Summary of 6/17/2011 NPC meeting

Susan made some quick announcements before the meeting started. Josehine Dorado is representing NPC at Games 4 Change, and Zynga will be presenting at the next community meetup.

Speaker: Habitat Hero (Sharon) from Australia.

Habitat heroes is a virtual world which educates kids about environmental issues in a game format. There is a virtual safari which is content driven, and a country-driven segment that breaks down content into individual countries and how people can make a difference in their own sphere of local environmental issues. The site was built with experts – marine biologists, educators, animation experts, etc. Kids enjoy many of the features of other virtual worlds such as chat, buddies, gifting.

Sharon saw her own kids on other VW sites and saw how entranced they are. While she doesn’t mind them being there, she thought that they could be learning something while there as well.

Surveys of kids said that many of them had very bleak views of the future, and a third of them didn’t think they would be able to become adults in the world in the same state that it is in now. Sharon has people working for her organization in the US and Phillipines, and kids all over the world are using the site.

Habitat Heroes also did a campaign in the past which gave kids a voice in lead up to Copenhagen, Habitat heroes doesn’t just preach to kids, but tries to empower them to actually make a difference in the world by giving them a voice.

HabitatHero: Feel free to contact me directly and to check out our site,,

Announcement summary:

Second Life Community Convention 2011 is being held august 12-14 in Oakland and is calling for community proposals. Please use the following link to submit proposals.

Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): first an announcement: if you can’t get enough of me, I’m doing a webinar on Community and Volunteer Management for TechSoup next week – It’s tuesday July 21, starting at 1pm PST

United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities! Page shared the positive impact of her org. and the number of people affected daily at our NPC mtg. Go to

Written by: HydraShaftoe