Come Hang with Friends at the Tuesday Night Wharf Ratz Dance Party

Partying with NPC people at Wharf Ratz

We realize that some of you might only visit the Nonprofit Commons during the Friday morning get togethers.  This is great, and we really appreciate your attendance.  But did you know that every Tuesday night from 8-10pm SLT / PST there is a fun and friendly dance party hosted by our own Coughran Mayo called “Wharf Ratz“?

Every Tuesday evening, you can gather with a festive and silly group of nonprofit folks and others on the Aloft sim at this teleport link.  Coughran (a longtime NPC member for his group Preferred Family Healthcare) spins and electric mix of rock, pop, disco and whatever else comes into his imagination.  And he is always happy to take requests.

If you have never been to a virtual dance party before, it’s a lot more fun than it might appear. Being able to see your avatar getting down while also chatting in the text chat with nice folks is a sweet way to end the work day.  So find those dancing shoes in your inventory and teleport on over to Wharf Ratz!

Written by: rikomatic