NPC Mtg 20200703 CHAT – SL17B NPC Exhibits Tour – Zinnia Zauber

Second Life – Group notice: July 3 Nonprofit Commons Field Trip to Second LIfe’s Birthday!
At 8:30 AM SLT, Friday, July 3 at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Meeting, join us for field trip to the Second Life 17th Birthday exhibitions including “Nonprofit Passport – Civic Leadership and Global Goals at the Nonprofit Commons”. #SL17B With the theme of travel, we will be visiting our community partners’ exhibitions. Our NPC exhibition is about wonderful adventures and opportunities to meet our virtual friends in the physical world.

[08:30] Rhiannon Chatnoir: This might be a lighter meeting with 4th of July weekend starting for many
[08:31] Elli Pinion: Yes, holiday (in quarantine) weekend!
[08:31] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[08:31] OliveTree Lighthouse: hi Daniela
[08:32] Beth Ghostraven: it’s about the same for us, we don’t go to big fireworks displays anyway–too much trouble getting out of the parking log all at once
[08:32] Beth Ghostraven: lot, that is
[08:32] Stranger Nightfire: hello OliveTree
[08:32] Beth Ghostraven: we stay home and watch our neighbors’ illegal fireworks and make sure the roof doesn’t catch fire, lol
[08:33] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Morning all!
[08:33] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): No quarantine in dital worlds
[08:33] Namaara MacMoragh: We use to do that Beth. Fortunately we’ve since moved and it’s less threatening.
[08:33] OliveTree Lighthouse: hi Rini
[08:33] Rini Hathaway: Hi
[08:33] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Junie, Gentle, Stranger, Dancers, Nam, Daniela, Liss, Sitearm, Zinnia, Astra, Rini, and Shiloh!
[08:33] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): waves at all
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Welcome everyone to this week’s Nonprofit Commons Weekly Meeting!
[08:34] Junie Mirabella: Good Morning
[08:34] Dancers Yao: Hello Beth
[08:34] OliveTree Lighthouse: hi Sitearm
[08:34] OliveTree Lighthouse waves
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: —————
AGENDA (all times below PT)
8:30 am  Introductions
8:40 am  Mentors / Annnouncements
5:50 am  Open Mic
9:00 am  Second Life 17th Birthday exhibitions field trip
[08:34] Dancers Yao: Morning everyond
[08:34] OliveTree Lighthouse: good morning Junie
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ———–
Here are the many ways to can get involved with the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:
–  Nonprofit Commons Blog:
–  Google Calendar:
[08:34] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ————
The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is peer governed and funded! If you would like to help support NPC, you can donate via paypal to or send a donation in world by using the donation kiosks or to the avatar: NonprofitCommons Actor
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: And as a reminder, we normally publish our meeting transcripts, so all public chat is recorded.
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ————–
Happy Friday everyone, let’s start off with Introductions!
[08:35] Rini Hathaway: So I have to watch my language?
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Please type into chat what you are comfortable sharing with us – what project/orgs you might be part of in Second Life, your real name, geographic location, org, and any ways we can find you online or in social media.
And if you are new to Nonprofit Commons, how you found about today’s meeting.
[08:35] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lol Rini
[08:35] Buffy Beale: Buffy Bye, NonProfit Commons Member of the Nonprofit Commons Board and Mentor Team,
Victoria BC Canada.
Founder, JoinMeJoinUs.  Phase One ~ Five Word Call to Connect
Visit our kiosk here at: Aloft Nonprofit Commons (98,133,25)
[08:35] Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc.
[08:36] Beth Ghostraven: I’m Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; owner of Ghostraven Professional Attire, classic clothing for educators in SL; Communications Chair for the VWBPE Conference ; Communications Chair and Focus Sessions Producer for the ISTE Virtual Environments Network; and unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at
[08:36] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, DFW, Blogger
SL17B: Second Life Seventeenth Birthday. Nonprofit Commons, Phoenix Artists Collaboration, Inspiration Island
Not your granddad’s literacy. Digital literacy: a presentation in a digital world. So not your grandad’s presentation either.
Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center: Virus model
 The coming digital campus. Not just an online class. All the campus resources in managed access Teaching the skills of the new century with the tools of the new century
“The Superhero’s Journey Digital Storytelling: Project with Zinnia Zauber/Professor Renne Emiko Brock at Peninsula College Field Trip Part
[08:36] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville):  1″
[08:36] Wisdomseeker (lissena): is owner of Inspiration Island, CEO of Whole Brain Health
a 501c3 Ageless Mind Project. FB: Virtual Inspiration Island; website: Board Member: Secretary – NonprofitCommons in SL
[08:36] OliveTree Lighthouse: hi Lyr
[08:36] Shiloh Emmons: Hello , My name is Shiloh Emmons, I am developing two ethno art exhibits with the CVL:  1) Nexus Dot , exhibitor :: Kuna indians and their molas + the Embera indans of Panama, as part of the Panam exhibit; 2) Qube Core + Darth Vondran::  Chinese Brush Stroke art technique.
[08:36] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Siri and Lyr!
[08:36] Siri Vezina: hi, Beth!
[08:36] Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock, artist – instructor – superhero, Peninsula College, Sequim, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, United States of America. Co-Chair of the Nonprofit Commons Board @renneemiko
[08:36] Siri Vezina: Siri Vezina, retired environmental science/biology/GIS professor, beekeeper, and ex-teacher of basic building in SL.
[08:36] Rini Hathaway: I’m Rinda Montgomery, Chief Learning & Development Officer, Paradigm Learning System. We are learning solutions architect. We were recently designated the third-party provider of professional development for educators with graduate overlay credit through a teacher university. The first two courses have been approaved. Launch on July 15. US$600 for 3 credits.
[08:36] Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Los Angeles, CA Human Rights and Health Care
[08:37] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): Sitearm – Owner at Online Media Service of Development One LLC. Exploring virtual platforms, events, and use cases. Online Presence. One World Is Not Enough.
[08:37] Rhiannon Chatnoir is Joyce Bettencourt, designer and community organizer gal in Boston MA area, co-lead of &, find me online
[08:37] Lyr Lobo: Cynthia Calongne, Professor, @lyrlobo *grins*
[08:37] jacmacaire Humby: Jacques Macaire Founder and Director of HUMANBE Action Tank on Sustainable Human Development France and International @Humanbe
[08:37] Kate Nova: Flaneur.
[08:37] OliveTree Lighthouse: I’m a Learning and Development consultant, Trainer, Course designer, life and Executive Coach. As a hobby and as a volunteer I also teach a couple of languages 🙂
[08:37] Namaara MacMoragh: Gloria Kraegel, Chief Grounds Keeper at Etopia Sustainable Communities, Etopia Island (194,56,22). Principal at GReat Kreations,, and Team Leader at BEST,  – NPC Board Member – Twitter @go4victory
[08:37] Valibrarian Gregg: Valerie Hill,  Library & Information Science researcher  @valibrarian
[08:38] Elli Pinion: Good morning everyone!  Becky Adams, University of New Mexico online instructor – Ed Tech, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Board (VWBPE), NPC, Community Virtual Library (CVL), JoinMeJoinUs (JMJU) – passion is using technology to teach, especially at a distance.
[08:38] Coughran Mayo: Dick Dillon, Consultant, Innovaision LLC – St. Louis MO USA
[08:38] Marly (marly.milena): Niela Miller, M.S. Education/Communications, multi-artist (composer/musician, mixed media artist, actor, writer) virtual world educator/ trainer, therapist, coach, founder of SL group Octagon:Creative Exploration devoted to programs combining creative arts processes, psychology, community building, education.  SymMod Training now available for people who work with people (and/or work on themselves!.
[08:39] Shiloh Emmons: My background is graduate training in Anthropology, University of New Mexico… 30 years art sales in New Mexico, gallery hanging, art displays, a lot of art sales !!  and, museum hands on training with Georgia Okeeffe, Museum of Indian Arts & Crafts, the anthropology institute — SAR [School for Advanced Research, orig the School of American Research], the History Museum of New Mexico, and the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian.      As Project Direcotr-Curator of these two upcoming Exhibits with CVL, I am pleased to offer the exhibits to the SL audience…. Very Soon!
[08:40] Shiloh Emmons: My art background is strong in the ethnographic art area, Southwest Native American art.
[08:41] Valibrarian Gregg: Can’t wait to visit the new art space Shiloh has created at CVL!!!
[08:41] Shiloh Emmons: *smiles.. thank you , Val… you gave me space!!!!
[08:41] Rhiannon Chatnoir: If you joined us late, please still introduce yourself!
[08:42] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) hums “you gave me space…”
[08:42] Shiloh Emmons: Lissi got a quick peek ..  :))  and I owe a hand of gratitutde to Lissi…
[08:42] Wisdomseeker (lissena): it is a beautiful space and exhibit, even unfinished
[08:43] Marylou Goldrosen: Hi Everyone! Marylou Goldrosen is Mary Stokrocki, Professor Emerita, Art Education at Arizona State University. I have been teaching at my Art Ark School here is at Nonprofit Commons, Plush
Plush Nonprofit Commons (127,23,26)
[08:45] Junie Mirabella: Junie Mirabella, creative director Double Diamond Archaeology, 501 c 3,  former faculty UArts Phila. etc.
[08:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: going to move on to Nonprofit Commons Community Updates, but please keep sharing your intros as we go 🙂
[08:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: The mission of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life is to connect communities for social good through education, networking, and collaboration.
[08:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: We offer free virtual office space for those doing nonprofit, and social-good, cause-based work.
[08:46] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and thank you to the recent folks who have submitted applications for that
[08:46] Rhiannon Chatnoir: we go over those during the twice monthly board meetings and then reach back out with next steps
[08:46] OliveTree Lighthouse: sorry I have to log out … be back in a bit
[08:46] Siri Vezina: kk
[08:47] Beth Ghostraven: tc Olive
[08:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so you are all aware of the process and depending on when you submit it might be 2 weeks before we finalize the latest batch of office requests
[08:47] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and if you are interested and have yet to… here’s the form to start the process for requesting space here
[08:49] Rhiannon Chatnoir: We also invite NPC members and the community at large to present here at NPC or lead a tour of your project/space or share other relevant topics/tips during meetings
[08:49] Rhiannon Chatnoir:  If anyone is interested in presenting at this meeting
[08:49] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Lyr can share what we have on the upcoming schedule so far
[08:49] Lyr Lobo: *cheers*
[08:50] Lyr Lobo: Our Nonprofit Commons schedule of Friday meetings
7/10 Val presents her book Metamodernism & Metaliteracy
7/17 Doc Neuro on The Science of Self in 60
[08:50] Lyr Lobo: 7/24 Val CVL Library Fair
8/7 Zinnia – Digital Storytelling Tour Part 3
8/14 Wisdomseeker – A Tour of Inspiration Island & Whole Brain Health
[08:50] Lyr Lobo: Thank you, Rhiannon
[08:50] Lyr Lobo: please let us know if you are interested in hosting a tour or an event
[08:50] Lyr Lobo:
[08:51] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes, the summer is filling up!
[08:51] Lyr Lobo: Great schedule!
[08:51] jacmacaire Humby: Thank you Lyr!!
[08:51] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[08:51] Lyr Lobo: Merci, Jac!
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: great
[08:52] Lyr Lobo: we have 2 events in scheduling
[08:52] Lyr Lobo: for Namaara and June Julian
[08:52] Lyr Lobo: over to you, Rhiannon
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Before we move to our featured part, we are going to do an Open Mic
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I wanted to share something first
[08:52] Rhiannon Chatnoir: many of you are familiar with Games for Change
[08:53] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[08:53] Lyr Lobo: yes
[08:53] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and in the past there definitely have been some Second Life projects shared at their early festival
[08:53] Rhiannon Chatnoir: this year they have moved it online and anyone can register for FREE!
[08:53] Rhiannon Chatnoir:
[08:53] Rhiannon Chatnoir: it really is a great conference about serious use of games and also there is a whole XR for change
[08:54] Gentle Heron: What is XR?
[08:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: which really XR also encompasses virtual worlds / VR / AR / etc
[08:54] Rhiannon Chatnoir: jinx Gentle
[08:54] Beth Ghostraven: that’s awesome, Rhiannon! I wonder whether the Serious Games Conference will do something similar
[08:54] Junie Mirabella: My project is with Jules McWinnie, Non Profit Commons
[08:54] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) has an Open Mic
[08:54] Zinnia Zauber: Cool!
[08:54] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): cools!
[08:54] Marly (marly.milena): Idea- I wonder if there are others here besides me who have made short films of aspects of their work and we could have a little Film Fest one Friday (or another time)
[08:55] Valibrarian Gregg: FROM the Community Virtual Library:  Some of you have added your offices hours to the CVL Education Network Spreadsheet.  Note that the 4th sheet is renamed VR Capable Worlds because most do NOT require a VR headset.  Contact me later with questions or to add YOUR office hours. This will help us all explore various platforms if we choose (XR)!
[08:55] Rhiannon Chatnoir: that is an interesting idea Marly… maybe we can set a date and then set up a little submission form to get details
[08:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): speaking of Office Hours…
[08:55] Marly (marly.milena): Great!
[08:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): .
[08:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): Sitearm – VirBELA Office Hours Fridays 4-5pm SLT
actually it is the VirBELA Social Hour held weekly on the beach
1. download and install the viewer
2. run it and register a name
3. log in and ask the info center how to get to the beach
4. find me wandering around it’s not hard nametag is floating over my head
5. there are education and business folks also wandering around exploring virtual world options – hop into a conversation
faq social hour is in the VirBELA Public Campus
faq yes there is a mac as well as pc version
faq yes there are VirBELA staff there to answer questions
faq yes these are the people who sponsored and hosted iLRN
ping me for this notecard if interested
[08:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): .
[08:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): ty 🙂 over and out
[08:56] Valibrarian Gregg: and Sitearm’s office hours are on the spreadsheet!!  to remind us
[08:56] Beth Ghostraven: I have 3 short announcements
[08:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: is that in your own space on VirBela Sitearm or are you meeting at the iLRN campus?
[08:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Beth please share
[08:56] ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Here is a video you can use:
[08:56] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): Rhi is is the Pubic Campus open to all
[08:56] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): no advance registration needed
[08:56] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ahh good to know
[08:56] Marylou Goldrosen: Marly: I have a 5 minute video of my work!
[08:56] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): free to explore, test areas, etc
[08:57] Beth Ghostraven: Pathfinder Lester is holding his weekly Office Hours at the Book & Tankard Public House in Caledon, at 10 am SLT on Wednesdays. Topics include education, art, and community in virtual worlds. It’s always an interesting conversation – come join us! Please IM me if you’d like a notecard with the LM.
[08:57] Beth Ghostraven: VSTE is holding its annual Summer Book Club. We’re reading SANDBOXED: Paradise or Prison: by Yvonne DeBandi, and the author is planning to meet with us! Stay tuned for info about our next meeting.
[08:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Sitearm, could be neat to set up a Friday tour of Virbela meeting there.. food for future
[08:57] Beth Ghostraven: VSTE also meets in Minecraft on the first Monday of each month to help educators learn to use the platform. This Monday we’re learning about fireworks in Minecraft. If you want more info, IM me.
[08:57] Beth Ghostraven: that’s it from me :o)
[08:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: ahh nice
[08:57] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): woot!
[08:57] Marly (marly.milena): Marylou, Selby and I have short films so that’s a start!  Should it be a Friday thing?
[08:58] Valibrarian Gregg: What time is the Summer Book Club Beth?
[08:58] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and to Val’s post.. definitely reach out to CVL if you will be having regular office hours somewhere
[08:58] Beth Ghostraven: (VSTE is the Virginia Society for Technology in Education)
[08:58] Beth Ghostraven: the book club is at 5 pm
[08:58] Beth Ghostraven: I’m trying to look up the date
[08:58] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): Very nice!
[08:59] Rhiannon Chatnoir: that is great
[08:59] Beth Ghostraven: VSTE Book Club’s next meeting is Monday, July 27, at 5 pm SLT
[08:59] Buffy Beale: That’s an idea Marly we’ll have to talk about that later
[08:59] Marly (marly.milena): I also would like to hear from anyone here who might like to do a future SMT (Symbolic Modeling Training).  Ask Val how she liked it!
[08:59] Buffy Beale: showing a film for Mentors
[08:59] Beth Ghostraven: we’re reading to the end of chapter 28
[09:00] Marly (marly.milena): Good, BUffy!
[09:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: as for machinima films. I held a couple of in person festivals during SLCC and have a few longer form ones we could share too if we wanted
[09:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: any toher Open Mic things to share, upcoming events or other things?
[09:01] Valibrarian Gregg loves SYMmod with Marly
[09:02] Marly (marly.milena): TY Val! LOL
[09:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: thank you all!
[09:02] Marly (marly.milena): Yes, Val and I are looking for music committee vetters who have a good knowledge of various genres and can help decide what should be included in the music library
[09:03] Marly (marly.milena): We will send a form later
[09:03] Rhiannon Chatnoir: We are going to move today to our featured part – a tour of the SL Birthday exhibition with Zinnia!
[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you, Rhi!
[09:03] Zinnia Zauber: Well, my co-host is Buffy!
[09:04] Valibrarian Gregg: yeah!!! Zinnia and SL! hard to believe 17 yrs
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, Val, it is pretty impressive!
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: I am sure that a lot of you have had a chance to visit the exhibitions.
[09:04] Zinnia Zauber: We wanted to spend today with friends checking them out and learn a bit more.
[09:05] Wisdomseeker (lissena): Looking forward to seeing NPC–I havent had a chance yet
[09:05] Namaara MacMoragh: me too Liss
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: You can see the poster next to me. Please click it to get our LMs and a new notecard.
[09:05] Namaara MacMoragh: Loved the WBH though
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: Now, we can’t see it all today.
[09:05] Namaara MacMoragh: 🙂
[09:05] Zinnia Zauber: Yet, we wanted to be sure you had a chance to get to explore with friends.
[09:06] Zinnia Zauber: The theme of the party is travel and you should see that throughout the exhibitions.
[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: Buffy, reminded me to use my megaphone for the Tour!
[09:07] Wisdomseeker (lissena): lol
[09:07] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): hehe
[09:07] Namaara MacMoragh: hehe
[09:07] Buffy Beale: ha Z
[09:07] Zinnia Zauber: I want to encourage folks to share their inspiration when we go to their exhibitions.
[09:07] Lyr Lobo grins
[09:08] Zinnia Zauber: These spots create awareness of the communities in SL.
[09:08] Zinnia Zauber: And, be sure to get your gifts too.
[09:08] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, has everyone click on the poster and got your folder of notecards and LMs?
[09:08] Buffy Beale: there are over 150 gifts in the free gift area
[09:08] Wisdomseeker (lissena): just what I need–more inventory!
[09:09] Buffy Beale: heh but there’s some great gifts
[09:09] Zinnia Zauber: We are using the notecard SL17B Exhibition Landmarks for Tour as our guide.
[09:09] Allie Tomsen: I hope I am not sitting on someone..
[09:09] Beth Ghostraven: Hi Allie!
[09:09] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, are you ready?
[09:09] Elli Pinion: y
[09:09] Buffy Beale: it’s ok Allie we’re all friends here
[09:09] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): woot!
[09:09] Zinnia Zauber: As we go from place to place, offer teleports to your friends too.
[09:10] Wisdomseeker (lissena): good idea!
[09:10] Lyr Lobo: where to first?  *grins*
[09:10] Zinnia Zauber: Can I get some Ys to know you are ready to hit the road, Jack.
[09:10] Marylou Goldrosen: Poster to your right?
[09:10] Lyr Lobo: y
[09:10] Siri Vezina: yes
[09:10] Elli Pinion: y
[09:10] Coughran Mayo: Y
[09:10] Ludova (quippe.wylder): y
[09:10] Wisdomseeker (lissena): y
[09:10] Zinnia Zauber: It is in the notecard
[09:10] Ajay McDowwll: Y except I don’t know which landmark to hit first 🙂
[09:10] Buffy Beale: follow us along in the SL17B Exhibition Landmarks for Tour Notecard
[09:10] Wisdomseeker (lissena): NPC?
[09:10] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Exhibition Landmarks for Tour
[09:10] Rhiannon Chatnoir: we are going in order on the card
[09:10] Allie Tomsen: I did say hello, Beth, but I can’tfind it
[09:11] Rhiannon Chatnoir: so first to the NPC exhibit
[09:11] Buffy Beale: which is in the sign there
[09:11] Zinnia Zauber: We are going to the Nonprofit Commons exhibition first!
[09:11] Zinnia Zauber: The Notecard is your guide for the order we are going.
[09:11] Wisdomseeker (lissena): yay!
[09:11] Zinnia Zauber: See you at the NPC exhibition!
[09:12] Buffy Beale: you go Z I’ll stay back in case anyone needs help
[09:12] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Go here SL17B Pizzazz (173,71,23)
[09:13] Buffy Beale: hi Perrogato, we’re having a tour today
[09:14] Buffy Beale: just follow along in the notecard SL17B Exibition Landmarks for Tour notecard
[09:14] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Head out to SL17B Pizzazz (173,71,23)
[09:14] Rhiannon Chatnoir: that is our first stop on the tour
[09:14] Buffy Beale: see you there!
[09:14] Second Life: Teleport completed from Plush Nonprofit Commons (112,129,22)
[09:14] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): very cool exhibit idea! wtg
[09:14] Valibrarian Gregg: and I see Zinnia’s “buttons”   (I have some real- physical- ones) hehe
[09:14] Zinnia Zauber: Now you can see why I asked for your photos.
[09:14] Zinnia Zauber: Yes, Val!
[09:15] Valibrarian Gregg: yes Sitearm good point- the crowded desktop
[09:15] Zinnia Zauber: Whenever you meet me in person, you get one of my buttons!
[09:15] Marylou Goldrosen: Great Shot from aerail view!
[09:15] Zinnia Zauber: Do get some snapshots!
[09:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes grab photos as we go
[09:16] Ludova (quippe.wylder): I see one gift
[09:16] Rhiannon Chatnoir: like that we came in to Ramble On.. a great traveling song
[09:16] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) checks map we are seriously boosting the land traffic stats here at Pizzazz
[09:16] Ludova (quippe.wylder): Thanks Gentle.
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, a bit about this exhbition
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: “Nonprofit Passport – Civic Leadership and Global Goals at the Nonprofit Commons”.
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: Global trekking inworld and out inspires virtual good and worldwide causes.
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: . Discover big passports with stamps of the different nonprofits represented at the Nonprofit Commons, snapshot cameras, and a map of all the locations our community members live.
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: To foster fellowship, while at conferences, on vacations, and road trips, view slideshow stories of us traveling to meet our virtual friends in the physical world.
[09:17] Zinnia Zauber: As well as, demonstrate the civic-minded connections, educational efforts, and strong bonds that are explored within Second Life that provides our imagination and leadership vehicle.
[09:18] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you for sharing your photos and being part of this exhibition.
[09:19] Zinnia Zauber: I know that our passports will continue to fill up as we get to return visiting our friends across the globe.
[09:19] Zinnia Zauber: I have even visited one of our NPC friends in Japan.
[09:19] Siri Vezina: wow
[09:19] Zinnia Zauber: Yes! I love to get to meet you all.
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, you got your gifts! It is time for our next stop.
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: Journey to Inspiration Island at SL17B
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Incredible (192,16,23)
[09:20] Wisdomseeker (lissena): waiting to see my photo!
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: Yay!
[09:20] Wisdomseeker (lissena): have to return
[09:20] Beth Ghostraven: Zinnia, I’m sorry I didn’t send you pics; I’ve met quite a few SL friends in the physical world
[09:20] Rhiannon Chatnoir: its funny to see yourself in a pic you forgot about.. like the one at the last NMC there 🙂
[09:20] Gentle Heron: SL17B Incredible (192,16,23)
[09:20] Zinnia Zauber: yes, you are right Rhi.
[09:21] Zinnia Zauber: Okay we will see you at SL17B Incredible (192,16,23)
[09:21] Rhiannon Chatnoir: you have your notecard to com back here at any point
[09:22] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Pizzazz (175,65,23)
[09:23] Brain-Trainer 1.15: Hello Buffy Beale , click me to chat with me.
[09:23] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: we have many volunteers who contribute to the richness of Inspiration Island
[09:23] Brain-Trainer 1.15: Hello Rhiannon Chatnoir , click me to chat with me.
[09:23] Wisdomseeker (lissena): here, for example, you see a book Bhelanna is compiling of people’s social distancing stories, poem,s pictures–you are welcome to contribute to it
[09:24] Marly (marly.milena): Ho ho, just found my SymMod exhibit posters!
[09:24] Wisdomseeker (lissena): explore the cave
[09:24] Brain-Trainer 1.15: Hello Lyr Lobo , click me to chat with me.
[09:24] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) explores cave using Camera
[09:24] Zinnia Zauber: (sorry, we will hit VAI after here)
[09:24] Wisdomseeker (lissena): Curei has created an oracle
[09:24] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) is mesmerized by mandala
[09:25] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: join me over hee
[09:25] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) feels Brain Plasticity Index rising
[09:25] Brain-Trainer 1.15: Hello creepykitteh Resident , click me to chat with me.
[09:25] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: this wall piece is a musical instrument created by a rl inventor for our Music and Art Park
[09:26] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: Mobius in motion is one of the illusions created for us by Emileigh Starbrook
[09:26] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: walk around it
[09:26] Second Life: Select residents to share with.
[09:26] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:26] Zinnia Zauber: While you are looking around, Buffy and I are passing an UPDATED notecard for the tour.
[09:26] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: and of course we have Max’s public prim builder, which anyone can use
[09:27] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: we have mainly interactive builds on the island–which we brought heere
[09:27] Second Life: Select residents to share with.
[09:27] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: and inside the tea house leave us a note!
[09:27] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: and above us all is our giant brain
[09:28] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: you can find all these things and more on the island
[09:28] Zinnia Zauber: This is wonderful, Widsom!
[09:29] Marly (marly.milena): Watch the beautiful music and art improv film standing on its own.
[09:29] Zinnia Zauber whispers: Okay
[09:29] Marylou Goldrosen: I love that Giant Brain — I can use more of it!
[09:29] Zinnia Zauber: (( Are you guys ready for our next stop? ))
[09:29] Marly (marly.milena): STanding in front of film if you want to find it.
[09:29] Zinnia Zauber shouts: Please check your new notecard…
[09:30] Zinnia Zauber shouts: We are heading to Virtual Ability!
[09:30] Wisdomseeker (lissena) shouts: bho is quite a fantastic inventor–we have many more kinds of instruments like this on the 4th level of our island
[09:30] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Captivate (83,82,23)
[09:30] Gentle Heron: SL17B Captivate (83,82,23)
[09:30] Zinnia Zauber shouts: Let’s head over to Virtual Ability now! SL17B Captivate (83,82,23)
[09:30] Marly (marly.milena): See my Abstract SymMod painting here also
[09:31] Buffy Beale: Ok folks off we go to Virtual Ability
[09:32] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Incredible (189,10,23)
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: let’s give them a bit
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: So, please explore while folks join us.
[09:32] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): @Zinnia you look stunning : )
[09:32] Zinnia Zauber: Why thank you, Sitearm!
[09:33] Gentle Heron: Please click the MORE buttons for additional info
[09:33] Zinnia Zauber: The megaphone really ties the outfit together.
[09:33] Buffy Beale: Great exhibits!
[09:33] Gentle Heron: and the freebies are in the souvenir shop
[09:33] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) hums beach boys songs while looking around
[09:33] Gentle Heron: The inspiration was the car, actually
[09:33] Elli Pinion: What helpful info, Gentle!
[09:33] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): @Zinnia I was SO not gonna make that joke lol
[09:33] Zinnia Zauber: oh dear
[09:33] Gentle Heron: and at first we were going to explain how to travel as a person with a disability, then COVID hit everybody
[09:34] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): I like the sparkly fine detail with the overall color
[09:34] Marly (marly.milena): Z, it is always easy to recognize you in your red brand and hair style.  Yaya!
[09:34] Siri Vezina: love the station wagon
[09:34] Gentle Heron: So we decided to give info on safe traveling during the pandemic
[09:34] Zinnia Zauber: This is such a great idea!
[09:34] Wisdomseeker (lissena): :))
[09:34] Beth Ghostraven: our travel plans have been seriously disrupted, sadly
[09:35] Elli Pinion: Ours, too.
[09:35] Marly (marly.milena): I travel from my bedroom to my bathroom to my kitchen to my home office to my deck.  LOL
[09:35] Elli Pinion: I’m sure everyone’s.
[09:35] Elli Pinion: lol, Marly.
[09:35] Gentle Heron: It really is not safe to travel outside your home, to be brutally honest
[09:35] Elli Pinion: This week, in USA, is really spotlighting that.
[09:35] Dancers Yao: Yes Los Angeles not a place to visit right now
[09:35] Buffy Beale: yes, or Canada
[09:36] Ajay McDowwll: I only leave the house to drive to the office for essential functions once a week anymore.  Even groceries are delivered.  It’s… weird.  But okay-ish.
[09:36] Marly (marly.milena): But aren’t we denizens of SL lucky?  We can virtually travel so many places in complete safety!
[09:36] Rhiannon Chatnoir: mostly travel has been going to get groceries or essental doctor appt stuff with myself or grandmother
[09:36] Ajay McDowwll: Marly, yes!!!
[09:36] Gentle Heron: The freebies are the turtle and dolphin in the souvenir store
[09:37] Wisdomseeker (lissena): oh–I should mention we have gifts on our space too and at the Gift areaa
[09:37] Wisdomseeker (lissena): sigh
[09:37] Gentle Heron: I can hear the inventory hinges groaning already
[09:37] Wisdomseeker (lissena): nods
[09:38] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much, Gentle!
[09:38] Zinnia Zauber: This is wonderful!
[09:38] Siri Vezina: Can’t have an SL event without gifts!
[09:38] Gentle Heron: We hope it is useful
[09:38] Buffy Beale: for sure!
[09:38] Siri Vezina: It is good info, Gentle – thanks
[09:39] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, our next stop on the tour is on your notecard..
[09:39] Buffy Beale: we’re going to the Buzz about Bees
[09:39] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Captivate (209,24,23)
[09:39] Gentle Heron: wait did we skip Caledon?
[09:39] Siri Vezina: Caledon was next, right?
[09:39] Marylou Goldrosen: Thanks for Info Gentle!
[09:39] Ajay McDowwll: Caledon was next on the notecard, yes
[09:39] Buffy Beale: check the updated notecard
[09:39] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): story time!
[09:39] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): is tht the right M
[09:39] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): past it again pls
[09:39] Ajay McDowwll: I don’t have the updated one, unfortunately
[09:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: i dont have the updated notecard as an FYI
[09:39] Gentle Heron: oh ok on the updated notecard
[09:39] Buffy Beale: there’s an updated notecard
[09:39] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I think only those nearby at that point got it
[09:40] Wisdomseeker (lissena): me either
[09:40] Second Life: Select residents to share with.
[09:40] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:40] Wisdomseeker (lissena): please share
[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: We passed out the new UPDATED Notecard.
[09:40] Gentle Heron: SL17B Captivate (209,24,24)
[09:40] Beth Ghostraven: oh. I didn’t get that one
[09:40] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:40] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): ty !
[09:40] Gentle Heron: That is the SLURL for bees
[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: Sorry for confusion.
[09:40] Ajay McDowwll: I think the new updated notecard missed many of us 🙂
[09:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: I do not have it, I looked
[09:40] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:40] Siri Vezina: I think the old one was in the poster
[09:40] Namaara MacMoragh: Thanks Buffy
[09:40] Buffy Beale: did everyone get the new one?
[09:40] Euman Engineer: thank you
[09:40] Buffy Beale: yes sorry for the mixup
[09:40] Ajay McDowwll: I got it — thank you!
[09:40] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes!
[09:40] Zinnia Zauber: Did you get the new one?
[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Captivate (209,24,23)
[09:41] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): yep old one was in the poster. thanks!
[09:41] Siri Vezina: ok
[09:41] Creepy  îммσятαℓî  (creepykitteh): thaqnk you
[09:41] Wisdomseeker (lissena): see you there
[09:41] Namaara MacMoragh: thank you Gentle
[09:41] Buffy Beale: yes we had to update it because I put in the wrong version, sorry for the confusion
[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, see you with the bees!
[09:41] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Captivate (209,24,23)
[09:42] Siri Vezina shouts: click the big orange box for notecards
[09:42] Creepy  îммσятαℓî  (creepykitteh): this is like a field trip
[09:42] Siri Vezina shouts: any big orange box 🙂
[09:42] Zinnia Zauber: Siri, can I pass the megaphone to you?
[09:42] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): have not been to this one – eagerly poking around
[09:42] Siri Vezina shouts: down on the ground has different homes and necessities for bees
[09:43] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): does that megaphone actually work – would be awe… OW OW I guess it does
[09:43] Wisdomseeker (lissena): including a helmet?
[09:43] Siri Vezina shouts: up the stairs are displays for harvesting honey, bee lifecycle, and what different frames look like
[09:43] Rhiannon Chatnoir: lol
[09:43] Zinnia Zauber: Wonderful!
[09:44] Siri Vezina shouts: OH, and go be a kid on the merry go round !
[09:44] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) shakes beeswax of boots
[09:44] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): *off
[09:44] Siri Vezina shouts: if you haven’t yet, click on any big orange box for notecards explaining the stations
[09:44] Elli Pinion: Love the poem on the stairs!
[09:45] Buffy Beale: this is great!
[09:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: nice
[09:45] Siri Vezina shouts: each station, photo, and bee (upstairs) is numbered – the notecards explain that
[09:45] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) uneasily watches Euman wavering in and out of visible wavelengths
[09:45] Siri Vezina shouts: Any questions?  Did you find the notecards okay?
[09:46] Buffy Beale: yes thanks Siri
[09:46] Euman Engineer: lol.. go easy, Im here to learn
[09:46] Siri Vezina shouts: BTW, the giant beehive above us is the type I use in RL:
[09:46] Zinnia Zauber: Yes! Coool!
[09:46] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): this reminds me of the bee breeding area at Etopia : )
[09:46] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much, Siri!
[09:46] Shiloh Emmons: Siri this is great !!
[09:46] Euman Engineer: learned Im too tall for this ride up
[09:46] Siri Vezina: ah, I have to go look at Etopia’s….
[09:46] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): 🙂 Euman
[09:46] Wisdomseeker (lissena): beautifully done
[09:46] Marylou Goldrosen: Great! On the OpenSim I was the Queen Bee with her Giant ASU Hive- teaching the kid too!
[09:46] Siri Vezina shouts: Eagle Himmel did most of this work – so kudos to her
[09:47] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, we are going to our next spot… Malibu Aquarium and then Caledon.
[09:47] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): or maybe it was genome island
[09:47] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Astonish (113,139,3)
[09:47] Zinnia Zauber: Check your notecard
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: We are heading to the Malibu Aquarium and then Caledon.
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Astonish (113,139,3)
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: See you there!
[09:48] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you, Siri!
[09:48] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Captivate (217,22,23)
[09:48] Wisdomseeker (lissena): loves aquariums
[09:49] Zinnia Zauber: This might be one to return to a bit later
[09:49] Wisdomseeker (lissena): mysterious!
[09:49] Euman Engineer: this is uberlicious
[09:49] Euman Engineer: that even a word?
[09:49] Zinnia Zauber: It should be.
[09:50] Euman Engineer: right
[09:50] Zinnia Zauber: It is wonderful to explore so many of these spots.
[09:50] Zinnia Zauber: So, I suggest that we head over to Caledon before we end the meeting.
[09:51] Gentle Heron: You can’t end before the gift area, Zinnia!
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: OMG
[09:51] Buffy Beale: hahah Gentle yes!
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: What was I thinking?
[09:51] Buffy Beale: we still have 10 min
[09:51] Gentle Heron laughs
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: Okay, quick to Caledon!
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Sparkle (44,237,23)
[09:51] Elli Pinion: lol
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: See you guys there!
[09:51] Buffy Beale: did we lose folks?
[09:51] Gentle Heron: SL17B Sparkle (44,237,23)
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Sparkle (44,237,23)
[09:51] Zinnia Zauber: They have the notecard to guide them…
[09:52] Buffy Beale: ok
[09:52] Buffy Beale: off to Sparkle
[09:52] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Astonish (110,139,3)
[09:52] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): tries to ride the gears
[09:52] Zinnia Zauber: Beth, could you share a little bit about this exhibition?
[09:53] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): omg another GIANT BRA… oh nm it is an airship overhead
[09:53] Siri Vezina: There’s an airship gift here if you take the elevator up 🙂
[09:53] Beth Ghostraven: The flags highlight all of the different sub-groups in Caledon
[09:53] Euman Engineer: oh I love steampunk things
[09:53] Beth Ghostraven: we have an airship system which you can use to explore the sims
[09:54] Siri Vezina: And I love the Caledon history that’s shown here
[09:54] Beth Ghostraven: the airship stations look liike this one
[09:54] Kippy Numbers (kiptin): cools!
[09:54] Zinnia Zauber: It is so inspiring!
[09:54] Beth Ghostraven: Team Caledon has been active in Relay for Life of SL for many years, and we’re now part of Team ACTS
[09:54] Beth Ghostraven: the gears illustrate the steampunk environment of Caledon
[09:54] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) hums “once upon a time… in ancient Caledon…”
[09:55] Beth Ghostraven: the bright green things are Cavorite, I believe
[09:55] Euman Engineer: I must be to tall for the most things
[09:55] Beth Ghostraven: Cavorite is mined in Caledon and used to support things in the sky
[09:55] Siri Vezina: My friends who invited me to come to SL originally all lived in Caledon
[09:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) suddenly notices guided missle orbiting Sire – now THAT’s a guardian
[09:55] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): *Siri
[09:55] Buffy Beale: and last up is what we’ve all been waiting for…. the Gift Area!
[09:55] Beth Ghostraven: I love being a Caledon resident
[09:56] Buffy Beale: but we do hope you come back and spend more time at the exhibits
[09:56] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): no wait I wanted the Train Ride lol
[09:56] Siri Vezina: that’s one of the SL17B gifts – a typing animation
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much, Beth!
[09:56] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): kidding already been on it : )
[09:56] Buffy Beale: this is just a sample, there is a lot more to see and many many more exhibits
[09:56] Beth Ghostraven: yw Zinnia!
[09:56] Marylou Goldrosen: Love the Spinning Floor pattern!
[09:56] Zinnia Zauber: SL17B Fascinate (141,33,24)
[09:56] Buffy Beale: I have a notecard for SL17B landmarks
[09:57] Siri Vezina shouts: There is a Buzz about BEES gift at the gift area – I’ll stand near it
[09:57] Second Life: Select residents to share with.
[09:57] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:57] Gentle Heron: SL17B Fascinate (141,33,24) to fill your inventory with freebies
[09:57] Rhiannon Chatnoir: are we heading ther enow?
[09:58] Gentle Heron: apparently
[09:58] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[09:58] Shiloh Emmons: i think it is off line
[09:58] Wisdomseeker (lissena): see you all next week
[09:58] Wisdomseeker (lissena): happy 4th!
[09:58] Buffy Beale: yes off to the gift area
[09:58] Buffy Beale: oh
[09:58] Euman Engineer: happy 4th to you aswell
[09:58] Buffy Beale: it might be full
[09:59] Zinnia Zauber: Thank you all for joining the tour!
[09:59] Shiloh Emmons: no  it says not operating
[09:59] Buffy Beale: let me check
[09:59] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Sparkle (45,240,23)
[09:59] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): are there more than one Gift Plazas –
[10:00] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): like one per so many exhibitors ?
[10:00] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Fascinate (138,31,24)
[10:00] Zinnia Zauber: Please take care and Hugs!
[10:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: if you took photos today, share then to the Facebook NPC page or your own and tag them
[10:00] Buffy Beale: ok it worked to get to the gift area
[10:00] Buffy Beale: so try again everyone
[10:00] Rhiannon Chatnoir: oh really
[10:00] Buffy Beale: and have an awesome weekend for those leaving
[10:01] Dancers Yao: you too Buffy and everyone
[10:01] Second Life: Teleport completed from SL17B Sparkle (44,237,23)
[10:01] Siri Vezina: that’s for the late arrivals
[10:01] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): looks like this plaza is about the middle of the total SL17B regions – nice
[10:02] Siri Vezina: oh, the time travel place is cool – early videos of precursors to SL 🙂
[10:02] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) pops Low-512 graphics view and pans out… way…. out
[10:02] Rhiannon Chatnoir: love this idea of a ocean boardwalk of little shop stalls
[10:02] Siri Vezina: Early terraforming was done by bombing the land!
[10:02] Buffy Beale: me too, so well done
[10:02] Buffy Beale: ha Siri
[10:03] Siri Vezina: Now wouldn’t that be fun!
[10:03] Shiloh Emmons: is it the Eagles box?
[10:03] Euman Engineer: wonder if they know thats against TOS
[10:03] Siri Vezina: yes
[10:03] Euman Engineer: the bombing runs
[10:03] Siri Vezina: sorry, I should have said that
[10:03] Shiloh Emmons: thank you, Siri !!
[10:03] Siri Vezina: yw
[10:04] Buffy Beale: I hope everyone has time to roam around or take the little pod ride
[10:04] Buffy Beale: oops here comes one now
[10:04] Buffy Beale: haha
[10:04] Buffy Beale: you hop on and it takes you on a tour
[10:04] Siri Vezina: The pods read text from parcel owners as you ride by, so you can hop off if you find something interesting to you.
[10:04] Euman Engineer: I rode it yesterday, really neat thing
[10:04] Siri Vezina: They’re well done
[10:04] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and thank you everyone for touring with us today
[10:05] Ajay McDowwll: Thank you all for having the tour 🙂
[10:05] Rhiannon Chatnoir: for those leaving, we meet again next week back at NPC
[10:05] Rhiannon Chatnoir: otherwise wander and grab gifts
[10:05] Ajay McDowwll: I was losing my focus on Photoshop anyway lol
[10:05] Rhiannon Chatnoir: and we will be around a little for questions and chatting if you need
[10:05] Ajay McDowwll: This was a wonderful break 🙂
[10:05] Siri Vezina: (Spyralle has a great beetle gift)
[10:06] Siri Vezina: bye, all
[10:06] Lost Traveler (jaywick.forcella): Bye Siri
[10:07] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): I think that tram track covers four regions total –
[10:07] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna) recovers from low-512 graphics view
[10:08] Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): @Rhiannon, Buffy ty for this tour @All ty for your company and conversation see you soon
[10:08] Rhiannon Chatnoir: take care those leaving
[10:09] Buffy Beale: for sure, glad you enjoyed this little taste of SL17B
[10:11] Rhiannon Chatnoir: yes
[10:29] Rhiannon Chatnoir whispers: Visitor List:
[10:28] Visitor Counter: OliveTree Lighthouse
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Beth Ghostraven
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Lissena Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: jacmacaire Humby
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Buffy Beale
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Marly Milena
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Valibrarian Gregg
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Kate Nova
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Coughran Mayo
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Elli Pinion
[10:28] Visitor Counter: luna1402 Carfield
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Thinkerer Melville
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Sitearm Madonna
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Dancers Yao
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Junie Mirabella
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Stranger Nightfire
[10:29] Rhiannon Chatnoir: Namaara MacMoragh
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Gentle Heron
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Lyr Lobo
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Allie Tomsen
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Marylou Goldrosen
[10:28] Visitor Counter: DeeDeeBeaker Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Shiloh Emmons
[10:28] Visitor Counter: artistopg27 Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Shilpa2 Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Robotshaz Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: 01 Hifeng
[10:28] Visitor Counter: dragoonlight Resident
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Zinnia Zauber
[10:28] Visitor Counter: Total = 29

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