Feed a Smile Benefit Event For Live and Learn in Kenya Int

Feed a Smile Benefit Event For Live and Learn in Kenya Int

Brique Zeiner, CEO Brique Topaz in Second Life


The goal of the Feed a Smile benefit event is to raise funds to pay for the meals for the children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Intl. NPO program in Nakuru – Kenya. We have nearly 500 mouths to feed.

A huge array of live musicians, tribute groups (U2inSL – Michael Jackson – The Rolling Stones), artists, a modeling and fashion show agency, designers and builders have come together to turn this event into a successful one-week mega event – and to “”feed many, many smiles””.

Begins on July 10, 2010 at 8 am at Pepita (120,86,43) (this is where most of the events will be held unless otherwise noted)

Ends on July 18, 2010 at about 2 pm with a U2inSL concert at Dragon Moon (75, 120, 22)

A more serious discussion group will take place at Aloft Nonprofit Commons Live and Learn in Kenya Int (LLK) (185, 167, 39)

LLK Website: http://www.llk-selb.de


Event calendar:


  • Georg Stonewall (G&N Quality Design) – Building
  • Nikki Heron G&N (Quality Design) – Fashion and Blogging
  • Chriscloud Loon (Crossing Culture) – http://www.bluesflavor.com/ – Music

Please help us get the word out by linking people to this blog using this link: http://bit.ly/FeedSmile

For Twitter, use this: Feed A Smile benefit for NPC org: Live and Learn in Kenya 07/08-07/18 http://bit.ly/FeedSmile #secondlife #sl #npsl

Written by: Layal