Summary of 7/29/2011 NPC meeting

Feel free to pay your respects for the terror attack in norway at

New Linden Lab user profiles available at

Buffy Beale is leading up the 4 year mentor celebration. Everyone who has an office at NPC is asked to contribute.

The speaker today was Brennan Blaylock from AAUW . AAUW is one of the few women’s organizations that iss bipartism and has a member in every congressional district in the U.S. It has a very powerful voice on Capitol Hill. AAUW also provides 4 million a year in fellowships and grants. It also has over 1,000 chapters in the US and over 500 college/university partners. As AAUW celebrate its 130th anniversary it invites everyone to join us that has at least an associates degree. Students are also welcome.

AAUW wanted to reach out to SL folks. They are just staffing up and plan to have more activites in the coming year. AAUW also has a research initiative involving SL that was well-received and covers issues of gender equality. The AAUW virtual community will be starting again in August, offering three workshops.

The SL events show people how to hold small events and give them a sense of confidence about them. Instructions on how to attend these workshops are on the events page:

This year’s SLCC schedule has been posted, and you can invite friends to attend at a discount at

A new virtual world for middle school girls is setting up in OpenSim. more info at

Written by: HydraShaftoe