Donor Day at TechSoup Global Partner Summit – Participate

See and hear the panel live
To view the panel live, you will need Apple QuickTime installed on your computer. If you do not already
have QuickTime, you can download it for free from here:

Once you are ready to view video and audio of the live panels, go to the Nonprofit Commons website
( where a live link for the panel will be available.

All you need to do is click on the link and you will be able to see and hear the proceedings.
Here is how you can make comments and ask questions that will be relayed to the panel moderator.

Submit comments/questions to the panel by email
Send an email with "TSG Summit Panel Question" in the subject and your question, your name and
your organization in the body of the message to

Chat live with other viewers and submit comments/questions
If you have difficulty sending email or wish to expand your options, you may join a web chat of other
people watching the panel live. No registration is required. Just go to

When asking a question for the panel, we ask you start your question with a "?" question mark so we
can see it easily.

View the panel and submit comments/questions in a 3D virtual world

For those who are familiar with Second Life, or have been looking for a good excuse to explore this
exciting new communications medium, we will be live streaming the event on Second Life, so you can
view and submit comments/questions there. (This option requires that software is downloaded and
installed on your system. The download is 22MB and may take time)

1. If you are not already registered with Second Life, register here: do

You should be taken through the process to verify your email address, download and install the Second
Life viewer. If not, do the following:
– Check the email account for the address you gave when registering with Second Life. Click on the
long URL in the email and you should get a confirmation and download instructions.
– You can download the Second Life viewer for Windows, MacOS or Linux here:

2. Once Second Life is running and you have signed into the virtual world, you can teleport directly to
the event with video and discussion:
– Go to the teleport map:
– Click on the orange "teleport now" button.
– The Second Life viewer will show you a small map of the location. Click on "Teleport" in the Second
Life window.
– Use your arrow keys to guide your avatar to the video screen:
– Turn around and head toward the welcome sign.
– Keep walking until you see an amphitheater.
– Right-click on a seat and choose "Sit Here" to sit down.
– Push play on the bottom of the screen to start video.

3. Please direct your comments/questions via text chat or IM to TechSoup Staffer, "Penguin Kuhn", and
include your name and organization.

Written by: Creech