Basecamp project management with Ale Bezdikian for September 7th Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting

This Friday, September 7th, Nonprofit Commons is happy to feature Ale Bezdikian (alebez in SL), who will share how Basecamp project management tool makes working on a distributed team and collaborating on mutual projects so much easier. She is TechSoup’s Online Community and Social Media team Coordinator, where she spends most of her time using Basecamp to track her team’s daily project activities, keep them on a sustainable timeline, and meeting deliverables.

Ale’s bio: After studying journalism and comparative religion at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Alexandra (Ale) Bezdikian was given a fellowship with Mother Jones Magazine where she produced videos as well as fronted their outreach communications department. Currently, Ale is TechSoup’s Online Community + Social Media team Coordinator, and loving it! That means she keeps the team on track and in check, making sure everyone is meeting timelines and deliverables. Most of her time is spent wiki gardening and managing her team in Basecamp.

Join us in Second Life!

Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting
Friday, September 7th, 8:30 AM SLT / PST
Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater

• 8:30 am Introductions
• 8:40 am TechSoup Announcements
• 8:45 am Mentors Central
• 8:55 am Main Speaker: Ale Bezdikian
• 9:30 am Open Mic / Announcements

The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to create a community for nonprofits to explore and learn about virtual worlds, foster connections, and discover the many ways in which nonprofits might utilize the unique environment of Second Life to achieve their missions.

Written by: Rhiannon Chatnoir

Highlights from NPC Meeting June 12, 2009

Get your organization featured at SL’s 6th Birthday. Live connect with Learning and Virtual Worlds Conference in Wisconsin. Presentation on Kidsbridge. Open Mic

Zinnia Zauber and Second Life’s 6th Birthday

I want to thank the 13 organizations that sent me their information and images to be part of the NPC exhibit for the Second Life 6 Birthday (SL6B) called Nonprofit Commons – Common Good – Common Goals – Common Ground. Rah!

The theme for the SL6B celebration is “The Future of Virtual Worlds” and my goal is to highlight what we do here at NPC through networking, reaching new audiences, and immersive environments that change the way people think about important issues. The success of virtual worlds is through positive active participation as they are not websites but worlds to explore and connect with real people with real missions of positive change.

Buffy Beale: Great going Z, and also the collaboration project of Transitions, A Place for Dreams. we all met here at the NPC

Please be part of this and send me info! If others want to share stories, please do! 13 groups involved so far…You have the whole weekend to get in your info.

Your mission and contact info is a great start! Also, a Logo Texture Photo of you in your Org’s place in SL, a Notecard about your Org and you Org Website. Put it in a folder with full permissions on everything and send it to Zinnia Zauber. It will only take you 10 or 15 minutes and you will get good promo.

Rik Riel and Rhiannon Chatnoir from global kids
Learning and Virtual worlds conference going on in Madison

Rik Riel: We have some folks live and direct from Madison joining us. Mixed reality!

Rik Riel: Anyway from June 10-12 about 40 VW educators using a variety of virtua lworlds are in Madison as part of the 1st RezEd education conference. Global Kids is the sponsor in association with the Games Leraning and Society folks, organizing the larger GLS summit. We’ve had some amazing speakers, including Robin Harper and James Paul Gee and lots of great insights about how to do youth outreach and engagement using these tools. My colleague Lutz Zapedski is the main organizer. I think she just popped in.

Ozma Malibu: ASU is there of course!

Rik Riel: hi Lutz. I’m just bringing everyone up to speed on the RezEd conference. Can you give people and idea of how its going?

Lutz Zapedzki: well rik I’ll let you give some of the findings since you are up to speed on that. I’ll just say that it has been really exciting to have the first rezed conference as you all know is now over 2,000 memberes, but this is the first time we have been able to get together in person and what has been refreshing, is the fact that we dont have to spend anytime making the “sell” for VIrtual worlds and learning/or non-profit work. Everyone in the room is already very much with us and knows all of the affordances so instead we can spend the time really getting in to the nitty gritty and discussing the challenges and opportunities. In addition to SL there are people frome have lots from WOW,, Habbo Hotel, Whyville, Smallworlds, Metaplce, Quest Atlantis. SL by far outnumbers those educators in other worlds. SL has done the best job of creating a cohesive community of people in education. Those here at the RezEd conference in Wisconsin are mostly higher ed. As you alls know therea re more than 100 educational institutions on the grid

[questions about teen grid, and adult content on main grid…] [discussion that this could be a good topic for a future meeting]

Rhiannon Chatnoir: well as we all know.. the main grid is what you make of it, but yes, Global Kids programs mostly take place within Teen SL

Rik Riel: one of teh main things that folks ahve talked about is how important it is for VW developers to include educators early on in dev process

Lutz Zapedzki: I would say that educators, are yes, worried about how their administrators will respond to all of the media about adult content and so that is definitely a hurdle

Rik Riel: VWs are great places to bring together educators, youth and parents. But they are n’t yet being used much for that

Nany Kayo: Lutz, thank you. It is a controversial point, with adult content providers often arguing that there is no impact on educational uses of SL from the presence of adult content

Rik Riel: Global Kids generally thinks that the move toward PG and adult content spaces makes sense

Nany Kayo: Its good to hear a clear opinion from a an infomred source

Rik Riel: but there also needs to be clearly delineated and moderated education spaces

LizaJune Stoop: Has anyone made the point that SL might be a great place for kids to learn to cope with unwanted advances?

Rik Riel: “unwanted advances”? like sexual advances?

LizaJune Stoop: YEs.

Lutz Zapedzki: Quick update, off the point, we are putting up the keynote from Robin Harper in 5 minutes on

Rhiannon Chatnoir: well in order to be an adult in the teen grid you are background checked and agree to a code of conduct or risk being banned.. as you do if you are caught as an adult on that grid

Lutz Zapedzki: she didnt really speak to the adult content issue you all are raising now but it was a great presentation. all of the other presentations will be up in the next week as well and video

Rhiannon Chatnoir: but, that doesnt mean, like in any other educational atmosphere you couldnt approach the concepts of safe space and good internet protocols with youth

Lutz Zapedzki: we will also be putting up a live podcast interview for the RezEd conference with THomas Malaby, who’s new book, an ethnography on the making of Second Life is going on sale this week

Rik Riel: not a problem. Check for more videos, reports, podcasts and stuff from the event soon!

Rik Riel: be in touch with Lutz if you have further questions about our VW education work.

Rik Riel: and we heart the NPC !
Lutz Zapedzki: we are redesigning rezed. it will be launched and officially out of beta this summer so be on the look out for a new and improved rez ed

Randi Kopp (Dusty Artaud) with Kidsbridge

I am marketing consultant and I am working with Kidsbridge. am also lousy typist so i will use speakeasy, just interrupt with comments any time. At present, Kidsbridge has no virtual world presence. Kidsbridge is writing grant poposals with this in mind — either for building a prototype as a proof of concept, or for creating a full-blown presence– depending on funding.

Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to character education, tolerance and the celebration of human diversity. In March, 2006 Kidsbridge created a mini-museum (a.k.a. “learning lab”) on campus at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) in Ewing, New Jersey. This environment features the exhibit “Face to Face: Dealing with Prejudice and Discrimination,” an exhibition originally created by the Chicago Children’s Museum. By using a combination of educational signage, interactive kiosks and group activities, Kidsbridge helps children and families recognize and respond appropriately to instances of bias and prejudice.

To date, more than 400 TCNJ undergraduates and ten professors have already successfully interacted with approximately 6,000 elementary and middle school children. The partnership of Kidsbridge with TCNJ is precedent-setting, as it is the first time that a museum and a college have collaborated to create a program-in-residence that teaches diversity appreciation, conflict resolution and character education to local and regional low-income elementary and middle school children, leadership youth groups and inner-city summer day campers. In addition, Kidsbridge conducts an anti-bullying/conflict resolution/victim empowerment program in Trenton,NJ schools for at-risk youth who are truant, suspended and being referred for detention.

1. Learn to recognize and dispel stereotypes, including those with “different” abilities.
2. Explore ways of dealing with prejudice and discrimination through the experiences of other children.
3. Gain perspective about prejudice and discrimination through studying historical signage and photographs.
4. Understand that they are not alone in being subjects of prejudice and discrimination.
5. Create awareness that name-calling and labelling are forms of prejudice and discrimination.
6. Understand exclusion as a form of prejudice and discrimination.
7. Learn that being a silent bystander is comparable to doing a harmful action, and how to speak up.
8. Feel inspired and empowered to take action against prejudice and discrimination.

The “Face to Face” exhibition introduces children and teens to the many differences among us all, including physical abilities, as well as religious, cultural, racial and social backgrounds.Museum experience is designed to help visitors recognize discrimination and stereotyping that may result from these differences.
• Large graphic panels introduce visitors to exhibit subject matter, content, and the definitions of prejudice and discrimination.
• Seated computer/video stations feature real children’s stories, allowing the visitor to explore how these kids responded to these experiences and their feelings about the situations.
• Certain exhibit areas include strong language and experiences, so teachers and students explore the exhibit together.

Exclusion because of differences in abilities is a form of prejudice and discrimination.
In the kiosk picture to the right, students learn that being a silent bystander is comparable to doing a harmful action. In the pictures to the left, you see TCNJ student John with his seeing-eye dog Marco, who talks with students about what it is like to be a college student and unable to see.

Name That Stereotype consists of kiosks designed to teach children and teens how to recognize and dispel stereotypes.The message conveyed is that stereotypes (whether they are blatant or subtle) are always negative, and that people should not judge others by how they look or the group to which they belong.Students learn that both adults and kids use stereotypes, and that the media – in particular TV – uses stereotypes heavily in game shows, sit com laugh tracks and commercials.
In this picture, students listen to a video interactive game show led by lively host. The child pushes a button each time he or she hears a stereotype, and the host responds.

The School Bus Showdown consists of a seated interactive video station.I love this one perfect for interactive virtual environment. Video features a school bus scene in which a child is being heckled while looking for a seat and no one is letting him sit down.Six kids have room in their seats for him – three scoot over and three do not.The visitor then chooses from a series of rewind buttons to explore the reason each child had for letting or not letting the excluded child sit down.The kids’ thoughts reveal conflicting emotions about the decisions they made. Two kid hosts will discuss the conflicting issues, reiterating that it is hard to go against the group and you’ve got to be brave, but sometimes it’s important to do the right thing.

In the Peace Diner visitors sit and listen to an audio tape of name calling. An instructional video advises visitors to participate in a role playing exercise using a variety of tools and strategies for dealing with name calling.These strategies are written on cut-outs shaped as shields ( see picture).Children choose the shields with which they are most comfortable and place these on a “power pack” in front of them. They then role play these responses with an adult.
[9:29] Dusty Artaud: The second activity in the Peace Diner is the Name Shredder where visitors can write a hurtful name down on a slip of paper and then feed it into a paper shredder and watch it be destroyed. Name Shredder very powerful, kids cry.

Here visitors make their own puppets and prepare – in groups of 3 or 4 -a skit that they then perform before classmates.Puppet shows are effective because they :
1. Powerfully reinforce the tolerance and character education messages.
2. Are a proven educational medium for enhancing students’ language development especially in the areas of oral communication.
3. Enhance affective growth through promoting self-confidence, social skills, and increased empathy.
Creating a puppet – then writing & performing skits – helps kids to affirm the museum lessons they have learned.Educational drama also provides insights for teachers who are watching with the students.Where is the RL Museum?near Trenton, NJ on the college of new jersey

In the Hero Room visitors are introduced to famous heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. Heroes are differentiated from other famous people like celebrities (many children view celebrities as heroes).Less famous heroes, old and young, are introduced with the use of wall exhibits and books.
Each child is asked to pick one of these heroes and verbalize what about them makes them a hero. A sample of actual Child Heroes follows in the next few slides. Are the exhibits packaged so that they can be loaned or rented to other children’s museums?haven’t done that so far.

Kidsbridge collaborates with TCNJ’s Children’s Social Development Lab and TCNJ’s education and psychology departments.Over 100 college students have participate annually as docents. Kidsbridge is always looking for additional volunteers (including retired teachers) to serve as docents.

Ozma Malibu: very nice dusty, i like the storytelling activities as they focus on positives
HOw can we help from SL?
Dusty Artaud: you’d be amazed at the transformations that occur right before your eyes as kids get it
Louise Later: Does the hero room include Helen Keller? It is great
Smash Lane: This should be on the teen grid too
LizaJune Stoop: It works with adults too!

*Current Status*
• Outdated computer lab
• 1.0 Website with no specialized sections for student, teachers, parents and volunteers
• Museum experience between students and teachers limited to one-time physical event
• No assessment capabilities beyond observation and notes taken by TCNJ psychology students
*Desired Status*
• Update computer lab equipment & technology (or partner with TCNJ Lab)
• Unify experiences in physical space with a robust online user experience (website, blog, VW)
• Allow the experience to continue beyond the walls of the museum (website, blog, VW)
• Record usage data for regular and detailed assessment (Moodle?)

YouTube Video:

We are very grass roots. I am trying to expand our presence. I believe we should be virtual – SL or other. Like Global Kids, i think we should have a presence in both places

LizaJune Stoop: The best material I found for kids has been with the conflict resolution and mediation groups.

Ozma Malibu: Im going to be using SLoodle for oversight/data collection/community, Dusty, will let you know how that goes

Rhiannon Chatnoir: if you want lots of reference on how Global Kids approached working within Teen SL.. check out the blog we have been keeping the last few years

LizaJune Stoop: National Student Councils also has some wonderful material.

Glitteractica Cookie: I think having a presence in multiple VWs is a larger topic that deserves a longer segment
Dusty Artaud: would be great to have transferable prototype
Glitteractica Cookie: i would love to have a meeting about that
Rhiannon Chatnoir: yeah that is almost a round table/workshop event in and of itself
Louise Later: I will do what i can about inclusion and adult teaching
Glitteractica Cookie: if someone is interesteed in leading that topic we could have a forum around it
Coughran Mayo: lets plan that Rhiannon/Glitter. Good topic for NPC to sponsor
Ozma Malibu: I am interested in the topic, haven’t gotten far in figuring out how to do it
[9:38] Glitteractica Cookie: i would like us to sponsor it, yes
Rhiannon Chatnoir: could be very interesting.. even drag in possible some of the other outlooks and resources has built up on various worlds
Coughran Mayo: put on next weeks agenda for intro discussion
Dusty Artaud: if you have any suggestions for Kidsbridge please let me know.
Glitteractica Cookie: ok, let’s make it an 30 min, half of an NPC agenda item
Ozma Malibu: we can add then to the SL CC track ?
Rhiannon Chatnoir: in regards to say tech logistics/building help.. you should poke Amulius Lioncourt .. Dusty.. he does weekly office hours for NPC and can help in regards to the tech parts


What about the new NPO Techs group?
They meet on thursdays 8:30 am
NPO Techs is just getting started but we ought to be able to help soon.
NPO Techs group is a fairly new group that has popped up within NPC that focuses on those of us focusing on tech relateed things within orgs and those wanting to know more in how things tech can be implemented here in SL or otherwise
Rhiannon Chatnoir: we have had a few meetings… Louise has been leading them .. 🙂
Louise Later: for all levels of techs including the people who are the NPO tech becuase you can clear a paper jam. Folks should bring their requests for help to the Thurs 8:30 meeting?
Adalace Jewell: maybe we should blog more on the npo tech group on
Rhiannon Chatnoir: share experiences, pick each others brains, etc
Louise Later: great idea
Rhiannon Chatnoir: we also have started talking about what sorts of technical things those within the NPC and otherwise would like to have explained and even maybe illustrated 3D demos of within SL

jacmacaire Humby: HUMANBE will be at PARIS AIR SHOW on the stand POLE PEGASE Hall 4 B45 B46 B53 B54 in BOURGET France JUNE 15-21, 2009 to present a NEW GENERATION OF RIGID AIRSHIPS able to chsnge the future of the transport..

Penguin Kuhn: We are in the process of getting the tenant directory up to date. Lots of changes this week
Smash Lane: Buffy, keep me informed of the Tenant List please, I’m updating the list on the wiki
Buffy Beale: Ok Smash, I’m working with Bj/Kali and Johnny Austin, will let you know when its settled

Cowgrl Crystal: I have started my support group. It is Sleep Disorders Support and for now I have gotten office space donated on R.O.F. It is not a registered non profit, but until Narcolepsy Network agrees or disagrees to support me, I’m doing this on my own and will donate any funds to them myself. If you have room here I would love a small space or somewhere that I could post information. My Support Group will attempt to give support to any of the many Sleep Disorders.
Unfortunately I took my presentation to Seattle and couldn’t even get them to look at it. 🙁

Ricken Flow: I am starting a non profit that will be getting started in Second life Metabody community health center in order to be established as a non profit in texas i need three board members if anyone is interested contact me.

In Kenzo: Yes, @avatarcamp is next week!

Louise Later: I wanted to remind people about Helen Keller Day in Second Life™ 6/27. More about it next week. Robin Roar: If you would like to help out with HKD I can invite you to the Virtual Helping Hands Group, let me know and I will hit you up with a group tag

In Kenzo: This time next week I’ll be at State of Play with many awesome avatars. And we’ll be streaming live with events in SL and other virutal worlds. June 19th and 20th

In Kenzo: followed by a Metaverse Meetup in NYC on the 20th So you are welcome to join us on Foundations after NPC next week with amazing speakers from State Department, heads of virtual world companies, policy makers and virtual world researchers. Definitely will send a note with more details to Googlegroup and reminder via group notice. Glitteractica Cookie: please send to google group too

Murray Haefnir: If any one needs help with doing a 501(c) organization, Jenelle and I have experience with creating them and doing the IRS paperwork. If you are not in the US we have no experience. In Kenzo: Murray, that’s great. I have two groups looking for fiscal sponsors also. Smash Lane: Could probably use help with the 501(c) application Murray. Murray Haefnir: be glad to SmashMurray Haefnir: we have also done a group exemption for one so they can charter chapters

CJ27 Jigsaw: Am doing an about SL prsnentation to 1,000 peeps in 2 weeks. If anone can send a “Why we shoud be there as a NP ” article or paper, I’d love to use it. And any stats about useage of SL by NPs too. Emai:
Cowgrl Crystal: I’d love that also my e-mail
Cicero Kit: I have some articles I have written on non-profits in SL… I can email those over… shows the possibilites for NPs here
Murray Haefnir: If anyone has ideas and experience with fundraising ideas both rl & sl we could use that expertise as well
LizaJune Stoop: It might be helpful for TechSoup to publish something about the monetary value of the support they are giving us.
Glitteractica Cookie: Liza– i would love help on that and Malin would also be a good one to contact about tracking stuff.
LizaJune Stoop: It should be something we can include in our grant requests to show that we have additional support.
Malin Dahlstrom: I’m happy to help.
Rhiannon Chatnoir: CJ27 … email me.. Global Kids has a white paper that Rik published after the 2007 SLCC nonprofit parts.. that goes into that concept more deeply
Glitteractica Cookie: liza– yes, i would love any assistance to prove impact in that way
LizaJune Stoop: Sounds like we need a fundraising support group…
Rhiannon Chatnoir is
Serene Jewell: There are some links at: to the case for nonprofits in SL. I’d like to improve that page.
Penguin Kuhn:

Glitteractica Cookie: I am happy to make a quick announcement, 12 years ago was the date of my cancer diagnosis, 1997, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I am happily in remission, and was just reminded by the group IM from the SL Cancer Survivor’s group, so L’Chaim (that means, “To Life” for a few of you who may not know) yaay! Being a cancer Survivor brought me into SL
[Massive heartfelt congrats and love to Glitteractica ensues…]

In Kenzo: BTW, a few of us after Health Panel got to talking about a Marrow Donor Registration program here inworld, if anyone here wants to work on that let me know.
Rhiannon Chatnoir is on the Marrow doner’s registry
Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks for donating Bone Marrow, I needed it

In Kenzo: 6/27 is Helen Keller Day + Aids screenign day

LizaJune Stoop: On the topic of the Health conference, someone there mentioned the idea of a CoDA group in SL. I’d like to work on that. CoDA is Co-Dependants Annonymous – an affliction of many nonprofit participants!

Rhiannon Chatnoir: would even be a cool thing to do a virtual NPC blood drive.. even if we can’t all do it together

Glitteractica Cookie: I will be conducting interviews this week, for those who want to be interviewed for my book on online community for socail change. please email me at is you want in.

Media Mentions:

Glitteractica’s article in Huffington post!…

Coughran also got a piece about PFH in SL in this publication, Network World:…

any1 Gynoid now has 10 articles in a row “On CNN” and just earned Super Star status as iReporter … you can too… IM me for my instructions.. Cheers!

Contact and More Info:



Twitter: @npsl
Hashtag: #npsl

Google Group:

Written by: SereneJewell

Highlights from NPC Meeting June 5

American Association of University Women (AAUW) in Second Life:
Presentation by CJ27 Jigsaw about the great work work of American Association of University Women. AAUW is building an office in Second Life on ALOFT. web: Twitter: @christytj

Second Life’s 6th Birthday Celebration (SL6B):
Zinnia Zauber reports that the NPC exhibit she applied for was accepted. Called Nonprofit Commons – Common Good – Common Goals – Common Ground. The intent of this exhibit for SL6B is to share how socializing can initiate action for social causes and challenge social change that is for the better.

One way that the Nonprofit Commons encourages networking between nonprofits and supporters is through weekly social events. The exhibit will be a festive place full of dancing, information about the different NPOs that make the Nonprofit Commons their home, and display how virtual worlds connect us beyond our screens, but into our collective lives. Actively paricipating is your way of being part of this great showcase of what Second Life has to offer. If you would like your organization to be promoted at this exhibit, please send me, ZInnia Zauber, a folder with your org’s name on it that includes the following with FULL permissions: Logo Texture, Photo of you in your Org’s place in SL, Notecard about Org Website, Links to videos about your Org.

Nany Kayo reports that virtual Native Lands will have an exhibit. Janlyssa Serenity says they will be exhibiting.

Event is in June. General info at

SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) in San Francisco August 13-16
Real World gathering of SL users. This is the 5th year.
Rhiannon Chatnoir reported that at the conference there are tracks focusing on things like education and business uses of SL and other topics such as machinima, health, music, etc. And in prior year’s we have also had panels on non-profit related uses of SL, by NPC and those within it like Glitteractica, Coughran and others

General discussion on how NPC and nonprofits might be inovlved. There will likely be panels and parties! For those who are interested: Join the meeting with Rhiannon, Ozma, Zinnia, Kali, Bjorlyn 4:30 SLT Wed, June 10. Aloft landing point,

Open Mic

Smash Lane says thanks for welcoming he and Abbiee and Fighting for Fighters. Tonight, June 5, at 7 pm SLT, Averlast boxing, one of their sponsors, is holding a Builders Auction with half of all money raised going to our organization and to American Cancer society. Also half of the money fighting for fighters receives will be donated to Virtual Abilities. He invites everyone to come and bid on builds donated by several top notch sl builders.

Ricken Flow announced June 27th at health commons NR community health Center will be presenting National HIV Testing day. More details to come.

Cowgrl Crystal announced that the Narcolepsy Network is hosting a Patient Mini Conference in Seattle, WA USA this Sunday. Hoping to show the Board of Directors SL. Has a support group on my home here if anyone is interested or needs a place to refer people.

Glitteractica Cookie just coined the term “Rezup” to refer to SL folks meeting up in RL

Louise Later gave A reminder about another event on June 27th – Helen Keller Day in SL, 24 hours focusing on how to include everryone in real world employment, education, entertainment and social engagement using Second Life. A community event for all at the Faire sims. Hosted by Pathfinder Linden. Keller Johnson thompson is the keynote speaker – she is the RL great grand niece of Helen Keller herself. Contact Louise in world for more info.


Widget Whiteberry: Announcing Virtually Speaking, a regular public affairs program of Inworld Studios, featuring live, in-depth, intelligent conversations with opinion leaders in a range of fields. Next week’s guest is health policy advocate and blogger Eve Gittleson, who blogs on DailyKos as NYCeve and coined the phrase ‘Murder by Spreadsheet.”

Shout outs to Bjorlyn for rocking it last week and making NPC2 accessible

Report by Suza Falta: TechSoup Japan started-up this weak 03Jun2009.
here is photo stream.…
it was great day and i have a very small talk about NPO and IT, –a-nd NPSL and, other international event info.

09Jun2009 Community media round table with AMARC
(* streaming available, English and Japanese)

13Jun2009 Community radio and peace movement with AMARC
( @r370amarc )

above info. detail skype:matsuatbct twitter:@hirots

Zinnia Zauber reports CNN story about Ronnie Rhodes and Garden for the missing

Ricken Flow posted list of NPC folks using twitter at Ricken Flow:

NPC Contact Points
Twitter is @npsl, hashtag is #npsl
Google Group at
Wiki at
List of NPC tenants: (currently being updated)
List of NPC folks using twitter at

Written by: SereneJewell

Highlights from the Feb. 20, 2009 NPC Meeting

Health Panel PR (Glitteratica Cookie)

The Health Panel expo in SL will occur on the 27th of May in conjunction w/our own conference, NetSquared. That is, we will have a mixed reality portion in the real conference. If anyone is interested in being a part of this, please let me know.

We would love to have people at the RL conference to answer questions to the conference attendees about SL, and about what you are doing here, etc. The conference is going to be in San Jose.

We are looking for someone to take on a critical volunteer role – we need someone to take on the coordination of the PR. What that would mean is that you would coordinate which online publications we would promote this event to and we already have a list of 50 or more, but you would help us find the right blogs to post the event announcement to listservs to promote this kind of event (a health panel in SL). You would assign promotion tasks to certain volunteers so the same lists don’t get the same announcements. Glitteractica Cookie: this is the perfect kind of role for someone who wants to get involved with us, and is not a builder or a scripter, but is very into online social networks and online community engagement.

Discussion led to formation of a committee:
-Ozma Malibu (will organize list of tasks)
-Kali Idziak, DrG Zeiler (will respond tonight)
-In Kenzo (can be on committee and provide additional links/resources/places to promote)
-Ricken Flow (will be on the committee to stay abreast and report back to the larger committee)
-Abbiee Benazzi(someone would have to tell me what to do but I would be willing to help)
-Zazoom Zimminy(may be able to help, particularly with writing pieces)
-Lehlou (put on invite list)
-Rhiannon Chatnoir (can help with any graphics)
-Muse Carmona (will send the notice out to listservs and things but hasn’t got a lot of time to work on it)
-Impeccably Peccable (would love to be a part of the PR team)

Lehlou Barrymore: Can you tell me the time frame that the announcements would have to be sent?

Ricken willcoordinate with Glitteractica to makethe first meeting of this PR committee

This should possibly be on the wiki.

NPC: Who we are and what we do (Glitter and Penguin)

Penguin Kuhn: It occurs to me that we haven’t checked in for awhile about everything it is we do here at the NPC. Who we are, what we do. Smash is one of our wiki gardeners who will be cleaning up the wiki to have this info. more clear to everyone, but we wanted y’all to have an elevator pitch for when folks ask you about the Nonprofit Commons. (Coughran has a fantastic elevator pitch that is on the wiki:

Penguin Kuhn: This has also been translated into 10 different languages It needs a little updating to reflect our new sims bit it is a good place to start with explaining what we’re all about. Anika has put together a terrific 1-pager for us that we will also post to the wiki. This is ideal for printing out as well for
people unfamiliar with Second Life.

Glitteractica Cookie: the idea is that when people look at you with a blank stare, you are able to point them to something that makes sense

There’s our wiki of course: And our community blog: Community blog means that anyone interested in blogging can do so. Just sign up for an account and email me your username & we will get you set up. Beth Bates/Cordelia Gothley in SL is our blog coordinator and a good person to check in with if you are interested in blogging.

The “npsl” tag stands for “Nonprofits in Second Life” and this is the tag we use to tag any articles, press mentions, pictures we take, etc. So if you have pictures you’ve taken from NPC, please upload them to Flickr and tag them “npsl” Glitteractica Cookie: on flickr,, technorati, slideshare. Penguin Kuhn: That way, this information is all together and it will also show up on the homepage

If you use Twitter, we have a Twitter account:

Smash Lane: there are links to the blog from the wiki, one of them at least is broken right now.

Zinnia Zauber asks: can anyone tweet on the npsl?

Penguin Kuhn: I also have an “About the Nonprofit Commons” notecard that I passed on to the in-world groups and I will send this

Penguin Kuhn: is where we have presentations related to Nonprofit Commons in Second Life. You can also add yours there. The 1-pager, Buffy, also has these links

Now that our community is expanding we want to focus more on some of our larger goals as well, including. Regular training classes (scripting/building/etc.) We’ve had some, but would love to do more. Finishing our web directory project is another project. And Ricken and Tech Coleslaw among others will be helping us have in-world office hours at the TechSoup office. The Johnson Center will also be resuming their “Avatar on Duty” sessions on Aloft. This is a chance to meet and discuss real-world philanthropy w/ experts in the field.

Anika also did a wonderful report about the impact of our work. It is here:

Buffy Beale also has a couple of discussion papers if anyone wants, reasons why to join or stay in SL. One is up under the Development area, Buffy will mail to Serene to put on Blog. Also please mail to Glitteractica, Zinnia Zauber,

Ozma Malibu: I am presenting a paper at AERA in April about the NPC but a scholarly paper – it’s on empowerment.

Ronnie Rhode had an article published this week in Campus Technology Magazine about education in SL. Lots of activity on that message board too. It is still on the front page, second link on the left. Thanks to Ozma for the interview, too. (She is quoted in it!) Ronnie Rhode agreed to blog on the NPSL blog and mention the article. (Coordinate with Penguin for password)

Fractor Project (Josephine Junot)

Glitteractica Cookie: I want to introduce Josephine Junot, to present her amazing work in SL, and she is the winner of the MacArthur DML award! …I met Josephine in NYC last week and i was so impressed with her that i invited her to speak at the NPC

Josephine Junot: thanks for the invite…The first project I’ll talk about is Fractor ( Fractor is a breakthrough technology that gives news-readers instant access to opportunities for positive civic engagement. Basically, it’s a web app that will connect news with nonprofit needs. Often the influx of daily news can be overwhelming. Disasters, violence, poverty, crime & war are the regular tally. Readers comment on the world being out of control or at least out of their control. They might ask, “What can I do?” In fact, there is much that can be done, & developing a path to the solution is the first step. This is where Fractor will come into play. Our dev site – if you want to take a sneak peek – is We are in private beta right now and some things are still being developed, but you will be able to see it in action for the most part. Within Fractor ‘facts’ & ‘acts’ are organized on a single, intuitive page where every news story will be linked to real-world actions that users can pursue. At the technological heart is a recommendation system and aggregator that pulls recent news from multiple streams, drops it into categories.

Glitteractica Cookie: are u familiar with Oh My News and Cause Global? Josephine Junot: yes have heard of Oh My News but not Cause Global – some synergy? In Kenzo: sounds like synergy with SocialActions too, love the connection between facts and acts 😉 any1 Gynoid: URLs of sites mentioned

Josephine Junot: yes, SocialActions pulls in aggregation of causes in a similar way (but doesn’t have the news component, if I can remember correctly) What we really wanted to do is bridge the divide between inspiration and action so that when one reads a news story and gets the feeling of being overwhelmed and wanting to ‘do something’ – you can in one click

In Kenzo: How do you see this integrating here in SL? (I think it’s a great idea BTW, thanks for helping us make the connections)

Josephine Junot: We plan to have an SL presence in our 2nd stage development that takes advantage of the community we build online and in RL and integrates it with efforts in SL…During our first year, we (I and my co-founders, Ben & Hugo) came up with many different renditions of the concept, before settling on the essence of the idea (news w needs)

(SLIDES) So here you can see our home page on the dev site – where the left column is facts and right col is acts. We have someone writing the recommendation engine behind it so it should get more fabulous with use 🙂 Just to give another peek- here’s the ‘original sketch’ and here’s a news item expanded so you can see the Acts that match with it you can also sort by type of action (volunteer vs financial vs services or goods inkind)

any1 Gynoid: / great model… perception tied to action

Josephine Junot: yes! We are hoping that it gives people a diff way of interacting w the news

Saitek Blanco: Does it have a local scope as well?

Josephine Junot: As nonprofits – you’ll be able to create acts and have people ‘join’ them

Lehlou Barrymore: How will the site be funded?
Josephine Junot: good question – we got a MacArthur Foundation award that enabled us to manifest this first version

Josephine Junot: At this point – what we really need is for nonprofits to sign up and try it out. Nonprofits can go to and also there are tutorial vids on

…I’m at the We Media conference pitching fractor in their grant competition next week. We are finalists. Vote for us! Here’s our entry on the Ashoka Changemakers site (We Media conference):

So my other project is Kidz Connect. Kidz Connect connects youth in diff countries via media art, performance and collaborative creation in SL. (We ran out of time. Josephine will be back in two weeks to talk more about Kidz Connect.)

If you’d like more info/have any questions, just ping me in world or at or follow her on twitter @funksoup

Open Mic

Zinnia Zauber: Part of what makes the Nonprofit Commons so amazing is the people. You are invited every week to mix and mingle at three events at NPC. Wharf Ratz Tuesday Night Extrordinary Dance Extravaganza at 8 on Aloft. Common Ground which is our weekly networking event every Thursday night at 7 pm here on Plush. And, this meeting every Friday morning at 8:30. Take the time to attend these events and network with people who have Common Ground – Common Goals – Common Good!

Next Thursday In Kenzo will come out and do a Common Vision color party. In Kenzo: so you all get to experience a rare treat….we’ll talk about @amoration and the recent tour we are working on, and you will get to meet my dad on his virgin SL experience! So if you’re curious about the @lightningtemple whispers or want to talk about other netweaving fun come out. Zinnia Zauber: Our color for the night is Heliotrope. See the little colored box next to the Common Ground poster. If you have any music requests please send them To Ricken Flow. In Kenzo: Ricken, there’s lots to pull from there.

Nany Kayo: Gentle Heron of Virtual Ability will be the guest on Metanomics this Monday Feb 23 at noon. Metanomics is a weekly interview show where guests discuss and answer questions about issues of interest to organizations in virtual worlds. The shows are simulcast in real time at several locations in SL where all of the combined audiences have access to the same open chat stream to ask questions that are forwarded to the guests and the host, as well as make comments. Some of the brightest and most productive people in SL are in the Metanomics group. Its worth checking out. I’m looking forward to Gentle’s show. The guide dogs are going to be there, too, from what I hear. And other tech for disabilities will be discussed. Love those guide dogs.

Louise Later: Max, the VHH VIrtual Guidedog, will have a 10-minute segment on Metanomics: with host Robert Bloomfield. The show is live on Monday, February 23, 2008 The show starts at Noon PT and ends at 1 PM. Virtual Helping Hands (VHH) is a coalition of four groups, united in our mission to bring people who have disabilities into Second Life™ so everyone can enjoy what SL offers—entertainment, education, employment, and engagement. The Virtual Guidedog group is currently focusing on those who are visually or print- impaired, but those with real life physical disabilities also benefit from the guidedog. We’d love to have you in our group of supporters in the audience at Come and see Max the Virtual Guidedog do his tricks!

any1 Gynoid: 11am slt Sat Feb 21, 2009 – LIVE MUSIC & POETRY – Junivers Stockholm plays live music with Poetress Laurette Serene Bechir and Medora “Voice of the Sirens” Chevalier THEN TALK … Alexjo Magic – Doctoral Reseacher on Israeli-Palestinian Women in Conflict secondlife://Halve Maen/2/46/22 very cool gig!

Ricken Flow: NPC in metaver messenger – (article written by Ricken Flow) Our next article will be on Virtual Volunteers if anyone has any quotes on what vounteering has meant to them please send them to me


The Wiki –
Coughran’s Elevator Pitch –
Community Blog –
Twitter –
Slideshare Presentations related to NPC (add yours) –
Anika’s wonderful report about the impact of our work –
Article by Ronnie Rhode about education use of SL –

You can see the raw chat log from this meeting on the wiki.

Written by: SereneJewell

Highlights from the Feb. 13, 2009 NPC Meeting

Meet Your NPC Neighbor (Niama Meyersohn)

Rock The Path is a non-profit holistic retreat and educational center located in Camden, Maine. The “Path” is the journey that each of us travels during our lifetime and to “Rock The Path” is a direct invitation to take part in the unabashed exploration and expression of your greatest potential.

Rock The Path offers a range of informative and experiential programs that provide effective and easy-to-use tools to enhance and improve health and wellness. Programs include but are not limited to, stress reduction, relaxation, meditation, pain reduction, concentration, sleep, creativity and the exploration of consciousness. In SL they will be duplicating some of their their programs…..and combining them with other distance learning technologies. Rock The Path is holding its Excursion Weekend Workshop in Maine on 2/20-2/22 and we want to offer 1 NPC. member a Free spot ($350 value), if anyone is interested. Check them out at

NPC tenant update (Penguin, Kali Izdiak)

We have had a few offices vacate and have some new orgs that are coming in. We’re accommodating almost everyone on the waiting list at this point. Penguin Kuhn: Priceless and MagazineKidd are two of our new folks. Welcome aboard! Youth Venture is leaving so Penguin will need a volunteer to help Ricken with the wiki since Sally will no longer be w/ us. The beautiful Eco Commons has lots of space for enviro orgs. We’d like to get more tenants in there, so please spread the word to any environmental orgs that you know that may be interested. Questions from DonPaul Cale: If we have a current office space, can we look at the ones that are being vacated and choose to move? Penguin says connect with Kali about this. Ricken Flow will be putting in an app today for avatar action center. Page Putzo know several orgs and will pass the word around. Penguin reminds tenants tenants that we periodically have a look at offices/tenants and make sure that the residents are staying actively involved per our agreement. The office agreement is that you spend 3 hours a week in this sim or whatever NPC sim you inhabit. Glitteractica reminds that you don’t need to have an actual office to join this community. Penguin notes we have loads of great volunteers that don’t have a space. Penguin Kuhn says we need a wiki gardener! Wiki gardener helps organize the wiki in a way that is clear and logical for people finding info. about us. Smash Lane may be interested.

NPC session at NYLC (Bradford Rainmaker)

Brad Lewis (Bradford Rainmaker) is a Program Officer at Learn and Serve America at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), in Washington, DC. We support AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve and Senior Corps programs around the US and mobilize over 2m Americans every year in volunteer roles meeting unmet needs here in the States. ( “I just wanted to let you all know that we’re going to have some opportunities to share our life with those first lifers who are involved in service-learning (community service tied to curriculum). My federal agency (CNCS) is participating
in the National Service-Learning Conference in Nashville, TN from 3/18- 3/21. (More on the conference at: We have the opportunity to introduce SecondLife and the NPC to conference attendees, and Global Kids will be streaming portions of the conference live into SL and Teen SL, as well as doing some workshops on their programs at the conference.” Time slots are available for NPC nonprofits (in 30 minute increments.) There will be 2300 attendees and 1/3 of them are youth, every year. The “live” booth at the conference will be staffed by our National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, If you want to present, this is a great opportunity to share yr work with a governmental agencies, state agencies, nonprofits, tribal groups and youth groups of all stripes and others … this is an audience who doesn’t know us that well yet. Visit the website for information on funding for service-learning programs (approx. $350,000 – $450,000 per year for three years for community- based programs) by visiting: Muse Carmona offered to present for Gimp Girl.

Virtual world design project (JudyArx Scribe)

“I been teaching Architecture for 12 years at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I am here because I am hooked by SL and what
it can do. SL is hopeless as a document or production management tool- and that is why I love it. …in SL we will be able to talk before, during and after the project. All sorts of ideas can be played with – the wildest ideas -the nature of the absurd –and also the realistic. But the treasure is that at each step of the way the students will have to be convincing… you …and me. What I hope you will be good enough to help us with is a process of surveying – and we promise to make it fun and as painless as possible- to work out what is great about NPC – what is familiar and friendly –what is troubling –what more NPC could be. Should it be one community with a similar look everywhere? Or should everyone be absolutely different. Should we be aiming for NPC to be the busiest Sim of SL -Do you want or need to achieve 1000 notecards delivered to 1001 different avatars daily? Or is it a quiet place? My guess is yes to it all. From that rich soup students will start to make proposals- to plan events – to document – to build –to prototype. And you will be pleased to hear we will do that without harming one hair on the head of the current sims. Auckland University has it’s own sim for this work and is purchasing another to support this project . But we would like to be part of NPC so we can build a relationship of creative practice and we can engage in Research by Design.

The nuts and bolts are that we will be a team of about 20 and we will set up an office in Bali Natural. At this stage I imagine that in early March we will start asking people to interact with different ways of collecting information. In a further weeks or so they will have presented ideas, had feedback, represented to critics. This will include Keystone Bouchard, Scope Cleaver, Tab Scott, most importantly Yourselves and as many others as I can convince….After that will be six weeks where we can implement something -it may be one idea or bits of many ideas or it may be none. These students will be third years students. They will be expected to put at least 30 hrs a week into the project. At Auckland University there will also be 115 first year students being introduced to Digital ideas and I would imagine they will want to visit. We are engaged with Virtual Africa- putting a possible project together… And have some Master’s students looking for advanced work in SL. We are hoping to have a final exhibition of interesting projects from the School at Dakota Skies Gallery. Can we come and play? and do something useful for you?

Open mic

Zinnia Zauber: I invite you all to Common Ground which is our weekly networking event every Thursday night at 7 pm here on Plush. On Thursday, Feb 19 – Avatar Action Center is sponsoring Common Ground. Our color for the night is Gossamer Green. I encourage you to attend to get to know your fellow nonprofits in Second Life and share what you do while dancing. Common Ground is a weekly event to network on Plush for all to enjoy. We brainstorm, share, and boogie! Common Ground is every Thursday at 7. Remember that Coughran has his Wharf Ratz Tuesday Night Extraordinary Dance Extravaganza at 8 every week on
Aloft! If you are interested in sponsoring a Common Ground, please contact Ethelred Weathermax or myself to set a date and
get details!

Muse Carmona: Just a quick reminder that I’m doing a community study of NPC for a class in online community design. You can find more info here…. Also if anyone is willing to be interviewed in voice for about an hour about your nonprofit, please contact me.

Ricken Flow: NPC/Tech soup will announce in-world office hours soon

Penguin Kuhn: Yes, very quickly, we have some dates for the health panel event this will be on May 26th or 27th. We’re going to see which one is best, but it will definitely be one of the two so stay tuned for more details. More here: Glitteractica Cookie: google group for this community is at and we are looking for volunteers to help with event.

Glitteractica Cookie: also, for those of u who do not know, we have a blog at, a wiki at

The raw transcript for this meeting can be found at the NPC Wiki.

Written by: SereneJewell

Highlights from the Feb 6, 2009 NPC Meeting

Black AIDS Awareness Day (Ricken Flow)

Feb 7th is National black aids awareness day and we will be having a program right here at Nonprofit Commons, starting with a video on hiv/aids and African Americans an open discussion and the wordl music by harleymc. Everyone is welcome. More information at:

TechSoup Stock Info. (Playa Fairey)

Playa Fairey works with Glitteractica Cookie at TechSoup Global. She is Ricci Powers, Sr Accounts Manager at TechSoup Global in RL. Tech Soup is in San Francisco. The mission is of TechSoup Globals is “working towards a day where every nonprofit organization and social benefit organization has the technology recources they need to operate at their full potential. As the Sr account manager I work with largeorganizations, like YMCA, BCGA, to make sure their affiliates understand our donation programs.” TechSoup Stock handles the product donations for 37 different software and hardware companies, like Microsoft, Cisco Adobe, Symantec, ect. Each Donor Partners has a different area they want to focus their donations on. To qualify for a software discount, (up to 95% off retail prices!) a U.S. organization needs to be a 501c3 and outside the US they need to be the equivalent to a 501c3. Eligibility requirements at Currently Techglobal is in 23 countries including the USA and is expanding rapidly. In TechSoup forums and learning center you can also learn about these products- how to choose the best one and how to use them at There are also some webinars at . In April Tech Soup will be running a Green tech promotion with helpful tips and resources for saving the environment and money in honor of earth day.

Ricci will investigate options for nonprofits working under a fiscal sponsor umbrella. Also investigating accessibility products.

Full details about TechSoup Stock are at and Ricci’s email is rpow…, phone is 415.633.9341.

Open mic

Zinnia Zauber: Thanks to Project Jason for sponsoring Common Ground last night! Eggplant Purple was all about!. Next sponsor is Avatar Action Center on Feb
19 with Gossamer Green. Common Ground @ Plush is a networking party every Thursday at 7 PM SLT. We have a color theme each week. Next week
is Frangipani Yellow! That’s the color of a plumeria flower or champagne! Common Ground is one of our weekly networking
events we have dancing, sharing and such this is an informal gathering of nonprofits inworld. Coughran Mayo also hosts an event every tuesday night, wharfratz. Join the Techsoup group to receive reminders about these events.

Ronnie Rhode: if anyone is conducting actual academics within SL for a university or college, or if you know anyone doing something beyond just building replicas of
campuses, actual applied academics here, please get in touch with me. I need the info for an article for an education publication. Thanks!

Serene Jewell: About academics, be sure to check out the presentations that were made at the recent education faire. There’s a page on the SL Wiki that links to slide shows and pdfs at

any1 Gynoid: Human Rights Fest.. now rebranded Human Rights Network… Plans to host weekly speakers and discussions 2pm slt Thursdays…#1 we need speakers on major RL issues… Energy, Human Rights, Global Finance, Education, Poverty, Health… etc…#2… Does it make sense to host discussions here? or at Aloft? … Our mission is to bring together groups… for social benefit events…Pls Contact Any1 Gynoid …May host discussions at NPC – coordinating with Glitteractica Cookie.

Penguin Kuhn: i’m on the board for a nonprofit, all volunteer at this point. we match cancer patients w/ free yoga classes. I am brainstorming ways that we might
benefit from having a SL presence. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Our website is here: Since we are small and volunteers at this
point, want to make sure we do this in way that is sustainable & worth our while. Ronnie Rhode knows woman who teaches yoga exclusively. Ozma Malibu remembers obesity study about how practicing a body image in SLmade it easier to do the same in RL.

Penguin Kuhn: Now a quick eco commons announcement.Jac is still rounding up potential tenants through his networks. Talking with Sage and Ricken. Eco Commons needs some tenants, so please reach out to any of your networks and spread the word to anyone you think. If you haven’t checked out Eco Commons yet, it is gorgeous. You do not necessarily have to be a 501(c)(3); just be a social benefit organization Penguin Kuhn: we will soon have a brief blurb about eco commons that we will pass on as a notecard & also post to google group

any1 Gynoid notes that Amnesty-E lost their home sim… contact is Millay Freschi

Glitteractica Cookie: We are having an all-day health expo in SL and in the real world but mainly in SL to be held in conjunction with our
NetSquared conference. NetSqaured is TechSoup Global’s web 2.0
program and this all-day event will feature panelists from health realted nonprofits and hopefully health information island will
be a presence in this event. Iif you are interested in learning more, we have a google group specifically for the planning of this event and if you are interested in participating in the planning, please IM ricken Flow
is the link to the group. If you are interested in being a panelist, or just participating, pls IM us or Ricken Flow there is also information on the wiki this event is scheduled for either May 26-27, no firm date yet

Ricken Flow: yes Keep your eye on the Meteverse Messenger We will have ongoing articles about NPC

Remember Nonprofit Commons and Aloft have space for public events, just contact Glitteractica Cookie or Penguin Kuhn

If anyone tags stuff on flickr, slideshare and please use tag NPSL.

Written by: SereneJewell