Volunteering for the Nonprofit Commons: The NPC needs YOU!

Just a general reminder that we always need volunteers to keep the Nonprofit Commons moving and growing as a community.  We are largely a volunteer run and maintained effort, so all of you who consider yourselves part of the family — whether you are a tenant or not — should consider how you can help out.

We have a list of the volunteer opportunities and needs on our wiki that probably needs some pruning and tending.

In terms of needs that I know of, we could use help in the following areas:

  • Blogging: Anyone can blog on the Nonprofit Commons website.  Talk to me if you have something you would like to write about I can give you blogging rights.  And of course blog up the NPC on your own blogs, twitter and facebook presences.
  • Posting Pictures to Our Flickr: Pictures of the NPC, events, new tenant offices, etc, are easy to take and share on Flickr.  Just tag them NPSL and they show up in our Flickr feed on the site.
  • Outreach: All of you have contacts, networks, coalitions and friends that you are connected to who might not know about the Nonprofit Commons.  If you would like to spread the word about the NPC and keep our community growing, contact me.
  • Regular In-world Events: It’s primarily the events on the NPC that drive traffic to our islands and our offices.  So if you like to host events, we would love to see more of them.  It could be a monthly or weekly meetup of your members and supporters, a dance party, or an art show.  We have several ways of advertising events to make sure that those outside of the NPC know about them.

That’s just off the top of my head.  I’m sure there are lots of needs that can be filled with your talent and time.  If you have something you’d like to do, just be in touch.

Thanks for supporting our awesome community.

Written by: rikomatic