National Youth HIV AIDS Awareness Day for the April 11th NonProfit Commons Meeting

This Friday, April 11th, TechSoup’s NonProfit Commons in Second Life is happy to feature members of the nonprofit Protect Yourself1 (PY1), Executive Director Monique Richert (Chayenn in SL), and PY1 Development Consultant, Tom Kujawski (Incarn8 in SL), who will commemorate the 2nd annual observance of: National Youth HIV AIDS Awareness Day – NYHAAD.


Today’s young people are the first generation who has never known a world without HIV and AIDS. In the United States, one in three new HIV infections are among youth ages 13 to 24. 


Through the Safe2Live and Project Arrowhead programs presentation, Chayenn and Incarn8 will inform NPC members about the importance of education, how PY1 keeps At-Risk Youth in the Washington -Baltimore Corridor safe and protected from HIV/STIs infections. Only by investing in young people in all aspects of the HIV and AIDS response we will achieve the dream of an AIDS-free generation.

Join us in Second Life! 


Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

Friday, April 11th, 8:30 AM PT / SLT

Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater


AGENDA (all times below PT)

  • 8:30 am Introductions
  • 8:40 am TechSoup Announcements
  • 8:45 am Mentors Central 
  • 9:00 am Featured Presentation – National Youth HIV AIDS Awareness Day
  • 9:45 am Open Mic / Announcements

The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and discover the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions. 

Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir