Aggregators are tools that allow you to access the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds from different sites.  You can tell that a site has a feed if you see this icon on the page.  Aggregators allow you to mix the feeds from many sites into a single place.  In other words, no need to surf when an aggregator can deliver the content to your desktop.
Some of my favourite aggregators include:

  1. Drupal has its own built in aggregator.  I’m including it because of the overall utility of Drupal as a content management tool
  2. Netvibes is a truly fabulous aggregation site allowing for all kinds of mixing and matching of information
  3. NewsLife is an OSX 10.4 only aggregator that tries to simplify the interface and make reading feeds more intuitive.
  4. Bloglines is a great aggregator/organizer of feeds.
  5. Feeddemon is a desktop application that costs a little money (about $30), but is one of the most powerful and sophisticated readers out there.

If you spend much time reading news sites, blogs, and wikis and want to save some time, a reader is an invaluable tool.

Written by: Creech