NPC Goes Green for Earth Day – Featuring Namaara MacMoragh

As you may have heard, last Sunday, April 22 was Earth Day. From Tokyo, Japan to New York City, New York, communities and environmental activists everywhere stood united in their collective efforts to restore the planet to a respectable shade of green. As part of many Earth Day celebrations, the Nonprofit Commons welcomed Namaara MacMoragh, owner of the Etopia Eco-Community in Second Life, to celebrate sustainable living, promote conservation, discuss energy alternatives, and other important ways to preserve our natural resources using Second Life.

Since 2007, Namaara has used Etopia as a way to not only showcase how we can live more sustainably through virtual worlds, but also as a place to contribute your own ideas about how to actualize a more sustainable planet and future. For example, Etopia welcomes environmentalists, educators, nonprofits, and others,” explained Namaara, “to share their message and engage in sustainable community building.” Among those in the Etopia community are organizations like Options Senegal, an organization dedicated to the technical training, product supply, support, and customer service for Ecolign Economic Interest Groups in Senegal.

Etopia is not only educational, but fun as well,” noted Namaara. “We really are about community and showcasing the work our residents and friends are doing in the real world that impact not only the environment, but our work and our lives.”

You can even get in on all of the eco-friendly fun yourself! “Ride the gondola. Catch the tram from your apartment at Bayview Co-Housing to your shop at Etopia Plaza. Join friends for coffee at Tsidel’s. Bike our trails, sail our waterways or take a tai chi class on the beach. You’ll find agriculture, recreation, and wild lands in addition to homes, shops, offices, and educational venues scattered throughout our community.”

Visit Etopia in Second Life to experience eco-friendly alternatives to design, architecture, farming, and just great all-around eco-living.


Written by: alebez