Attend Tech Museum Conference on Interactive Tech on November 15 in San Jose or Virtually

The Tech Museum Virtual

The Tech Museum announces that they are organizing a conference on the latest interactive technologies on Tuesday, November 15 called “The Tech Test Zone: Interfaces for the New Decade.” The event will bring together “the most innovative developers of new interactive technologies” in The Tech Museum’s newest gallery. Learn about and demo cutting-edge interfaces such as:

  • Techtestzone nov11Augmented Reality
  • Deformable Surfaces
  • Eye Tracking
  • Gestural Interfaces
  • Gigapixel Images
  • Motion Sensing
  • Multi-touch
  • Natural User Interfaces
  • RFID
  • Smart Museum Systems
  • Tablet Computers
  • Ubiquitous Media

You can attend in person at their San Jose, California location or virtually via a number of different web-based and virtual platforms:

To register head to their registration portal today, since space is limited.  In-person registration is $125 and virtual participation is free.

Written by: rikomatic