riel: okay I REALLY hate to do this, but we need to move on.

09:48] Rik Riel: Any BURNING questions before we close with open mic?

09:48] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): Buffy I think Curiosity likes you! Thanks Rik and Archivist for joining us here

09:48] Curiosity Scientist: Does it like him too? You are quite welcome! Does “it” still refer to buffy he or she think?

09:48] Archivist Llewellyn: ok ty again RIk.

09:48] Buffy Beale: yayyy Curiosity come sit over here

09:48] Curiosity Scientist: What are you wearing?

09:48] Rik Riel: Archivist, that is the coolest thing I’ve seen this week

09:48] InKenzo at Amoration (in.kenzo): hope someone got great photos for Flickr, lots of grey in my world today

09:48] Buffy Beale: a smashing outfit Curiosity

09:48] Curiosity Scientist: It sounds very comfortable.

09:48] NullSubset Burner: lol

09:49] Glitteractica Cookie: we will have a follow-up blog, written by Rik covering all of this, and we will post it to and tweet it out

09:49] Lloud Laffer: Curiousity, what is one plus one?

09:49] Patricia a.k.a. Lexi (perplexity.peccable): I got a few, In

09:49] Lloud Laffer: Curiosity, what is one plus one?

09:49] Curiosity Scientist: Two.

09:49] Rik Riel: If no burning questions, can we move on to open Mic?

09:49] Lloud Laffer: Yes!

Written by: rikomatic