New Group for Alumni Who Want to Help Nonprofits Virtually

From Donna Johnson ’94 UIUC (aka Tuty Inkpen):

I am the founder of “Alumni in NPSL” which is a group for Second Life members who are now or plan to plug into the rich Nonprofit community of Second Life.

Second Life, and other virtual worlds, truly takes networking to a deeper level because it provides real-time chat and interactions.
Examples of those who are taking advantage of the wealth of opportunity afforded by SL include:

*major universities, including the UI’s Global Campus

*billion-dollar nonprofits like the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago

*major American and global government institutions

This group’s purpose is also to help those curious about 2nd Life to get a proper introduction and training in-world, because we understand that it can be intimidating at first.

Here is more information about this group “Alumni In NPSL”:

Facebook Group
Google Group

Please join us and learn how 3D networking can change, not just your life or business/nonprofit, but how it is already changing thousands of people’s lives for the better.

Written by: Beth J. Bates