Donor Day at TechSoup Global Partner Summit – The Agenda

The agenda

9:30a – 10:45a Pacific (16:30 – 17:45 UTC)
Opening Plenary Panel: Core Issues, Hurdles and Opportunities
Panelists: David Barnard, Rufina Fernandes, Doug Jacquier, John Fung and, moderator, Daniel Ben-

We will ask four of the most experienced nonprofit capacity builders in the world to paint a nuanced and
candid picture of the issues impacting the deployment of technology for social change in diverse areas
of the globe.

11:00a – 12:15p Pacific (18:00 – 19:15 UTC)
Opening Plenary (continued): Response through Three Expert Lenses
Panelists: Clara Miller, Joaquin Alvarado, Rebecca Masisak and, moderator, Daniel Ben-Horin

We will ask Clara, Joaquin and Rebecca to reflect on the morning’s discussion through the prisms of
• the Social Capital Marketplace,
• the Next Generation of Internet technology and
• the Experience and Plans of the TechSoup Global Network.

Written by: Creech