Astronauts and DNA for the March 8th Nonprofit Commons Meeting

This Friday, March 8th, the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life features Shannon Bohle (Archivist Llewellyn in Second Life) presenting on “Astronauts and DNA: Twin Studies are Just the Beginning”, with the help of Plutchik – a chatbot-based artificial intelligence capable of fully autonomous lecture presentations. The presentation will cover the topic of epigenetics and looks closely at NASA’s recent Twins Study featuring Mark Kelly and Scott Kelly where NASA inadvertently spread fake news about epigenetics across a range of national media. The lecture explains NASA’s error and corrects it. 
Shannon holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She was a finalist for the Linden Prize in 2010 for creating and directing the Neil A. Armstrong Library and Archives.
Join us in Second Life, 8:30 AM PT / SLT, at the Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater at
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Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir