Highlights from the Feb. 20, 2009 NPC Meeting

Health Panel PR (Glitteratica Cookie)

The Health Panel expo in SL will occur on the 27th of May in conjunction w/our own conference, NetSquared. That is, we will have a mixed reality portion in the real conference. If anyone is interested in being a part of this, please let me know.

We would love to have people at the RL conference to answer questions to the conference attendees about SL, and about what you are doing here, etc. The conference is going to be in San Jose.

We are looking for someone to take on a critical volunteer role – we need someone to take on the coordination of the PR. What that would mean is that you would coordinate which online publications we would promote this event to and we already have a list of 50 or more, but you would help us find the right blogs to post the event announcement to listservs to promote this kind of event (a health panel in SL). You would assign promotion tasks to certain volunteers so the same lists don’t get the same announcements. Glitteractica Cookie: this is the perfect kind of role for someone who wants to get involved with us, and is not a builder or a scripter, but is very into online social networks and online community engagement.

Discussion led to formation of a committee:
-Ozma Malibu (will organize list of tasks)
-Kali Idziak, DrG Zeiler (will respond tonight)
-In Kenzo (can be on committee and provide additional links/resources/places to promote)
-Ricken Flow (will be on the committee to stay abreast and report back to the larger committee)
-Abbiee Benazzi(someone would have to tell me what to do but I would be willing to help)
-Zazoom Zimminy(may be able to help, particularly with writing pieces)
-Lehlou (put on invite list)
-Rhiannon Chatnoir (can help with any graphics)
-Muse Carmona (will send the notice out to listservs and things but hasn’t got a lot of time to work on it)
-Impeccably Peccable (would love to be a part of the PR team)

Lehlou Barrymore: Can you tell me the time frame that the announcements would have to be sent?

Ricken willcoordinate with Glitteractica to makethe first meeting of this PR committee

This should possibly be on the wiki.

NPC: Who we are and what we do (Glitter and Penguin)

Penguin Kuhn: It occurs to me that we haven’t checked in for awhile about everything it is we do here at the NPC. Who we are, what we do. Smash is one of our wiki gardeners who will be cleaning up the wiki to have this info. more clear to everyone, but we wanted y’all to have an elevator pitch for when folks ask you about the Nonprofit Commons. (Coughran has a fantastic elevator pitch that is on the wiki: http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Elevator+Pitch)

Penguin Kuhn: This has also been translated into 10 different languages It needs a little updating to reflect our new sims bit it is a good place to start with explaining what we’re all about. Anika has put together a terrific 1-pager for us that we will also post to the wiki. This is ideal for printing out as well for
people unfamiliar with Second Life.

Glitteractica Cookie: the idea is that when people look at you with a blank stare, you are able to point them to something that makes sense

There’s our wiki of course: http://npsl.wikispaces.com And our community blog: http://www.nonprofitcommons.org Community blog means that anyone interested in blogging can do so. Just sign up for an account and email me your username & we will get you set up. Beth Bates/Cordelia Gothley in SL is our blog coordinator and a good person to check in with if you are interested in blogging.

The “npsl” tag stands for “Nonprofits in Second Life” and this is the tag we use to tag any articles, press mentions, pictures we take, etc. So if you have pictures you’ve taken from NPC, please upload them to Flickr and tag them “npsl” Glitteractica Cookie: on flickr, del.icio.us, technorati, slideshare. Penguin Kuhn: That way, this information is all together and it will also show up on the nonprofitcommons.org homepage

If you use Twitter, we have a Twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/npsl

Smash Lane: there are links to the blog from the wiki, one of them at least is broken right now.

Zinnia Zauber asks: can anyone tweet on the npsl?

Penguin Kuhn: I also have an “About the Nonprofit Commons” notecard that I passed on to the in-world groups and I will send this

Penguin Kuhn: http://www.slideshare.net/tag/npsl is where we have presentations related to Nonprofit Commons in Second Life. You can also add yours there. The 1-pager, Buffy, also has these links

Now that our community is expanding we want to focus more on some of our larger goals as well, including. Regular training classes (scripting/building/etc.) We’ve had some, but would love to do more. Finishing our web directory project is another project. And Ricken and Tech Coleslaw among others will be helping us have in-world office hours at the TechSoup office. The Johnson Center will also be resuming their “Avatar on Duty” sessions on Aloft. This is a chance to meet and discuss real-world philanthropy w/ experts in the field.

Anika also did a wonderful report about the impact of our work. It is here: http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Validation-+Nonprofits+in+SL

Buffy Beale also has a couple of discussion papers if anyone wants, reasons why to join or stay in SL. One is up under the Development area, Buffy will mail to Serene to put on Blog. Also please mail to Glitteractica, Zinnia Zauber,

Ozma Malibu: I am presenting a paper at AERA in April about the NPC but a scholarly paper – it’s on empowerment.

Ronnie Rhode had an article published this week in Campus Technology Magazine about education in SL. Lots of activity on that message board too. It is still on the front page, second link on the left. Thanks to Ozma for the interview, too. (She is quoted in it!) http://campustechnology.com/Home.aspx. Ronnie Rhode agreed to blog on the NPSL blog and mention the article. (Coordinate with Penguin for password)

Fractor Project (Josephine Junot)

Glitteractica Cookie: I want to introduce Josephine Junot, to present her amazing work in SL, and she is the winner of the MacArthur DML award! …I met Josephine in NYC last week and i was so impressed with her that i invited her to speak at the NPC

Josephine Junot: thanks for the invite…The first project I’ll talk about is Fractor (http://factor.org) Fractor is a breakthrough technology that gives news-readers instant access to opportunities for positive civic engagement. Basically, it’s a web app that will connect news with nonprofit needs. Often the influx of daily news can be overwhelming. Disasters, violence, poverty, crime & war are the regular tally. Readers comment on the world being out of control or at least out of their control. They might ask, “What can I do?” In fact, there is much that can be done, & developing a path to the solution is the first step. This is where Fractor will come into play. Our dev site – if you want to take a sneak peek – is http://dev.fractor.org We are in private beta right now and some things are still being developed, but you will be able to see it in action for the most part. Within Fractor ‘facts’ & ‘acts’ are organized on a single, intuitive page where every news story will be linked to real-world actions that users can pursue. At the technological heart is a recommendation system and aggregator that pulls recent news from multiple streams, drops it into categories.

Glitteractica Cookie: are u familiar with Oh My News and Cause Global? Josephine Junot: yes have heard of Oh My News but not Cause Global – some synergy? In Kenzo: sounds like synergy with SocialActions too, love the connection between facts and acts 😉 any1 Gynoid: URLs of sites mentioned http://english.ohmynews.com/ http://causeglobal.blogspot.com/ http://www.socialactions.com/

Josephine Junot: yes, SocialActions pulls in aggregation of causes in a similar way (but doesn’t have the news component, if I can remember correctly) What we really wanted to do is bridge the divide between inspiration and action so that when one reads a news story and gets the feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting to ‘do something’ – you can in one click

In Kenzo: How do you see this integrating here in SL? (I think it’s a great idea BTW, thanks for helping us make the connections)

Josephine Junot: We plan to have an SL presence in our 2nd stage development that takes advantage of the community we build online and in RL and integrates it with efforts in SL…During our first year, we (I and my co-founders, Ben & Hugo) came up with many different renditions of the concept, before settling on the essence of the idea (news w needs)

(SLIDES) So here you can see our home page on the dev site – http://dev.fractor.org where the left column is facts and right col is acts. We have someone writing the recommendation engine behind it so it should get more fabulous with use 🙂 Just to give another peek- here’s the ‘original sketch’ and here’s a news item expanded so you can see the Acts that match with it you can also sort by type of action (volunteer vs financial vs services or goods inkind)

any1 Gynoid: / great model… perception tied to action

Josephine Junot: yes! We are hoping that it gives people a diff way of interacting w the news

Saitek Blanco: Does it have a local scope as well?

Josephine Junot: As nonprofits – you’ll be able to create acts and have people ‘join’ them

Lehlou Barrymore: How will the site be funded?
Josephine Junot: good question – we got a MacArthur Foundation award that enabled us to manifest this first version

Josephine Junot: At this point – what we really need is for nonprofits to sign up and try it out. Nonprofits can go to http://dev.fractor.org and also there are tutorial vids on http://fractor.org

…I’m at the We Media conference pitching fractor in their grant competition next week. We are finalists. Vote for us! Here’s our entry on the Ashoka Changemakers site (We Media conference): http://www.changemakers.com/en-us/node/16996

So my other project is Kidz Connect. Kidz Connect connects youth in diff countries via media art, performance and collaborative creation in SL. (We ran out of time. Josephine will be back in two weeks to talk more about Kidz Connect.)

If you’d like more info/have any questions, just ping me in world or at josephine@funksoup.com or follow her on twitter @funksoup

Open Mic

Zinnia Zauber: Part of what makes the Nonprofit Commons so amazing is the people. You are invited every week to mix and mingle at three events at NPC. Wharf Ratz Tuesday Night Extrordinary Dance Extravaganza at 8 on Aloft. Common Ground which is our weekly networking event every Thursday night at 7 pm here on Plush. And, this meeting every Friday morning at 8:30. Take the time to attend these events and network with people who have Common Ground – Common Goals – Common Good!

Next Thursday In Kenzo will come out and do a Common Vision color party. In Kenzo: so you all get to experience a rare treat….we’ll talk about @amoration and the recent tour we are working on, and you will get to meet my dad on his virgin SL experience! So if you’re curious about the @lightningtemple whispers or want to talk about other netweaving fun come out. Zinnia Zauber: Our color for the night is Heliotrope. See the little colored box next to the Common Ground poster. If you have any music requests please send them To Ricken Flow. In Kenzo: http://blip.fm/evo Ricken, there’s lots to pull from there.

Nany Kayo: Gentle Heron of Virtual Ability will be the guest on Metanomics this Monday Feb 23 at noon. Metanomics is a weekly interview show where guests discuss and answer questions about issues of interest to organizations in virtual worlds. http://www.metanomics.net The shows are simulcast in real time at several locations in SL where all of the combined audiences have access to the same open chat stream to ask questions that are forwarded to the guests and the host, as well as make comments. Some of the brightest and most productive people in SL are in the Metanomics group. Its worth checking out. I’m looking forward to Gentle’s show. The guide dogs are going to be there, too, from what I hear. And other tech for disabilities will be discussed. Love those guide dogs.

Louise Later: Max, the VHH VIrtual Guidedog, will have a 10-minute segment on Metanomics: with host Robert Bloomfield. The show is live on Monday, February 23, 2008 The show starts at Noon PT and ends at 1 PM. Virtual Helping Hands (VHH) is a coalition of four groups, united in our mission to bring people who have disabilities into Second Lifeâ„¢ so everyone can enjoy what SL offers—entertainment, education, employment, and engagement. The Virtual Guidedog group is currently focusing on those who are visually or print- impaired, but those with real life physical disabilities also benefit from the guidedog. We’d love to have you in our group of supporters in the audience at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Metanomics/130/140/54. Come and see Max the Virtual Guidedog do his tricks!

any1 Gynoid: 11am slt Sat Feb 21, 2009 – LIVE MUSIC & POETRY – Junivers Stockholm plays live music with Poetress Laurette Serene Bechir and Medora “Voice of the Sirens” Chevalier THEN TALK … Alexjo Magic – Doctoral Reseacher on Israeli-Palestinian Women in Conflict secondlife://Halve Maen/2/46/22 very cool gig!

Ricken Flow: NPC in metaver messenger http://www.metaversemessenger.com/ – (article written by Ricken Flow) Our next article will be on Virtual Volunteers if anyone has any quotes on what vounteering has meant to them please send them to me


The Wiki – http://npsl.wikispaces.com
Coughran’s Elevator Pitch – http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Elevator+Pitch
Community Blog – http://www.nonprofitcommons.org
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/npsl
Slideshare Presentations related to NPC (add yours) – http://www.slideshare.net/tag/npsl
Anika’s wonderful report about the impact of our work – http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Validation-+Nonprofits+in+SL
Article by Ronnie Rhode about education use of SL – http://campustechnology.com/Home.aspx

You can see the raw chat log from this meeting on the wiki.

Written by: SereneJewell