Feed a Smile Benefit Event For Live and Learn in Kenya Int

Feed a Smile Benefit Event For Live and Learn in Kenya Int

Brique Zeiner, CEO Brique Topaz in Second Life


The goal of the Feed a Smile benefit event is to raise funds to pay for the meals for the children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Intl. NPO program in Nakuru – Kenya. We have nearly 500 mouths to feed.

A huge array of live musicians, tribute groups (U2inSL – Michael Jackson – The Rolling Stones), artists, a modeling and fashion show agency, designers and builders have come together to turn this event into a successful one-week mega event – and to “”feed many, many smiles””.

Begins on July 10, 2010 at 8 am at Pepita (120,86,43) (this is where most of the events will be held unless otherwise noted)

Ends on July 18, 2010 at about 2 pm with a U2inSL concert at Dragon Moon (75, 120, 22)

A more serious discussion group will take place at Aloft Nonprofit Commons Live and Learn in Kenya Int (LLK) (185, 167, 39)

LLK Website: http://www.llk-selb.de


Event calendar:


  • Georg Stonewall (G&N Quality Design) – Building
  • Nikki Heron G&N (Quality Design) – Fashion and Blogging
  • Chriscloud Loon (Crossing Culture) – http://www.bluesflavor.com/ – Music

Please help us get the word out by linking people to this blog using this link: http://bit.ly/FeedSmile

For Twitter, use this: Feed A Smile benefit for NPC org: Live and Learn in Kenya 07/08-07/18 http://bit.ly/FeedSmile #secondlife #sl #npsl

Written by: Layal

Candlelight Vigil for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Candlelight Vigil for ALS
Sunday, May 16
5 – 7 p.m. SLT

Please join The ALS Association in a candlelight vigil to mark ALS Awareness Month. This virtual vigil will follow the RL vigil in Washington DC, so that people who are not able to attend in DC can still be involved.

It will provide an opportunity for each person to raise a candle in memory of loved ones who passed away from ALS and to honor those who continue to live with the disease.

Many custom designed items will be for sale to help raise funds and awareness for ALS. All proceeds go directly to The ALS Association.

The ALS Association fights Lou Gehrig’s Disease on every front by leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating care through certified clinics, and fostering government partnerships.

The ALS Association is an NPC tenant and has a presence on Health Commons. For more information, please contact:
Em Ellsmere (Tina Walker in RL, tina@alsa-national.org)

Written by: DustyArtaud

Avatars fly to end multiple sclerosis this Sunday!


This sunday, the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society is partnering with Scion and MovieTickets.com on a fundraiser to support the millions who suffer from the debilitating disease of MS. Scheduled from June 10-17, the "MS FLY" is the virtual equivalent of the annual "MS WALK" that takes place all around the United States.  More than just a
"fly-a-thon" though, the fundraiser is designed as an interactive adventure:

Participate in this exciting and cause-worthy event on a week-long
scavenger hunt as you journey through the virtual world of Second Life
with your avatar and MS Cape.  Scour islands for digital tokens that
grant you completion of one phase of the hunt.  With each new digital
token acquired comes a new incentive for the participant and more money
to help end MS.

Virtual Walk-a-thons are fun, but I love the idea of really using the powerful and evocative capabilities of virtual worlds to re-think the traditional fundraiser event.  This seems like a step (sorry) in the right direction.

Head to Illusion Factory (Teleport SLURL) to register in-world or www.themsfly.org on the interweb.

Written by: rikomatic

Report on “Fight Hunger: Walk the World” event on May 13

Susanne Thörnqvist sends us a report on the
“>”Fight Hunger: Walk the World”
event on May 13. She comments that “the event would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers in Second Life and all the musicians who dedicated their time to play live for us.”

Number of people attending: More than 380
Funds raised during the 24 hours event:

  • Funds raised from donation boxes 244,379 linden dollars
  • Shoe sales 2000 linden dollars
  • Total donation boxes and shoe sales 864 USD
  • FightHunger.org donations to Second Life walk 162 USD
  • Sponsored walker 34 USD
  • Click-to-feed 30 USD
    Total amount raised 1090 USD

    Explanation click-to-feed: We had 155 clicks, meaning that our sponsors will provide a meal at school to 155 children, for a cost of 0.19 USD/child/day.

    Pictures of the event at http://www.fighthunger.org/en/wtw07/2l/second_life

Written by: rikomatic

Reminder: Walk the world to fight hunger this Sunday!


Codelia sends out updated info on the "Fight Hunger: Walk the World" event taking place this Sunday, May 13.  The UN World Food Programme every year organizes a "Walk the World" fundraiser / awareness raising event to draw attention to the problem of famine and hunger around the world.  In towns and cities all over the planet, people gather to walk in support of humanitarian aid and development assistance for the most needy. Now avatars in Second Life can also participate.

The gathering point is now the Dragon Moons Resort (Teleport SLURL) generously provided by Demian Caldera and Nyna Slate. You can also make a donation at that same location and join the "fighthunger" group to stay abreast of the latest developments.

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Written by: rikomatic