New Ways Virtual Counseling at Nonprofit Commons Friday October 28

On Friday October 28, at 8:30am PDT, we will be joined at the Nonprofit Commons by RJ Muni, a licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing in both the real world and in Second Life. We will talk with him about the New Ways Counseling in Second Life, and how it helps people with various psychological issues in both their “real” and “virtual” lives, and where those intersect. It should be a very interesting discussion on the therapeutic uses of virtual worlds.

Here’s how RJ Muni describes his practice:

In Second Life I’m known as RJ Muni, owner of the Sunshine Therapy Garden. In Real Life I’m a licensed psycho/hypnotherapist in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When I first learned about SL, about 5 year ago, I was immediately interested from a professional perspective. How does a virtual world affect people? What tells the representation in SL about the RL person? How can a virtual world help to make people feel better? The Sunshine Therapy Garden offers an environment to make people feel better. It has personal activies, group activities and one on one counseling. The garden is my personal initiative. No fees are asked for garden activities or counsellng. The cost of operation is partly covered by donations.

Read this 2009 interview  with RJ in the Alphaville Herald for some background.

That’s this Friday, from 8:30am PDT, at the Plush Nonprofit Commons amphitheater See you then!

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Written by: rikomatic