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I am currently an about to graduate student completing my Masters in Social Justice and Human Rights degree. It has been almost a year since I joined the TechSoup community. I started as a student looking for an interesting internship in the area of nonprofits and technology, and ended up joining a strong community of amazing people. 

I’ve met people from all over the world whose talents encompass every area of nonprofits imaginable, and push the limits of the imagination as well. While many organizations are dipping their feet into technology, TechSoup has been carrying a flag for technology for years as they connect people with other people, and the software they need to help their clients. TechSoup’s innovative use of technology to not only facilitate global social networking, but create an environment where people feel truly connected by working with each other on events and projects. Everyone can get more out of it the more they participate in the many events and activities. I very quickly realized that for each event, we not only get to bask in its success, but also form closer friendships and partnerships with those we work with on those projects. I feel like everything I do with TechSoup and its Nonprofit Commons is a win win situation for everyone involved. The TechSoup forums are an invaluable place for Nonprofits to get expert eyes on the technology questions they need answered, and to contribute their knowledge as experts in their own fields.

We have a diverse community that encompasses the globe, and it has been an honor to be able to participate. The reason you should go to the Financial Times contest and vote for TechSoup is to bring more people to the community, and give TechSoup the place on the map that it deserves. Imagine the vast networks that we have now, and how much better it will be for everyone once they join.

After graduation I will enter the Nonprofit world with a huge network of people who have taught me so much, and I can teach as well. I’ve been managing the volunteers at the Nonprofit Commons for what will be a year this coming May. It has been an amazing experience working with the tenants of Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, and participating on the TechSoup forums. Even after my internship ended, I’ve stayed on to assist, as I see a tremendous value in the community in the impact I will make on the world, which is my goal in life, and in the experiences that I continuously have.

This is just the story of one person who has benefited greatly from being a part of TechSoup. And I know that there are many stories just like mine among you, so please show the community your appreciation by putting in your vote for us. It took TechSoup years to build a community of knowledge, networking, and collaboration for Nonprofits all over the world. It will only take you a second to go to this link and vote for us in the Financial Times Social Innovation Awards of 2010

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Since this is only my story, I would like to share what someone else has said about TechSoup’s Nonprofit Commons:

Tell us How the NPC Community has helped your nonprofit organization achieve its mission or organizational goals in some way…

We are a very small local history museum with extremely limited facilities and resources. Our presence in the NonProfit Commons area of Second Life has provided three significant benefits.
1) It has provided us with space to experiment with exhibit ideas and develop prototypes.
2) It has provided us the opportunity to meet and network with other museum professionals around the world.
3) We have developed potential collaborative opportunities with non-museum organizations that we never knew existed.

–Dave Dexter
Neenah Historical Society
Neenah, Wisconsin USA

Written by: Layal