Submit Your Ideas for Improving the NPC Online!

Morris Cox / Hour Destiny has created for us an online tool that will enable anyone to make suggestions for how to improve the Nonprofit Commons,  to support other ideas that are submitted by others, and track the progress of implementing ideas that have broadbased support.  We think that this might be a more effective way to capture good ideas that bubble up from our weekly meetings, email exchanges, Twitter chats, and anywhere else.  Otherwise, these great ideas might get lost and never implemented.

The system Morris has put in place is on the IdeaScale platform, which has been used by everyone from the White House to major corporations.  So we think it might also work for our community at the NPC.  Read more about the IdeaScale system in Morris’ blog post.

Give it a look here:  And make a suggestion while you are there!

Our thanks to Morris / Hour for his work on this.

Written by: rikomatic