Transcript of the February 1st NPC Meeting featuring Carl Icann and Kevin Feenan

[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Welcome everyone to this week’s Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting!
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is sponsored by TechSoup Global and is a program of the TechSoup Global Community & Social Media team
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: TODAY’S AGENDA
 • 8:30 am Introductions
 • 8:40 am TechSoup Announcements
 • 8:45 am Mentors Central: Gentle Heron
 • 8:55 am Cyber Security Essentials for Nonprofits
 • 9:25 am Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Update
 • 9:40 am Open Mic / Announcements
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: First a few links to start off the meeting. 
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[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Happy Friday everyone, let’s start off with Introductions!
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Please state your real name, location, org, and the ways we can find you online.
And if you are new to NonProfit Commons, how you found about today’s meeting.
[08:35] HB Eternal: Harold W Becker, The Love Foundation, Florida, @lovefoundation
[08:35] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, Bridges for Women, Victoria BC Canada, @bridges4women
[08:36] JT Christos: John Goltz, The Love Foundation, Florida,, @jtgoltz
[08:36] Ronnie Rhode: Denise Harrison, The Garden for the Missing featuring missing persons: and SLURL Remora (203,148,21), Project Jason, assistance for families of the missing,
[08:36] Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Los Angeles, CA Health Care and Human Rights
[08:36] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc.
[08:36] Buffy Beale: lol HB
[08:36] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Sequim Humanities and Arts Alliance and Peninsula College, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. @renneemiko
[08:36] alebez: Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup Global, SF, Ca. @TechSoup, @alebez
[08:36] Keko Heckroth: Keko Heckroth, technical training, adult ed
[08:36] Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Healthcare, Kirksville, MIssouri,, @brenabenoir
[08:36] Coughran Mayo: Dick Dillon, Innovaision, LLC St. Louis MO @innovaision
[08:36] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Bruce Hestley, Transgender American Veterans Association, Akron, OH,,!/TAVAUS
[08:36] Chayenn: Monique Richert, Protect Yourself 1, Inc. Baltimore MD,,, @PY1US
[08:36] Glitteractica Cookie: Susan Tenby, TechSOup and Caravan Studios, San Francisco, CA USA @suzboop @techsoup @caravanstudios @npsl
[08:36] Beth Ghostraven: Beth O’Connell, middle school librarian in RL and pub owner in Caledon Victoria City in SL
[08:37] Ozma Malibu: Sandra Andrews, Floaters Org Tech Outreach & Floaters Gallery, Arizona, Mexico & On the Road, @ozma
[08:37] Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter, The Museum Collective
[08:37] Pathfinder Lester: John Lester, Montreal,
[08:37] Frans Charming: Jeroen Frans, Amsterdam
[08:37] Tori Landau: Patricia Dean, volunteer event coordinator for the Open University’s campus, Deep Think and volunteer owner of the Moonstone region, currently still International Schools Islands.
[08:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir is Joyce Bettencourt, community manager for Tech Soup’s NonProfit Commons in Second Life community (,, @rhiannonSL, and in the Boston MA area
[08:38] Glitteractica Cookie: Wow, really international crowd. 5 countries represented?
[08:38] CallieDel Boa: Fantastic!
[08:38] Rhiannon Chatnoir: any other introductions for today?
[08:38] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Carl Icann (, Humane Educator at Rockcliffe University
[08:39] Oronoque Westland: Roberta Kilkenny, Hunter College, City University of New York
[08:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: hello again Bia, if you want to introduce yourself too
[08:39] Ethelred Weatherwax: I represent the entire world!
[08:39] Gentle Heron: YAY Ethelred!
[08:39] Zinnia Zauber: Rah! E!
[08:39] Buffy Beale: lol Eth you rock
[08:40] Ethelred Weatherwax: Yah – rocks in my head…
[08:40] Buffy Beale: 🙂
[08:40] CallieDel Boa laughs
[08:40] Buffy Beale: yay Jac!
[08:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if you just joined us, please still introduce yourself.
[08:40] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): hi jak
[08:41] CallieDel Boa: CallieDel Boa in training with Rockcliffe and Chair of Volunteers VWBPE 2013
[08:41] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): my name is Bia and i am a teacher librarian
[08:41] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): sorry for my english
[08:41] Buffy Beale: welcome Bia
[08:41] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): thanks 🙂
[08:42] Rhiannon Chatnoir: It is time for TechSoup Announcements!
[08:42] Zinnia Zauber: Great Callie!
[08:42] Rhiannon Chatnoir: For today, Glitteractica will be leading that, when you are ready Glitter 🙂
[08:42] CallieDel Boa: Thanks 😀
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: Ale- you can give the first update, on bulklak’s behalf
[08:43] alebez: Sure thing!
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: then I’ll do win 8 update
[08:43] alebez: Hello everyone, good day.
[08:43] Glitteractica Cookie: good day
[08:43] Buffy Beale: yay Ale
[08:44] alebez: And now with some updates
[08:44] alebez: Recently, TechSoup hosted NTEN’s #CommBuild tweet chat with special guest Richard Millington of FeverBee to talk about community segmentation
[08:44] alebez: It was a good turn out and some great discussion on Twitter.
[08:45] alebez: Here is the recap:
[08:46] alebez: Also hot in the TechSoup universe and beyond is the latest version of Microsoft Office is available at TechSoup for eligible nonprofits, libraries, foundations, and charities.
[08:46] alebez: I use office everyday of my life, so I’m excited. 🙂
[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie: Don’t forget we are helping Microsoft get the word out for their Windows 8 apps for social benefit contest. There is $40,000 USD to be won. Deadline is Feb 28th.Windows 8 Apps for Social Good contest. Link is:
[08:46] Glitteractica Cookie: All apps that are in the windows catalog are eligible
[08:47] Glitteractica Cookie: Windows apps only and entries must be from the USA fo rthis contest, sorry to our non-US app developers on this one
[08:47] Glitteractica Cookie: If you have already built a Win8 and you can ake it fit the crieria you could win big money.
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: Please help us spread the word, if you have app developers in yr midst
[08:48] Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks and if you have any questions about the contest, do not hesitate to let us know
[08:49] Rhiannon Chatnoir: there are also some great helpers for building your own Win8 app:
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: also, we have a wiki to help folks find civic data for issues that may be included in the apps. go to and feel free to edit this wiki and let us know if we missed the mark on any issue area data or information, and if there are links that should have been included
[08:49] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks all
[08:50] Buffy Beale: thanks Glitter and Ale
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: OK, over and out
[08:50] CallieDel Boa: Thank you.
[08:50] Sarvana Haalan: Sally S. Cherry, MT(ASCP), Baltimore – RavensNation, Http://,
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: Just out of curiosity, is anyone here interested in building an app for the contest?
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: no app developers in our midst?
[08:50] Glitteractica Cookie: ok, well if not, please help us spread the word.
[08:51] Rhiannon Chatnoir: there is definitely a need for more social good apps on the windows marketplace
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: yes
[08:51] Sarvana Haalan: ok
[08:51] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): FYI I am announcing your Windows 8 contest in my new article on educational gaming…… will appear very soon in Virtual Education Journal
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: Fantastic carl!
[08:51] CallieDel Boa: I will pass it on to Warner march, we’re trying to reestablish the in NPC
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: Please email me a link when you do..
[08:51] CallieDel Boa: March*
[08:51] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks Callie!
[08:52] Dancers Yao: yes we are…trying
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Thank you Glitteractica!
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Let’s move on to Mentor’s Central
[08:52] Dancers Yao: Elder Voices wants to build an Online Caregiver app for people who are homebound
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Today for Mentor Central we have Gentle Heron!
[08:52] CallieDel Boa applauds
[08:52] Gentle Heron: Good morning friends. I call this little presentation a listing of negative resolutions. I should probably have shared it in January, but you know how it goes….. Can everyone see the slides? They are part of the fun!
[08:53] Rhiannon Chatnoir: that would rock Dancers
[08:53] Zinnia Zauber: Rah Gentle!
[08:53] Gentle Heron: I Promise Not To … 
[08:53] Gentle Heron: Slide 1
[08:53] Gentle Heron: Lots of people have self-improvement goals. Things they promise they will do, or try to do.
[08:53] Buffy Beale: yayy Gentle
[08:53] Dancers Yao: Yay Gentle….claps
[08:53] Gentle Heron: But some of us have annoying habits that we should be promising NOT to do. Here are some of my personal favorites.
[08:53] Gentle Heron: Not that any of these are *my* bad habits, you understand!
[08:54] Gentle Heron: Slide 2
[08:54] Namaara MacMoragh: yay Gentle!
[08:54] Buffy Beale: haha
[08:54] Gentle Heron: Any time someone is putting down one of their colleagues in your presence, you can’t help but wonder what they say about you when you are not there.
[08:54] Namaara MacMoragh: lol
[08:54] Beth Ghostraven: Will this slideshow be available later?
[08:54] Gentle Heron: I can give you a copy, Beth. On a PresoMatic anSpeakEasy
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Slide 3
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Before you start talking at a meeting, or on a conference call, think whether what you have to say will add value to the discussion.
[08:55] CallieDel Boa: Gentle if I may have a copy as well, I would appreciate it.
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Sure, please IM me and I’ll pass them to you when I’ve finished.
[08:55] CallieDel Boa nods
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Slide 4
[08:55] Gentle Heron: Paperwork is inevitable. 
[08:55] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): me too, please
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Accept it, and move on.
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Enough said about paperwork!
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Slide 5
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Emails take up enough of everyone’s day. 
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Don’t add to the burden by sending trivial messages.
[08:56] Gentle Heron: You know who you are!!!!!
[08:56] Zinnia Zauber: lol
[08:56] Beth Ghostraven blushes
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Slide 6
[08:56] Gentle Heron: Another way to say this is “don’t tickle the dragon’s tail.” 
[08:57] Gentle Heron: Why annoy someone and stir up trouble?
[08:57] Gentle Heron: Slide 7
[08:57] Gentle Heron: This is probably the trickiest one on this list. 
[08:57] Gentle Heron: Sometime it would be much simpler just to go over there and do it for the person asking for help. 
[08:57] Gentle Heron: But… usually the long-term results will be better if you offer help by teaching them how to accomplish it on their own.
[08:57] CallieDel Boa nods
[08:57] Gentle Heron: Slide 8
[08:58] Gentle Heron: People have many varied reasons for their tech preferences. 
[08:58] Gentle Heron: In the long run, it matters little. 
[08:58] Gentle Heron: Enjoy your own choice, and let others make their own decisions.
[08:58] Gentle Heron: Slide 9
[08:58] Gentle Heron: Are you the person who brings leftover Halloween candy to the Thanksgiving potluck? 
[08:58] Gentle Heron knows folks who do this!
[08:58] Gentle Heron: Sometimes just a little extra effort will reap many appreciative thanks. Be creative, instead of chintzy.
[08:59] Zinnia Zauber: More fresh cupcakes!
[08:59] Gentle Heron: Slide 10
[08:59] Gentle Heron: Be honest with yourself and others. 
[08:59] Gentle Heron: It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than vice versa.
[08:59] Gentle Heron: Those are my top ten. What are yours?
[08:59] Sarvana Haalan: 🙂
[08:59] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): 🙂
[09:00] Zinnia Zauber: Great, Gentle!
[09:00] CallieDel Boa: I’d say to the last one, if I don’tknow the answer I usually know someone who does.
[09:00] Gentle Heron: That’s a great idea Callie.
[09:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great
[09:00] Gentle Heron: We should all practice saying that.
[09:00] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): that is important too
[09:01] Rhiannon Chatnoir: thank you Gentle
[09:01] CallieDel Boa: Yes thank you.
[09:01] Zinnia Zauber: I try not to use “should” when giving advice.
[09:01] Gentle Heron: I should do that more often too, Zinnia!
[09:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lol
[09:02] Zinnia Zauber: 🙂
[09:02] CallieDel Boa: Good point
[09:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[09:02] Frans Charming: lol, ‘left over’ candy. Not in my house.
[09:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Let’s move on to our featured part of the meeting – again thank you Gentle
[09:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so Today we have a double feature!
[09:02] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Gentle!!!
[09:03] Rhiannon Chatnoir: First a mini-course on “Cyber Security Essentials for Nonprofits”, presented by Carl Icann (Carl Solutionary) and then, Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal) who will be giving us an update on this year’s upcoming VWBPE 2013 conference.
[09:03] CallieDel Boa: Yayyy!!!!
[09:03] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Let’s begin with the Mini-Course: Cyber Security Essentials for Nonprofits.
This mini-course teaches essentials that every small enterprise can use to dramatically reduce their cyber-security vulnerabilities with respect to increasingly pernicious Internet threats. The course covers essential concepts & techniques including: anti-malware, security alerts/updates, end-user training, and basic security administration.
[09:03] Buffy Beale: Cheering!
[09:03] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Bio: Carl Icann (Carl Solutionary) is a Humane Educator with computer security experience in real life. Carl teaches for Rockcliffe University and conducts Humane Education events for Etopia, the sustainability education community in Second Life. Visit Carl’s social benefits education resources at
[09:03] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Welcome Carl and start when you are ready!
[09:03] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Thank You Rhiannon!
[09:03] Gentle Heron: YAY Carl.
[09:03] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): And thanks to everyone who’s wearing their cyber hover tags! You Rock!
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Hello. I am from Rockcliffe University here in SL… My website with free facilitation guides is
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: I passed out a “Cyber Awareness” hover tag… please check the TechSoup group notices… you can wear it.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Small enterprises, such as most nonprofits, are especially vulnerable to malware threats.
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: Rah Carl!
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Because you are small, you probably don’t have cyber security experts on staff.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Adopting essential cyber security practices can reduce your vulnerabilities dramatically..
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Why are our systems and networks vulnerable to cyber attack?
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Our nonprofits are on the Internet and exposed to numerous threats.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: A typical unprotected system will only survive 4 minutes browsing the Internet before it is attacked.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Weaknesses in our systems, our software, and our end user’s cyber awareness can make us very vulnerable to attack.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: So, I’ve pulled together some essential advice for you… selecting the most feasible and effective from professional best practices for organizations of all sizes.
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:04] Carl Solutionary: Today, we will assume Windows systems to keep this simple, but Macs have similar capabilities.
[09:05] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): IM me if you need this redone for Macs
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: IM me and I can make a notecard available for Macs.
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: Here are some essential steps for nonprofits to harden their enterprises:
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: #1. Anti-malware protection
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: Install Anti-Virus and enable Windows Firewall at a minimum
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: Make sure virus definitions are up to date, use auto-update, and check later to make sure auto-update is working
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: Anti-Virus packages: McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro have safe Internet browsing filters for “Drive By Malware” = attacks from a web page or advertisement
[09:05] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Drive By Malware is growing exponentially
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: .   
[09:05] Carl Solutionary: #2. Update operating systems regularly
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: Use auto-update OR…Start > Programs > Windows Update – Check this regularly!
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: Normally, Windows only auto-updates on PATCH TUESDAYS, the 1st Tuesday of every month.
[09:06] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Microsoft pushed an unscheduled update today… check this today!
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: Note that Internet attacks always increase right after Patch Tuesday; on CYBER ATTACK WEDSnesday….
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: Attackers prey on un-patched systems by exploiting the new announced vulnerabilities.
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:06] Carl Solutionary: 3. Update applications regularly
[09:07] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): this is one of your biggest vulnerabilities!
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: Most applications will auto-update (or notify end users to update), but it’s worth making sure they do.
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: Microsoft Office applications are updated along with Windows on Patch Tuesday.
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: For non-Microsoft  applications, check the Help menu or reinstall the newest version.
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: For example: Adobe Acrobat (Help > Check for Updates)… QuickTime/iTunes (Start > Programs > Apple Software Update),… JAVA (install newest version from, etc.
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: If you need more help just google your question, e.g. update java
[09:07] Carl Solutionary: There is abundant online help for most questions and problems.
[09:08] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): last resort… IM me!
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: 4. Change default passwords – an amazing range of software and IT devices have default passwords
[09:08] Rhiannon Chatnoir: 🙂
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: Check for Default Passwords Here:
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: On Operating Systems – Disable default user accounts
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: Databases have default administrator accounts: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: Many networked applications have default passwords, e.g. point of sale systems — Call vendor technical support.
[09:08] Carl Solutionary: Networking devices have defaults: routers, firewalls, wireless access points (WAPs), telephone switches
[09:08] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): this is one area where small businesses make a lot of mistakes… default passwords
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: .     
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: 5. Educate your end users, 
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: There are many good on-line web resources for educating your end-users. For example, this free course:
[09:09] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): I’ve take about a dozen of those courses.. that link is awesome… train up ALL your end users.. with that!
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: Quick QUIZ… Suppose you are browsing the Internet and you get a popup that says: “Your system is infected! Get Free Anti-Virus!” 
[09:09] Carl Solutionary: OR the popup says “Federal Bureau of Investigation: Your system is being used for illegal activities!”
[09:09] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): anyone? Anyone:?
[09:10] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Buehler?
[09:10] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Doin’t even think of opening it
[09:10] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): exactly!
[09:10] Zinnia Zauber: hehe
[09:10] Carl Solutionary: What should you do?
[09:10] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:10] Carl Solutionary: Both of those popups are classic malware advertisements; Do not click on the popup; instead close your browser from the task bar.
[09:10] Carl Solutionary: These popups are classic examples of Drive-By-Malware; but there are more malicious types which auto-run..
[09:10] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): These are also called Malvertisements
[09:10] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): and they appear on the biggest legit websites too…
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: Highly Recommended: Use Mozilla Firefox Internet browser… it has built-in Google Safe Browsing Filter (a blacklist of malware web sites)
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: Mozilla Firefox also has a free No Script plug-in. For very safe browsing!
[09:11] Sarvana Haalan: I usually just close the pop-up
[09:11] Sarvana Haalan: 🙁
[09:11] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): this is a great free tool!…
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: Teach your end users to use Firefox with No Script.
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: Sometimes No Script gets in the way and I’ll use another browser on a trusted website (Check the URL!).
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:11] Carl Solutionary: 6.  Advanced Topics – RECOMMENDATIONS for your system administrator (or whoever performs those duties)
[09:11] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Some advanced advice for the technical person on your staff
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: Subscribe to government security alerts here
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: Backup your systems regularly, and test your backup restore procedure.
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: Consult professional guidelines for securing your web applications and databases:
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: To fill remaining security gaps, I recommend that you follow Payment Card Industry guidelines for ALL businesses and get a penetration test.
[09:12] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): I’ll say more about that
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: Now… it is possible to overdo this security stuff…  FOR EXAMPLE… some cyber fun!
[09:12] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): let’s play cyber!
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: You can block Internet spyware from tracking your users, stealing their browser data, and grabbing your system configurations… by replacing the “hosts” file, see
[09:12] Carl Solutionary: BUT if you follow those instructions, you “break” Second Life V2 Search… 
[09:13] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): rut ro… broke SL!
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: TO REPAIR Second Life… Be sure to unblock the google URLs in the “hosts” file, more info:
[09:13] CallieDel Boa shrugs
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: In CONCLUSION, we covered some essential steps you can take to make your nonprofit more secure.
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 1. Install and auto-update anti-malware protection
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 2. Update systems and software applications on PATCH TUESDAY,,, 1st Tuesday Monthly
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 3. Do not be caught un-patched on Cyber Attack Wednesday… 1st Weds Monthly
[09:13] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): that’s the key message!
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 4. Change default passwords
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 4. Educate your end users
[09:13] CallieDel Boa hopes this will be transcribed.
[09:13] Carl Solutionary: 6. Make your system administration security conscious
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: For more information, I recommend this website:
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:14] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): this is a great website.. very concise 1 page advice for all types of computer users and business people
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: Thank you Rhiannon for inviting me to share
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: and everyone for listening to my advice.
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: Of course, feel free to friend me and IM any time with questions.
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: .
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: NOW LET’s OPEN THE FLOOR FOR QUESTIONS…
[09:14] Carl Solutionary: A question I get asked often is “What is a Penetration Test?” … A good answer on the Internet:
[09:15] Carl Solutionary: Basically, all businesses that accept credit cards are required to have this test done, so it’s a commodity service.
[09:15] Lenni Foxtrot: I wrote advice on 6 post it notes…ty
[09:15] Carl Solutionary: The Penetration Testers will find outstanding gaps in your security and give you professional advice on how to harden your systems.
[09:15] Frans Charming applauds
[09:15] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): yes Lenni.. .put those notes next to the one with your password lol
[09:15] Lenni Foxtrot: will do carl…
[09:16] Beth Ghostraven: I’m planning to copy this chat to a Google Doc so everyone can read it later; does anyone object?
[09:16] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Thank you everyone.. .if there are no further questions… ummm
[09:16] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): eu gostava muito
[09:16] Avatarzinha Resident: I liked
[09:16] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): no problem.. these minutes are posted on too I ‘believe
[09:16] Beth Ghostraven: Yay, Bia! Your translator works!
[09:16] Lenni Foxtrot: eek gads, I wont say another thing then, horrors, anyone want popcorn?
[09:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, we have some time for questions
[09:16] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): sim 🙂
[09:16] Avatarzinha Resident: yes 🙂
[09:16] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Thanks everyone.. Be Secure.. and remember TUESDAY is Patch Tuesday!
[09:17] CallieDel Boa: Tyhank you Carl
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Car!
[09:17] Gentle Heron: Thanks Carl. Lots of good info in a small package!
[09:17] CallieDel Boa: Thank*
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: Carl!
[09:17] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): Thanks 🙂
[09:17] HB Eternal: Great info Carl
[09:17] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, thank you Carl
[09:17] Namaara MacMoragh: great info Carl
[09:17] Buffy Beale: That was great Carl thanks!
[09:18] Lenni Foxtrot: this makes me want to date Carl…
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: now time for the second part of our double feature
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: 🙂
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Now, let’s move on to an update on VWBPE 2013
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Originally started as a grassroots educational conference, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference brings together over 2000 educators, researchers, and institutional professional from around the world to discuss issues facing education and how virtual technologies can best be applied to solving these dilemmas. The conference is run as an open source conference and is free for anyone to attend.
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Kevin Feenan, also known as Phelan Corrimal in Second Life, is the President of Rockcliffe University Consortium and one of the Executive Directors of the VWBPE Conference.
[09:18] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Phelan whenever you are ready 🙂
[09:18] Gentle Heron: YAY Phelan! Thanks for coming to update us today.
[09:18] CallieDel Boa cheers!
[09:18] Phelan Corrimal: Hi ya all
[09:18] CallieDel Boa: Hi Phelan
[09:19] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Hiya Phelan! Welcome!
[09:19] Buffy Beale: waves and sends hugs to Phelan 🙂
[09:19] Phelan Corrimal: I don’t have anything pre-written so please bear with me 🙂
[09:19] Glitteractica Cookie: @beth Ghostraven you should just blog it for us on Talk to Rhiannon. We love volunteers!
[09:19] Phelan Corrimal: VWBPE is happening this year – although we have gotten off to a slow start
[09:19] CallieDel Boa: Yes Glitter we sure do – Second to None Volunteers!
[09:19] Phelan Corrimal: As in previous years we are looking to broaded the horizons of where the conference is going and as part of that we are trying a different time slot for the conference
[09:20] Phelan Corrimal: The dates will probably be finalized by the end of this weekend but currently we are looking at mid-July for the conference compared to March which is when the conference had run in previous years
[09:21] Phelan Corrimal: Part of that is due to the slow start and part is because we have had a few comments that march break is not always best for everyone
[09:21] Coughran Mayo: July is good
[09:21] Phelan Corrimal: We have already started to pull the organizational committee together and I can let you know a few of the people who are on it for this year so far
[09:21] Phelan Corrimal: Executive: Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal), Bill Krebs (AgileBill Firehawk), Leticia De Leon (Letty Luckstone)
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: Logistics: Kevin Feenan (Phelan Corrimal)
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: Programs: Leticia De Leon (Letty Luckstone), Nia Marquis
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: Volunteers: CallieDel Boa
[09:22] CallieDel Boa: 😀
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: Communications: LoriVonne
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: Information Technology: Timm Short, Dirk McKeenan
[09:22] Phelan Corrimal: We are still looking for vice chairs for a number of the sub-committees so if you know anyone interested please let me know
[09:23] Shamblesguru (shamblesguru.voom): Is news stil be published on or should we be looking elsewhere to be kept up-2-date?
[09:23] Phelan Corrimal: Also we are still looking for a Social Chair and a Sponsorship Chair – those positions haven’t been filled for this year yet
[09:23] Buffy Beale: it’s a lot of fun volunteering they’re such a great group of people
[09:23] Phelan Corrimal: Information will probably hit facebook first – and then twitter after
[09:23] Phelan Corrimal: We are going to be doing a few new things for this year
[09:23] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): qual é o facebook?
[09:23] Avatarzinha Resident: what is facebook?
[09:23] Phelan Corrimal: The website is getting a complete overhaul
[09:24] CallieDel Boa: 🙂
[09:24] Phelan Corrimal: We will be introducing a mobile app for people to keep in touch on the conference
[09:24] Phelan Corrimal: We will also be expanding to other Virtual Worlds beyond Second Life
[09:24] CallieDel Boa: Yes!
[09:24] Gentle Heron: ambitious!
[09:24] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): muito bem
[09:24] Avatarzinha Resident: “very good”,[[“adverb”,”very well”,”very good”,”highly”]]
[09:24] Phelan Corrimal: In the past our VW explorations have been limited to “virtual tours”
[09:25] CallieDel Boa: Hi Bevan *waves*
[09:25] Phelan Corrimal: We feel however that several platforms have gotten to the stage where we can move part of our program to those venues including opensim and unity
[09:25] Coughran Mayo: I have a place in Unity that you could use!!!!
[09:25] Phelan Corrimal: So this will be our first foray (sp?) into trying to run a conference in multiple grids
[09:25] Phelan Corrimal: sweet 🙂
[09:25] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): vou divulgar na comunidade virtual portuguesa
[09:25] Avatarzinha Resident: I will disclose in the virtual community Portuguese
[09:25] Darkeagle Darkstone: hi Bevan
[09:25] CallieDel Boa: Open Sim is looking great!
[09:26] Phelan Corrimal: If we get people willing to put on a portugese track then yes
[09:26] Bevan Whitfield: Hi Dark, hi all
[09:26] Buffy Beale: Hugs Bevy 🙂
[09:26] Phelan Corrimal: The programs committee is going to be re-consituting the Internationals working group so that we can continue to encourage people from all over the world to participate
[09:27] Bevan Whitfield: hey BB! 🙂
[09:27] Buffy Beale: 🙂
[09:27] Phelan Corrimal: not just english speakers
[09:27] Phelan Corrimal: The first major pieces of the conference will likely be annouced mid to late february including the call for proposals and a follow-up call for volunteers to help with working groups that we need to get started shortly
[09:28] Phelan Corrimal: Beyond that I don’t have a lot in the way of additional details but did want to get word out that VWBPE13 is happening this year and not to fret – information is coming soon
[09:29] Oronoque Westland: though a challenge I think the expansion into the grids etc. is critical since so many educators have reduced their presence in SL
[09:29] Phelan Corrimal: If anyone has any questions they want to ask ..
[09:29] Rhiannon Chatnoir: for those who have never attended VWBPE, anything they should know or how might our community help/take part Phelan
[09:29] Phelan Corrimal: exactly – we have gone from a very strong social presence to a very fractured one – part of what we are looking to do is help rebuilt those connections
[09:30] Phelan Corrimal: Oh shoot – My apologies – Theme for the conference 🙂
[09:30] CallieDel Boa: I’m hoping last years attendes from OS will help out with volunteering
[09:30] Phelan Corrimal: This year’s theme is “Beyond the Stage” – we are looking to encourage presentations that focus on ….
[09:30] CallieDel Boa: atendees*
[09:30] Lenni Foxtrot: can an average avie like me help somehow..I certainly don’t rez well..but I can chat 🙂
[09:31] Phelan Corrimal: The way in which virtual worlds are connected and present a single social front to students and learners and how people are engaged as a result
[09:31] Rhiannon Chatnoir: i like the “I don’t rez well’
[09:31] CallieDel Boa: Phelan, how does “Beyond The Stage” translate? As I’ll be gathering gifts?
[09:31] Phelan Corrimal: hehe
[09:31] Bevan Whitfield: lol I like that too 🙂
[09:31] Phelan Corrimal: If you think of education as performance art —-
[09:31] Gentle Heron: intriguing concept
[09:32] Rhiannon Chatnoir: …or non-profits as storytelling 😉
[09:32] CallieDel Boa: I like that, right up my alley
[09:32] Phelan Corrimal: when we teach – we are in a way creating an environment which is part peer-to-peer and part performance
[09:32] Beth Ghostraven: Education is definltely performance art!
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: I am so excited for this!
[09:32] CallieDel Boa: I am too Zinnia
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: Engagement!
[09:33] Oronoque Westland: yes, we must think in terms of theater in the round
[09:33] Oronoque Westland: Forum Theatre
[09:33] Lenni Foxtrot: God, i got stories to tell..what kind we talking about here?
[09:33] Oronoque Westland: Image Theatre
[09:33] Phelan Corrimal: So how do people build in the various virtual components we have to work with in order to set the stage, warm up the crowd and wow them with our performance such that they are encouraged to go out and “be epic”
[09:33] Oronoque Westland: Baol
[09:34] CallieDel Boa: We/they can do that!
[09:34] CallieDel Boa: you*
[09:34] Phelan Corrimal: We’ll be tying almost all the themes together from the past four years as part of this year’s conference so look for more on that as we get the new website launched
[09:34] Darkeagle Darkstone: The hard part is not losing the content in the process
[09:34] CallieDel Boa: I think “backstage” means we won’t
[09:34] Phelan Corrimal: that is the magic of being a star 🙂
[09:35] Phelan Corrimal: and how we encourage best practices to make every instructor a star in the minds of their students
[09:35] Phelan Corrimal: So I’m looking forward to the presentations that I’m sure we are going to get this year – this should be amazing
[09:36] Phelan Corrimal: any additional questions that I can answer at this time?
[09:36] Zinnia Zauber: I like to shine the spotlight on them.
[09:36] Beth Ghostraven: How can I add some more hours to my day without losing sleep? That’s my big question 🙂
[09:36] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lol
[09:36] CallieDel Boa: LOL, agreed.
[09:36] Phelan Corrimal: Ahhh – the eternal question we get every year
[09:36] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): lol, Beth
[09:37] Zinnia Zauber: Beth, sleep?
[09:37] Rhiannon Chatnoir: where might you see synergy from the non-profits here at NPC at this year’s VWBPE Phelan?
[09:37] Phelan Corrimal: Multiple computers and camtasia works best 😛
[09:37] Gentle Heron: Phelan wishes he knew the answer Beth
[09:37] Lenni Foxtrot: take a fat nap…somewhere mid day…
[09:37] Phelan Corrimal: Rhiannon – keep in mind that VWBPE doesn’
[09:37] Phelan Corrimal: t discriminate between formal academics and practical ones –
[09:38] Phelan Corrimal: Many of the roles that people play in non-profits are a form of teaching and guidance that can benefit both from some of what we have to offer in the way of presentaions and workshops — but also ….
[09:39] Phelan Corrimal: the academic community can benefit about learning the practical ways in which non-profits influence and guide behaviours as part of the vast arrays of services offered
[09:39] Phelan Corrimal: teaching never starts in the classroom – that is where it starts – once you get into the real world (i.e. out of the classroom) you are always learning
[09:40] Phelan Corrimal: So people shouldn’t feel that just because the don’t “teach” in the way that most people think about teaching – doens’t mean that they don’t have something to offer
[09:40] Gentle Heron: VWBPE is also about learning. That’s one more way to think about it.
[09:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: nod
[09:40] Phelan Corrimal: The day I stop learning – classroom or no – will probably be the day I’m put in a pine box
[09:41] CallieDel Boa: Ditto
[09:41] Rhiannon Chatnoir: all great points and would love to see more connection points between virtual communities
[09:41] Phelan Corrimal: Its about engagement – in all its forms – how we develop and transition knowledge.
[09:41] Lenni Foxtrot: nods…wow I like you people
[09:41] Phelan Corrimal: lol
[09:41] Phelan Corrimal: we don’t bite 🙂
[09:42] Darkeagle Darkstone: well some do
[09:42] Lenni Foxtrot: thats commitment, that is a great thing
[09:42] Angelique Ghostraven: Phelan, is there any discussion regarding virtual worlds being used for coaching? or is it beneath the umbrella of teaching in this conference?
[09:42] Carl Solutionary (carlicann): Phelan I think it’s important to mention that are are many many ways to be part of VWBPE’s program…. from keynotes to classes… sandboxes…. posters and poster-builds.. can all be proposed
[09:42] Phelan Corrimal: if there are no other questions I think my 15 minutes of fame is up 🙂
[09:42] Rhiannon Chatnoir: thank you Phelan.. good to see you virtually, or otherwise, as always
[09:42] CallieDel Boa applauds!
[09:43] Phelan Corrimal: Angelique – that is a big question – coaching is certianly part of the discussion
[09:43] Tori Landau: Many thank Phelan °͜°
[09:43] Phelan Corrimal: thanks for having here Rhiannon
[09:43] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lets all thank Phelan and Carl for double presenting today!
[09:43] CallieDel Boa: Thank you Phelan, sincerely.
[09:43] CallieDel Boa: sincerely*
[09:43] Gentle Heron: Thanks to both presenters. Good background information today.
[09:43] Bevan Whitfield: thank you Carl and Phelan
[09:43] Beth Ghostraven: Thank you!!!
[09:43] Zinnia Zauber: Great! Thank you Phelan!
[09:43] Tori Landau: /e double applauds
[09:43] CallieDel Boa: Yes Carl too and Gentle.
[09:44] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Carl!
[09:44] Lenni Foxtrot claps!
[09:44] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Let’s move on to Open Mic & Announcements!
[09:44] Dancers Yao: thanks…claps
[09:44] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Gentle!
[09:44] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, thank you Gentle.. great/informative as always 🙂
[09:44] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Does anyone have any announcements today?
[09:44] Gentle Heron waves BOTH hands for Open Mic… I have a lot of short announcements.
[09:44] Chayenn: Protect Yourself 1 (PY1) is having an open house on Feb 7th at the PY1 office on NonProfit Communs. The event is organized in support of the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the PY1 avatars team will present PY1’s programs and services, such as the Safe2Live HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention campaign targeting African American Youth. The event will be recorded in order to be showcase in Baltimore City Public Schools. We are inviting avatars to join the PY1 team on Feb. 7th at either 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. SL time.
[09:44] Buffy Beale: cheering, thanks Phelan
[09:45] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): obrigada a todos, gostei muito de conhecer esta comunidade
[09:45] Avatarzinha Resident: Thank you all, I really liked to know this community
[09:45] Tori Landau sticks up a hand too for announcements
[09:45] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): vou continuar a acompanhar
[09:45] Avatarzinha Resident: I will continue to monitor
[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: Yay Chayenn!
[09:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, good to meet you too Bia
[09:45] Chayenn: please join us
[09:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Gentle, go ahead
[09:45] Bia Dreamstime (avatarzinha): sim 🙂
[09:45] Avatarzinha Resident: yes 🙂
[09:45] Zinnia Zauber: hand up please
[09:46] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability has a busy schedule this coming week. Let me share a few topical highlights. Please IM me if you want more information, including landmarks and presenter biographies.
[09:46] Rhiannon Chatnoir: the, Tori, then Zinnia
[09:46] Gentle Heron: (short list now)
[09:46] Gentle Heron: FRIDAY (today) 1pm- I will present a mini lesson on “How To Ask Better Questions” (and that might be good for Mentor Central sometime)
[09:46] Gentle Heron: SATURDAY (tomorrow):
8am- a student researcher reports on her study of (dis)ability and identity in SL
[09:46] Gentle Heron: 10am- Ludo Merit invites us to learn the basics of Social Aikido (how to defuse SL drama)
[09:46] Gentle Heron: noon- Deaf Chat Coffee! (the only authorized virtual world venue)
[09:46] Gentle Heron: NEXT FRI (Feb 8) 11am- Saffia Widdershins tells “SL’s Little Secret” and muses about age distributions
[09:47] Gentle Heron: NEXT SAT (Feb 9) noon- Sister Abeyante speaks on Self Advocacy (all nonprofit leaders should attend this one!)
[09:47] Gentle Heron: Those are the big events coming up at Virtual Ability this week. I hope you’ll put some on your calendar and come share with us.
[09:47] Gentle Heron: And as always, if you’re willing to present to our real (although virtual) community, please let iSkye Silverweb know. She does all the scheduling for VAI.
[09:47] Lenni Foxtrot: yes! for sure Gentle!
[09:47] Gentle Heron: (Rhiannon, notice all the connection points between virtual communities here?)
[09:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[09:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ♥
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: Wonderful Gentle!
[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: all set Gentle?
[09:48] Gentle Heron: done
[09:48] Gentle Heron: whew
[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: 🙂
[09:48] Dancers Yao: wow!
[09:48] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Tori, your next
[09:48] Tori Landau: Ty… 3 mentions for me…
[09:49] Tori Landau: Holocaust memorial day garden.. last day for it is 3rd Feb and it is at rooftop of communal building at deep think west:
[09:49] Tori Landau: Deep Think West (74,53,38)
[09:49] Tori Landau: next…
[09:50] Tori Landau: drop-in on wed 6th feb at friendship circle for 30 mins for support and chat, at 1.15pm slt at deep think east:
[09:50] Tori Landau: Deep Think East (224,38,32)
[09:51] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Need to run
[09:51] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Got an interruption
[09:51] Jen (jenelle.levenque): Hugs everyone
[09:51] Tori Landau: finally, after the drop-in, rooftop bop with combo theme of chinese new year and valentines day at 2pm slt at rooftop of communal building:
[09:52] Tori Landau: Deep Think West (74,53,38)
[09:52] Tori Landau: ok, done
[09:52] Tori Landau: °͜°
[09:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great – Zinnia
[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!
[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Today starting at 11AM SLT, Agustin Braham will be performing live at the ART HOUSE fundraiser for Preferred Family Healthcare’s ARTC, Achieving Recovery Through Creativity. This is a program that uses creative, expressive mediums to assist clients in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.
[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: The event is PG as it will be streamed for the kids. Please join us today at 11AM SLT to hear Agustin Braham live. 

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: I posted a video on my website by Hypatia Pickens about ART HOUSE at

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: AND

The ART HOUSE project made the Second Life Destination Guide at!!!

[09:53] Zinnia Zauber: Eastern Spell (11,159,22)

[09:53] Lenni Foxtrot: cool Zinnia, thanks

[09:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great

[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Please join us today or check out the ART HOUSE any time!

[09:54] Gentle Heron: WOO HOO Zinnia and BRENA

[09:54] Chayenn: this is great

[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: gotta run all. see you next week

[09:54] Glitteractica Cookie: thanks!

[09:54] CallieDel Boa: Wonderful… (I must quit volunteering for some things).

[09:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: take care Glitter

[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you and a big WOOHOO to Winter!

[09:54] Keko Heckroth: Lot of good stuff. Thanks

[09:54] Tori Landau: Bye Glitter!

[09:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I also wanted to mention….

[09:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Last call for Metaverse Cultural Series submissions!!

Technically the last day for submissions was yesterday, but you can still submit something this weekend before we start to review proposals. Proposed events can take place in Second Life, or other grids, virtual worlds or even MMO game spaces. 

AvaCon Announces the Metaverse Cultural Series 2013

[09:55] Buffy Beale: wow Z that’s fantastic

[09:55] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so any culture – art – music – performance – lecture could fall in that

[09:55] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you Buffy!

[09:55] Rhiannon Chatnoir: any other announcements today?

[09:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if not we can wrap up this week’s meeting


And again, here are the many ways to can get involved with the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:

– Nonprofit Commons Blog:

– Wiki:

– Twitter:

– Facebook:

– G+ Community: 

– Google Group:

– Google Calendar:


About TechSoup the sponsors of the Nonprofit Commons:


Thanks everyone and see you next week!


[09:56] Lenni Foxtrot: I would like to say you are great smart people, thanks for having me 🙂

[09:56] Gentle Heron is always impressed by the variety of work done by nonprofits in SL

[09:56] Buffy Beale: 🙂

[09:56] Frans Charming applauds

[09:56] Gentle Heron: Lenni, you are welcome. Come any time. This is a public meeting.

[09:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: next week we will have Robert Todd of Georgia Tech speaking on using virtual worlds for virtual peer mentoring of disabled studends in STEM subjects

Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir