Highlights from the Feb 6, 2009 NPC Meeting

Black AIDS Awareness Day (Ricken Flow)

Feb 7th is National black aids awareness day and we will be having a program right here at Nonprofit Commons, starting with a video on hiv/aids and African Americans an open discussion and the wordl music by harleymc. Everyone is welcome. More information at: http://www.blackaidsday.org

TechSoup Stock Info. (Playa Fairey)

Playa Fairey works with Glitteractica Cookie at TechSoup Global. She is Ricci Powers, Sr Accounts Manager at TechSoup Global in RL. Tech Soup is in San Francisco. The mission is of TechSoup Globals is “working towards a day where every nonprofit organization and social benefit organization has the technology recources they need to operate at their full potential. As the Sr account manager I work with largeorganizations, like YMCA, BCGA, to make sure their affiliates understand our donation programs.” TechSoup Stock handles the product donations for 37 different software and hardware companies, like Microsoft, Cisco Adobe, Symantec, ect. Each Donor Partners has a different area they want to focus their donations on. To qualify for a software discount, (up to 95% off retail prices!) a U.S. organization needs to be a 501c3 and outside the US they need to be the equivalent to a 501c3. Eligibility requirements at https://www.techsoup.org/stock/restrictions.asp. Currently Techglobal is in 23 countries including the USA and is expanding rapidly. In TechSoup forums and learning center you can also learn about these products- how to choose the best one and how to use them at http://forumstechsoup.org. There are also some webinars at http://www.techsoup.org/go/webinars . In April Tech Soup will be running a Green tech promotion with helpful tips and resources for saving the environment and money in honor of earth day.

Ricci will investigate options for nonprofits working under a fiscal sponsor umbrella. Also investigating accessibility products.

Full details about TechSoup Stock are at http://www.techsoup.org/stock and http://www.techsoup.org/stock/gettingstarted. Ricci’s email is rpow…@techsoupglobal.org, phone is 415.633.9341.

Open mic

Zinnia Zauber: Thanks to Project Jason for sponsoring Common Ground last night! Eggplant Purple was all about!. Next sponsor is Avatar Action Center on Feb
19 with Gossamer Green. Common Ground @ Plush is a networking party every Thursday at 7 PM SLT. We have a color theme each week. Next week
is Frangipani Yellow! That’s the color of a plumeria flower or champagne! Common Ground is one of our weekly networking
events we have dancing, sharing and such this is an informal gathering of nonprofits inworld. Coughran Mayo also hosts an event every tuesday night, wharfratz. Join the Techsoup group to receive reminders about these events.

Ronnie Rhode: if anyone is conducting actual academics within SL for a university or college, or if you know anyone doing something beyond just building replicas of
campuses, actual applied academics here, please get in touch with me. I need the info for an article for an education publication. Thanks!

Serene Jewell: About academics, be sure to check out the presentations that were made at the recent education faire. There’s a page on the SL Wiki that links to slide shows and pdfs at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Education_Support_Faire

any1 Gynoid: Human Rights Fest.. now rebranded Human Rights Network… Plans to host weekly speakers and discussions 2pm slt Thursdays…#1 we need speakers on major RL issues… Energy, Human Rights, Global Finance, Education, Poverty, Health… etc…#2… Does it make sense to host discussions here? or at Aloft? … Our mission is to bring together groups… for social benefit events…Pls Contact Any1 Gynoid …May host discussions at NPC – coordinating with Glitteractica Cookie.

Penguin Kuhn: i’m on the board for a nonprofit, all volunteer at this point. we match cancer patients w/ free yoga classes. I am brainstorming ways that we might
benefit from having a SL presence. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Our website is here: http://www.yogabear.org. Since we are small and volunteers at this
point, want to make sure we do this in way that is sustainable & worth our while. Ronnie Rhode knows woman who teaches yoga exclusively. Ozma Malibu remembers obesity study about how practicing a body image in SLmade it easier to do the same in RL.

Penguin Kuhn: Now a quick eco commons announcement.Jac is still rounding up potential tenants through his networks. Talking with Sage and Ricken. Eco Commons needs some tenants, so please reach out to any of your networks and spread the word to anyone you think. If you haven’t checked out Eco Commons yet, it is gorgeous. You do not necessarily have to be a 501(c)(3); just be a social benefit organization Penguin Kuhn: we will soon have a brief blurb about eco commons that we will pass on as a notecard & also post to google group

any1 Gynoid notes that Amnesty-E lost their home sim… contact is Millay Freschi

Glitteractica Cookie: We are having an all-day health expo in SL and in the real world but mainly in SL to be held in conjunction with our
NetSquared conference. NetSqaured is TechSoup Global’s web 2.0
program and this all-day event will feature panelists from health realted nonprofits and hopefully health information island will
be a presence in this event. Iif you are interested in learning more, we have a google group specifically for the planning of this event and if you are interested in participating in the planning, please IM ricken Flow http://groups.google.com/group/npsl-health-expo?hl=en
is the link to the group. If you are interested in being a panelist, or just participating, pls IM us or Ricken Flow there is also information on the wiki http://npsl.wikispaces.com/healthpanelevent this event is scheduled for either May 26-27, no firm date yet

Ricken Flow: yes Keep your eye on the Meteverse Messenger http://www.metaversemessenger.com/ We will have ongoing articles about NPC

Remember Nonprofit Commons and Aloft have space for public events, just contact Glitteractica Cookie or Penguin Kuhn

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Written by: SereneJewell