“Virtual Activism” mixed-reality event next Monday at Games for Change


I’m spreading the news that the 4th annual Games for Change conference happening next Monday and Tuesday (June 11-12) will feature a mixed-reality panel on "virtual activism" at 10:30AM EST. Games for Change brings together game developers, industry experts, academics and non-profits to discuss how to use digital games to promote social change.

The "virtual activism" panel will feature several experts on non-profits in Second Life including Glitteractica Cookie of Techsoup, In Kenzo of Amoration, Jeska Linden of Linden Labs and moderator Beth Kanter. Jeska will be participating from within SL, while Glitter, In Kenzo and Beth will be at the physical conference venue.  SL participants will be able to submit questions via IM to the panelists. The in-world event I believe will take place in the amphitheater in the Plush Non-profit Commons sim (teleport SLURL.)

Written by: rikomatic