Join Global Kids’ Youth-run Talk Show on Sustainability on January 13

Daria at Global Kids sents out an invitation to join a group of teen leaders in Second Life who are creating their own talk show in environmental sustainability issues on Friday January 13. “Let’s Talk Sustainability” supports teens to develop expertise regarding sustainability, online broadcasting, and virtual world construction. Global Kids youth in New York City combined this expertise to produce talk shows that will feature interviews with STEM-related professionals, pre-produced videos, and audience activities. Each show is designed to introduce audiences to what they can do to live in a more sustainable world. 
The next and last two shows of this season: 
  • 5pm ET Climate Change – What is the science of climate change?  Are there solutions to climate change that we can take action on now, or is it too late?
  • 5:30pm ET Electronic Waste – What is e-waste and why is it the United States’ biggest export?  What are the global consequences of e-waste, particularly for developing countries?

To be a part of the audience, head to the New Media Consortium Convention Center at this teleport link.  And before you go, fill out this form  

Written by: rikomatic