About the Avatar Charitable Trust

Lillie of Avatar Charitable Trust at NPC

Last Friday, September 30, 2011, we got introduced to the Avatar Charitable Trust, a new initiative to fund various arts, humanitarian, educational and general welfare causes in Second Life and the real world.  Ms. Lillie Radek , operations director at the Trust, was kind of enough to drop by and tell us about their work.

Read on for more information about the Trust….


A Foundation in Second Life for the purpose of:

(1) raise funds to be used to financially promote charitible endeavors for the arts, humanitarianism, education, and the general welfare of avatars in Second Life and people in real life,

(2) promote goodwill, personal fulfillment, and enjoyment among those in the Second Life community,

(3) promote non political, non sectarian, non discriminatory, and non violent causes for the good of us all, and

(4) improve the standard of our lives in the virtual world of Second Life.

If you would like to make a donation to the Trust, you may do so by (1) paying our Treasurer, Banks Copperfield, directly, or (2) giving directly to any of the Avatar Charitable Trust kiosks placed throughout Second Life. Kiosks are also located in our art gallery located in the Eclipse Arts Complex .

If you have questions about the Trust, or would like to apply for a grant from the Trust, contact our Executive Director, Chuk Edman, or our Operations Director, Lillie Radek Edman. Any of our board members would also be happy to help – Leslie Ekstein – Chairperson, Penny Althouse, and Frey Bravin.

To partner with us in the work we do, we invite you to become a member of our group. Please contact Chuk Edman or Lillie Radek Edman, or search for “Avatar Charitable Trust” in Groups.

See the AVENUE Magazine article about them in the  June 2011 issue at this link http://avenuemagazine.blogspot.com/search/label/Chuk%20Edman

Written by: rikomatic