Highlights from NPC Meeting June 5

American Association of University Women (AAUW) in Second Life:
Presentation by CJ27 Jigsaw about the great work work of American Association of University Women. AAUW is building an office in Second Life on ALOFT. web: http://www.aauw.org Twitter: @christytj

Second Life’s 6th Birthday Celebration (SL6B):
Zinnia Zauber reports that the NPC exhibit she applied for was accepted. Called Nonprofit Commons – Common Good – Common Goals – Common Ground. The intent of this exhibit for SL6B is to share how socializing can initiate action for social causes and challenge social change that is for the better.

One way that the Nonprofit Commons encourages networking between nonprofits and supporters is through weekly social events. The exhibit will be a festive place full of dancing, information about the different NPOs that make the Nonprofit Commons their home, and display how virtual worlds connect us beyond our screens, but into our collective lives. Actively paricipating is your way of being part of this great showcase of what Second Life has to offer. If you would like your organization to be promoted at this exhibit, please send me, ZInnia Zauber, a folder with your org’s name on it that includes the following with FULL permissions: Logo Texture, Photo of you in your Org’s place in SL, Notecard about Org Website, Links to videos about your Org.

Nany Kayo reports that virtual Native Lands will have an exhibit. Janlyssa Serenity says they will be exhibiting.

Event is in June. General info at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_6th_Birthday

SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) in San Francisco August 13-16
Real World gathering of SL users. This is the 5th year. http://slconvention.org
Rhiannon Chatnoir reported that at the conference there are tracks focusing on things like education and business uses of SL and other topics such as machinima, health, music, etc. And in prior year’s we have also had panels on non-profit related uses of SL, by NPC and those within it like Glitteractica, Coughran and others

General discussion on how NPC and nonprofits might be inovlved. There will likely be panels and parties! For those who are interested: Join the meeting with Rhiannon, Ozma, Zinnia, Kali, Bjorlyn 4:30 SLT Wed, June 10. Aloft landing point,

Open Mic

Smash Lane says thanks for welcoming he and Abbiee and Fighting for Fighters. Tonight, June 5, at 7 pm SLT, Averlast boxing, one of their sponsors, is holding a Builders Auction with half of all money raised going to our organization and to American Cancer society. Also half of the money fighting for fighters receives will be donated to Virtual Abilities. He invites everyone to come and bid on builds donated by several top notch sl builders. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Averlast%20Vegas/155/115/87

Ricken Flow announced June 27th at health commons NR community health Center will be presenting National HIV Testing day. More details to come.

Cowgrl Crystal announced that the Narcolepsy Network is hosting a Patient Mini Conference in Seattle, WA USA this Sunday. Hoping to show the Board of Directors SL. Has a support group on my home here if anyone is interested or needs a place to refer people. sleepycowgrl@comcast.net

Glitteractica Cookie just coined the term “Rezup” to refer to SL folks meeting up in RL

Louise Later gave A reminder about another event on June 27th – Helen Keller Day in SL, 24 hours focusing on how to include everryone in real world employment, education, entertainment and social engagement using Second Life. A community event for all at the Faire sims. Hosted by Pathfinder Linden. Keller Johnson thompson is the keynote speaker – she is the RL great grand niece of Helen Keller herself. Contact Louise in world for more info.


Widget Whiteberry: Announcing Virtually Speaking, a regular public affairs program of Inworld Studios, featuring live, in-depth, intelligent conversations with opinion leaders in a range of fields. Next week’s guest is health policy advocate and blogger Eve Gittleson, who blogs on DailyKos as NYCeve and coined the phrase ‘Murder by Spreadsheet.”

Shout outs to Bjorlyn for rocking it last week and making NPC2 accessible

Report by Suza Falta: TechSoup Japan started-up this weak 03Jun2009.
here is photo stream.
it was great day and i have a very small talk about NPO and IT, –a-nd NPSL and, other international event info.

09Jun2009 Community media round table with AMARC
(* streaming available, English and Japanese)

13Jun2009 Community radio and peace movement with AMARC
( @r370amarc )

above info. detail matsu@adgj.net skype:matsuatbct twitter:@hirots

Zinnia Zauber reports CNN story about Ronnie Rhodes and Garden for the missing

Ricken Flow posted list of NPC folks using twitter at Ricken Flow: http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Twitter+Page

NPC Contact Points
Twitter is @npsl, hashtag is #npsl
Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/TechSoup-Second-Life
Wiki at http://npsl.wikispaces.com
List of NPC tenants: http://npsl.wikispaces.com/NPC+Tenant+Directory (currently being updated)
List of NPC folks using twitter at http://npsl.wikispaces.com/Twitter+Page

Written by: SereneJewell